Derek Johnson on how Trump and the Military Put Together a 7-Year Plan; The Plan Is Operational

This is a deep dive into red pill information.

Our friend, Allen Snow—who joins with us when he can at our SKF-Tennessee, and whom some of you know from his having been a teacher at some of our conferences—and I were talking after our last Tennessee fellowship.

Allen is very active politically both in his local community and statewide. (He knows the Governor and many other officials.)

It turns out that he had a long dinner with Derek. (Allen said it was close to four hours, and that the restaurant had already closed at 11 p.m., and by midnight, the staff were ready to go home. So this was no simple meet-n-greet where you mingle and chat for two minutes with another person. This was an extended and serious conversation.)

I mentioned to Allen that I had only seen one of Derek’s earliest podcasts a long time ago wherein I was not impressed enough to consider passing on any podcasts by him.

Allen cautioned me not to judge too hastily and gave me his discernment that Derek is a good man, a patriot, who knows what he is talking about. Red pilled readers should find this interview by Dave Episode” encouraging. Allen suggested (and I concur) that readers go to the separate website Derek put up, (thedocuments.info), where a plethora of documents are posted.

From the X22 website, QUOTE:

Derek Johnson is a United States Army Veteran, Retired, DV. 1776 nation which is thedocuments.info, where breaks down the covert operation that is going on right now.

Derek is also a 2 time Billboard Hit Artist and Songwriter, Derek is best known for his two Billboard Hits Real Cool Kinda Hot” and Right Beer Right. Derek begins the conversation explaining what COG [Continuity of Government] is and he shows proof that it is in place.

Trump and the military are in control of the country, Biden is the front man waking up the entire world and showing the people how corrupt the system really is. Derek explains that they put together a 7 year plan to counter the 16 year plan that the [DS] {Deep State} put into place. The conclusion of the plan comes into play in 2024 and this is why this the final battle.


Here is the link to this interview/podcast which was originally posted on X22 on July 29, 2023. It runs 1:44:41. I expect I will be quite pre-occupied with my gallstone issue over the next few days, so that is why we are leaving you with a long podcast today. Have a blessed Labor Day weekend!


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