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It is early afternoon and we just received a link to this interview yesterday by Mel Carmine with Juan O Savin. We are switching horses to post this today instead of the previously planned blog. That one can wait until tomorrow.

We have not had time to watch/listen to it, but we are doing so because there is a scheduled test of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) tomorrow at 2:22 p.m. which apparently Juan discusses.

We assume it is the host, Mel Carmine, who wrote the following. We know nothing about him. We have taken the liberty of breaking it up into smaller paragraphs for readability.

QUOTE: Juan gets into the meat of some issues that I am so glad he addresses in this presentation. The EBS system is going to be sending out a pulse tomorrow 10 4 2023 that is mostly to get everyone keyed into” this Emergency System to receive notification if certain communication” systems cease to function.

What does that mean? That if they are going to take down the internet.. they will be relying” on the 4G cell towers to maintain connection TELEPHONICALLY with the people within our Borders.

This of course is unfortunately the way most receive the INTERNET. Bad Idea. For many years now (Juan says 10 years but my knowledge base goes back 20 years) the WAVE FORM that can be produced and targeted within INDIVIDUAL power gradient Frequency waves with pinpoint precision can be by GPS signal DIRECTED to specific AREAS, POPULATIONS and INDIVIDUALS. So is the FEAR of it effecting you?

I hate to tell you but ever since OBAMA PHONES 2008 if you want a year.. where Cell Phones were HOOKED UP.. all of us.. to CELL TOWERS. VIA THE INTERNET and GPS signal…. You have been AFFECTED.

Technically this is what the issue is and always will be because we NOW are DEPENDENT on these DEVICES. If you want to NOT participate TURN OFF YOUR PHONE and if you can get someplace where their is NO connection to a TOWER or WIFI go there for the window around 2:22pm EDT and stay there to think about what withdrawal from the internet feels like.

Get used to it. At some point it will ALL go down. And then you have to go to PLAN B”. Get a plan B. (not forever just while we re-route” the way internet is transferred. Right now it goes through so many switches and glitches it is a miracle it works at all.

The move is to LIGHT WAVE COMMUNICATIONS. This is Fiber Optic and Starlink Sats. LIGHT TRANSFER is clean and is difficult to split.. so your data is much more secure. Like VPN or other services it is the way of the FUTURE.

So.. the next few topics are Torsion Physics, WuHan and then JFKjr. And Crypto. and to make your day.. YES JUAN OWNS CRYPTO..

I will post the Second part if it is anything important to the conversation. And NEVER give a kid a CELL PHONE.. they are EMFields that literally alter your Brains ElectroMagnetic Resonance. END QUOTE

Here is the link.


October 3, 2023

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