Juan O Savin in Antarctica

This email and link came while I was gone.

Good morning, James, I know this is your lecture weekend but I thought I would drop you a quick note. You might be interested in listening to a 25-minute interview with Nino and Juan.

Juan is in Antarctica! I believe, like you do, that Juan was in Argentina perhaps visiting newly-elected President Javier Milei of Argentina just before his boat trip to Antarctica.

In the interview he is trying to tie in the conversation that Putin had [with Tucker Carlson], and how Putin would not recognize our worry about this administration in DC/ White House as being the location for peace talks. They [Biden gang] are not in control.

(Non-clickable screen shot of Juan on a boat off the coast of Antarctica, waving good-bye to viewers at the end of this interview with Nino. See our note at end of this blog.)

This interview was the first of two booms [booms, referring to Q posts] that Juan says are on their way. He has indicated in a previous interview that February 14th will be the next one and the day after is when we will realize it.

He goes on to tell (or remind) us about the travels of Obama, John Kerry, Newt Gingrich to this part of the world. Why was Kerry there the day of the 2016 elections?

I think what Juan is getting at are the Nazi personnel in this area [in Antarctica]. They are the ones pulling the strings.

Juan talks vaguely in the beginning [and later confirms] about his location and he begins to talk about some of the science and the breakaway community [breakaway civilization] there.

And when we talk about aliens associated with that area, what are we really talking about? Actual aliens from space? other dimensions, or is it something under the surface. Like literally they” are under the surface in Antarctica.

The comment breaking the ice” was used a couple of times. Now he doesn’t say all this directly but it is definitely worth listening to. I have listened twice and still picking up things.

I know you have a busy day, but perhaps you can digest this on your way home.

Have a safe trip and good rest tomorrow! (End of note from our correspondent.)

Thanks, my friend. Yes, I did have a good day of rest yesterday after my weekend trip to our SK Fellowship groups in Tennessee and Georgia.

Juan confirms what we have said publicly ever since our now 20-year-old series, From Inner Space to Outer Space. It’s not about outer space; it’s about inner space.” !! That is to say, it’s about both the underground / under-ice inhabitants of Antarctica (and the inhabitants of another dimension, which have been invisible to humans). They are the demonic denizens of the deep” in more ways than one. Aside from a couple slips of the tongue, we would not change anything in those 20 hours of ISOS lectures.

Juan also confirmed what the Q posts reiterated scores if not hundreds of times: Putin told you [in the Tucker interview last week] that what you are watching is theater” (referring to the whole Biden presidency).

Nino: Could all the dementia, the failing memory of Mr. B, could that all be an act, Juanito?

Mr. 107: Well, you’re watching an act. That’s what Putin told you; you’re watching theater. The people being paraded out in front of you are not the ones running the free world in D. C. Putin and Russia know he’s not in charge; he’s not calling the shots.

It’s not even Mr. O running the show for Biden, because when Mr. O[bama] needed instructions, where did he go, Nino? Answer: Antarctica!

This is the first time we had heard that Newt had gone down to Antarctica. We have never trusted Newt Gingrich—always figured him to be one of the players of the respectable” Republicans, now known as RINOs.

We agree with our correspondent who wrote the note to us above, it is definitely worth listening to. Here is the link. It was posted by Nino this past Saturday, February 10th.

NOTE: By the way, look at Juan’s hand in the screen shot. Regular readers know whom I think Mr. 107 really is—and yes, by voice comparison, he was probably the man known as Wayne Willot. However, it is quite possible that he assumed a new identity again, to become legally, Juan O Savin.

My point here is this: I have suspected from the first time I saw Juan’s full face and full figure and knowing that Juan is well-acquainted with acting, with thespians and theater, with the technologies of Hollywood, and the levels of deception of which they are capable, I have suspected that he is wearing a fat suit.

I have always noticed how chubby Juan’s hands are, which of course, is to be expected as fitting the rest of his chubby body. But remember, actors use fat suits” all the time. And you’d never know.

So just because he does not look like who we think he is, that does not persuade us that our guess is wrong. We may be wrong, but at this point, we remain convinced he is the man who was born as John F. Kennedy, Jr., who faked his (and his wife’s and his sister-in-law’s) death in the plane crash in July 1999.

After all, there are how many faux Joe Bidens? Juan says four and he gave them nicknames, such as Bicycle Biden, Can’t-put-a-sentence-together Biden, etc. We agree, at least four.


February 13, 2024

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