Good stuff from Dr. Jan Halper

One of our Texas correspondents sent us his quick take on this interview by Steve Schultz at Elijah List with Dr. Jan Halper, the American ex-pat who lives across the pond in Great Britain.

(Non-clickable screenshot)

Here are our friend’s comments about it:

QUOTE: Hi James,

Wow. This is a good interview with Dr Jan Halper. It runs 1:25:35, so kind of long BUT, well worth the time. I’ll probably need to listen to it more than once.

I can’t really even at this moment unpack this interview because it’s packed! She goes into some detail regarding her previous comments, her history, as well as covers the remaining 20% that are not awake.

The need for a percentage of those 20% to flip and what it would take because they basically hate America, so a war wouldn’t do it. And what would? She thinks financial. Which we also know that Buydon is in there for that purpose (and others).

That’s really all I have time to report. It’s packed; it’s worth anyone’s time to listen.

The Father blesses you and heals you every day! END QUOTE

We took the time to watch it last night and here are our bullet points.

  • Jan’s experience of her bank account being spied upon and reported to Uncle IRiS.
  • Getting our gold back from the Vatican bank.
  • the 1871 treaty abolished by Trump; shades of the Fall of the Cabal documentary, (parts 1 through 10), which had posted quite some time ago, and then also…
  • shades of Charlie Freak’s explanation of the DJT submission tour” which we also posted here on our MN
  • Space Force facility located on Maui and the DEW attack on Maui
  • Why would Bidin (misspelling deliberate) renew DJTs executive orders on election interference and devolution?
  • The Plan, the military, and the seven others in the know.
  • Patriots should throw out our own scripts” and expectations
  • And much more…

We wholly agree with our friend in Texas. The more I hear from this lady the more impressed I am. She is certainly on the radar of the Trump family…and with good reason.

You can skip ahead to 4:30 where she starts with the interview. Here is the link.


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