Wokeism snuggles with Marxism…

Given our commentary in yesterday’s blog on the relatively sudden emergence of being woke,” and the maelstrom of cultural and societal suicide (and sewage) left in its wake, we thought Dr. Mumpower’s recent column in the Asheville Daily Planet (owned by a friend of ours) would provide additional thought-provoking insights into this antichristian phenomenon.

So, reprinted below is a column with the title above. We don’t have much use for psychologists, but we make exceptions and Dr. Carl Mumpower is one. He is a Christian gentleman, in the finest sense of the term.

He is also a former Asheville City Councilman. While serving there, he was the lone voice of reason on the overwhelmingly liberal/socialist City Council. Dr. Mumpower is also a past chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He and I met once, many years ago, but I do not know him personally.

We enjoy his perceptive and witty observations as are on brilliant display in this recent column which was published about ten days ago. QUOTE:

Wokeism snuggles with Marxism…

There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy.” — Fidel Castro

El Comandante believed this nonsense quote. He pulled off the necessary self-deception through a simple truism — the best liars lie to themselves first. If you’ve been to Cuba, the 15-minute ride from the airport to a Havana hotel will reveal all one needs to know about this individual’s gilded charlatan credentials.

And so it once was with the communists and socialists fathered by the fantasies of Karl Marx, and is today with the flattering woke fictions of Joe, Kamala, Nancy, Chuck, a substantial piece of the customer base of Trader Joe’s, Hollywood, most news and social media outlets, 99 percent of our universities, Amazon and those wonderfully ingenious people leading the Bud Light family. Witness their script so you can make sure it’s not yours.

Dishonesty — If you find it fascinating how woke folks could be so clueless, remember Fidel. All one has to do is con themselves first and there are no limits on how well one can con others.

Fake virtue — In their own minds, wokeists win every argument. That silly notion comes from glorifying their sympathies into rocks they use to hammer the opposition. Theirs is the conviction of those who just knew’ the earth was flat and a menstruating woman going down into the basement could spoil the canned goods. Virtue never rests in certainty.

Destroy oppositional thought — If you’re right about everything, why bother with the inconvenience of having other people challenge your assertions? Woke folks will cancel free speech, the Constitution, the law, facts or anything else to destroy the opposition. Witness the aforementioned Cuban dictator of yesteryear and modern China’s my way or you die way.”

Violence — Look across the world at the host of countries where a select few have seized power. Once they get it — usually through violence — they inevitably use violence to keep it. Watch a liberal protest anywhere and anytime. The threat of violence is palpable in the air around them. Ever seen an Antifalyte do anything like helping a grandma across a busy street?

Narcissism — When you’ve got everything figured out, know what’s best for everyone else, and have banished those who might make you smarter, it’s predictable that preening and self-absorption will be one of your landing places. It’s hard to be humble when you’re busy saving the world.

Relentless incompetence — Wokeists — or better put — junior Marxists, operate out of principles running in direct opposition to everything nature teaches. Merit, personal accountability, earned consequences and there is no such thing as something for nothing” are nature’s core principles. The anti-nature woke crowd thus breaks everything they touch.

Faith mockers — Per Marx Inc. and his woke acolytes, faith is the opiate of the masses” beneath the dignity of the rationale man. Tellingly, it’s also competition. Read on what every socialist/communist country in history has done. If they couldn’t corrupt a faith, they eliminated it and its followers.

Gun haters and lovers — Wokeists hate guns that you have and love guns that they or their security teams have. That’s because a man with a gun is not as easily steered into slavery, central control and passive surrender to the wishes of the enlightened elite. Dominating leadership can find a million justifications for disarming the citizenry over which they rule.

Hyperbole masters — If you don’t know this word, then you know you’re not a woke Marxist. Hyperbole means extravagant exaggeration used to emphasize a point” — in other words, high drama. Note how everything the folks on the left say tends to come in the form of a lofty proclamation. They don’t do much of anything productive, but boy-oh-boy can they pontificate. Castro once did so for over seven hours. Kamala wishes she had it so good.

Demonization — Folks on the left think good guys — bad guys” is an effective governance model. Would that it be so easy. Note how much of their speeches are devoted to denouncing their opposition over actual policy and practice revelation. When your policies and practices don’t work, have never worked, and will not work, it’s a good idea to just bang on the other guy to conceal your nonsense.

If you find yourself practicing any of the above, please rethink that attachment. Marx was a dangerous man who left millions upon millions of dead, powerless, and impoverished people in the wake of his disastrous practices. Though he — not unlike the wokeists of today — believed he had a better idea, he didn’t. His was just a new and improved” approach to governance that sold the magical notion that people could have something for nothing.

Note that this is the central theme of everything coming out of the nation’s woke politicians and their enablers and fans in the media, crony capitalism, social media outlets and every other elitist who knows what’s best for you.

Their mission — replace the very real American Dream with a fantasy that has never worked and never will. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Believe that, and you will stop believing them… END QUOTE

Here is the link to the online version at the Asheville Daily Planet.


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