Watch the Water” … for Snakes

Title: Watch the Water” … for Snakes Date: 2022-04-14 Tags: Health, Big Pharma, COVID

Our dear friend, Kevin, was the first to alert me to the latest revelations by Dr. Bryan Ardis. Kevin advised me immediately after Stew Peters put out a trailer (a week or two ago) concerning his documentary which they were preparing with Dr. Ardis.

The documentary came out on April 11th and since then I have heard from at least a score of other close friends around the country and other readers/listeners who have all informed me of this must-see video.

By this time, however, Dr. Ardis has appeared on a number of other internet channels and is still at it. Regular readers will recall that we featured Dr. Ardis in several blogs previously (Aug. 5, Oct. 18, and Nov. 8, 2021) when he was the first person (that I am aware of) who exposed Remdesivir as, shall we say, not helpful in curing” people of Covid-19 (to greatly understate it).

Dr. Ardis was considerably more outspoken as he said it was killing people at a rate of 80 percent. I have spent several evenings—many hours—viewing the various presentations by Dr. Ardis on the different channels.

My suggestion is to first watch the much shorter follow-up interview of Dr. Ardis (18:37) by Ann Vandersteel here, before watching the World Premier of Watch the Water” by Stew Peters here. (56:38) 

Ann had interviewed him the day before where Ardis gave his nearly one-hour presentation. I appreciate Ann’s solid and real journalism background which she has carried over in her approach with her interviewees.

She gives her guests their opportunity to state their case, and then—as in this instance—she has them come back after she has had a chance to digest the information and formulate probing questions for them to answer in the follow-up.

In this case, she asked him to explain how he knows” that Covid-19 (i.e., snake venom) is in the water.” Understanding his answer will help you to understand better when you then watch the World Premier…” with Stew Peters.

I also wish to stress and emphasize strongly: Do not panic and do not become fearful. On the other hand, we do not wish to stick our heads in the sand and refuse to consider new information. Knowledge of what we are facing is the first antidote to the weapons of Christ’s enemies being aimed at us—and all the world.

In my family, we have sought to find the cleanest, healthiest water for over four decades. City tap water has never made the cut in our house.

After seeing Ann’s follow-up with Dr. A., and Stew Peters’ documentary, then for those who want more, you can find it (including much documentation) in the following sources, with my comments on a few of the following.

  1. Dr. Braun- He Researched and Discovered the Origin of Covid-19 Was Snake Venom before Dr. Ardis 1:10:40. Link here.

  2. Mike Adams interviews Dr. Brian Ardis Pt 2  Part 2/3 - Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and treatments. Link here.

  3. Taking The Serpent’s Head Off, Watch the Water” EXPLODES Worldwide, Global Citizens Demand Answers, Dr Bryan Ardis With Stew Peters (33:57) Link here.

  4. Clif (sic) High weighs in…negatively. See his brief essay here. (2 min. read)

To the best of my knowledge, Clif High is not a Christian, and perhaps he would prefer not to address the serpent/reptilian connections that we at SKM have been exploring for years.

In any event, there were several hundred comments to Mr. High’s essay, but only these two (by Moseley and Murphy below) were visible when I read Mr. High’s essay on Dr. Ardis.  

Coincidentally,” these two commenters reflect my own views to a substantial degree. At this point, my discernment is at only about 50 percent positive about Mr. High’s credibility—similar to where I have Benjamin Fulford on my internal discernment scale.  

QUOTE: Anita Moseley Apr 12

I have followed Dr. Ardis for quite sometime and I feel strongly that you are not giving credit where credit is due! Chiropractors are often smarter than a lot of regular MDs in that they know nutrition and how it plays a significant role in the everyday function of the human body! Most MDs could not tell you squat about the chemical and molecular makeup of the foods that are pushed on us daily!

All you have to do is research what he has proposed in this video and see for yourself.  It really is NOT far-fetched as you claim! I would suggest that before you label a doctor a DS, you research their work and follow them for a while! He is one of the biggest, God-loving, God-fearing Patriots I have listened to yet!

Leonard Murphy Apr 12

The Mike Adams discussion is far more substantive, detailed, and referenced by multiple studies. Mike is no slouch when it comes to science either, and the theory holds together far better without the drama included in the Stew Peters version.

I am in touch with multiple leading doctors and they are already validating this. If anything, I think Stew Peters has diminished the credibility of the work of Dr. Ardis through his hype machine”, but the work of Dr. Ardis is passing the sniff test by a lot of folks. Brighteon 


I had made many more notes and I am omitting a number of other interviewers for lack of time (my time, and perhaps yours). For example, Patriot Streetfighter’s interview w/ Dr. Bryan Ardis runs (2:11:27).

An important biblical connection (and there are many) with all of this is the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci. I have already mentioned his ancestry and family crest in one of my lectures to the CD Ministry several months ago.

I don’t have time to develop it further here, but just to give you a few clues, take a look at the family crest on his mother’s side, the (said-to-be) Swiss side. The name is Abys! The word abyss” is not in the King James Version.

However, the Greek word translated as bottomless pit” in the book of Revelation (seven times) is from the Greek word, abussos, from which we get our English word abyss!” So here is a chart compiled by some anonymous researchers. 

I am sure we will have occasion to revisit this topic in the not-too-distant future. Let us all pray for assistance in discernment from our spirit guide,” the Holy Spirit of Yahweh-God Almighty, shall we?


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