Lightning Strike Outside White House Kills Two—Divine Sign Language?

Early this morning we found this story on our DailyWire feed (thanks to our dear sister who bought us a one-year subscription to this online news source). This immediately changed our plans for today’s blog due to what struck us immediately (no pun intended, for this is indeed a tragic event) as being symbolic for the nation.

First, here are the basic facts excerpted from the DailyWire story by their contributor Ryan Saavedra. As usual, all emphases and comments in [brackets] are mine.

Our analysis of the meaning of numbers is, of course, from a biblical context (i.e., how they are associated in the Bible), not from any woo-woo, New Age numerology experts,” albeit, they might get it right some of the time. For example, almost everyone agrees that 7 is the number of perfection and completion.) —JWB.

QUOTE: Several people have been transported to local hospitals and are in critical condition after getting struck by lightning outside the White House.

The District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department said that four people were critically injured in Lafayette Park by the lightning strike.

(View of White House from Lafayette Square Park. Photo from National Park Service.)

First responders transported 2 adult males & 2 adult females to area hospitals,” the department said on Twitter. All had critical life-threatening injuries.” [As we go to post, the fate of the other two victims is unknown at his time.]

(Lafayette Square Park looking west. White House out of view on the left. Photo from the General Services Administration.)

Fire department spokesman Vito Maggiolo told The Washington Post that the four adults were found approximately 100 feet away from the statue of Andrew Jackson. END QUOTE

The statue of President Jackson is in the very center of Lafayette Square Park (where the red circle marker is in the map above). 

Recall that President Trump had a portrait of the 7th president prominently displayed behind him in the Oval Office. It was another of his coded messages to the cabal/Mystery Babylonians (MB) that he was coming after their ungodly money system. 

Readers/listeners to our Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom (MBSK) series of lectures will recall where we learned how President Andrew Jackson, our 7th president, made it one of the keystones of his presidency to rout out the den of vipers,” (the central bankers) by not renewing their charter, which he succeeded in doing. 

That had been the second attempt of the Rothschild agents to install and keep a central bank controlling the currency of the new nation. The first had been under the guidance of Rothschild agent, Alexander Hamilton. The third and still present central bank in America is known as the Federal Reserve System.  

Trump has made it very clear that Jackson is one of his role models and he intends to rout out the snakes (the central bankers, the Federal Reserve System) just as Jackson did. Trump is succeeding, though it does not yet appear that he is. It could not be done in one term. There were too many RINOs such as Paul Ryan impeding his every move. 

Remember, we are watching a show…but that does not mean we are to be mere observers on the sidelines. Trump will not succeed without the grassroots action of Christians getting involved at the local level. 

Most of our readers presumably understand the Hegelian dialectic (which we also taught in our MBSK series); that is the thesis, antithesis, synthesis tactic, aka, pressure from above and pressure from below, or problem, reaction, solution, that technique from the playbook of the MBs.

In the same manner, so also must the God-fearing American people now become that pressure from below to install good people into government at all levels and remove (via the ballot box) those who are betraying us. 

At the same time, Trump and the white hats working with him are presently (behind the scenes) and will soon once again be working openly in bringing the pressure from above to drain the swamp” (the Deep State; recall our blog last week about Schedule F?), and beyond that, to take down the entire MB structure of intended global government under their planned technocratic tyranny. The fall of MB continues. Let us do our part, shall we?

The MBs are still fighting desperately to keep Trump from returning to office—and they are losing the war.

(Photo of statue of President/General Andrew Jackson in Library of Congress. Public Domain.)

Remember this? On June 22, 2020… This headline from the same Fox News DC affiliate:

QUOTE: DC protesters try tearing down Andrew Jackson statue at Lafayette Park, set up BHAZ near White House END QUOTE

BHAZ stood for Black House Autonomous Zone—a failed attempt to duplicate what protestors” (anarchists funded from above) in Seattle accomplished with their disastrous and short-lived autonomous zone.” (True democracy in action for you.)

The very next day is when President Trump dusted off a very old law and announced that anyone attempting to tear down monuments would spend ten years in jail. That put a stop to that. Note: the anarchists had been tearing down statues for some time, but it was only when they tried to take down Jackson that Trump took the hard-nosed stand. 

The call about the lightning strike came into the DC Fire and EMS ca. 6:52 p.m. yesterday (Thursday, August 4, 2022) evening.

QUOTE: Chris Vagasky, a meteorologist and lightning expert who works as an analyst for a company that makes weather instruments, told The Washington Post that there was a 6 stroke flash near the White House that hit the same point on the ground” which means that six separate lightning strikes hit the same exact spot in a fraction of a second. END QUOTE 

The Daily Wire link is here

We have spent considerable time this morning taking a three-second clip captured by the local Fox News affiliate in DC. We slowly scrolled along the clip and found multiple strikes (looks like 6 is correct) all within a one-second time duration in this clip. We paused the video and took screen shots at every change in that one second of time. We have a total of 17 screen shots, but we will not post them all.

As we return to finish this story this afternoon, we cannot now locate the 3-second clip on Twitter, but upon comparison, it was taken from this 5-second clip on the same DC Fox News affiliate. The clip was captured by a Fox News weather camera. Here are a few of the strikes in that one second of time.

(Screen shot #1 from Fox weather video a split second before the strikes. The white blobs are raindrops on the window of the vehicle.)




(#5. This was taken from inside a vehicle and there were raindrops dripping down the window as the video was taken. The white blobs, therefore, must be the lightning illuminating them as the flash occurred.)




(#9 White House back to normal” after the last of the six strikes in less than one second.)

Of course, there are no reports that the lightning actually struck the White House, but the fact that the Fox News weather camera just happened to be located at the vantage point so that it appears as though the lightning is dividing asunder” the White House seems to be very significant to us. 

Readers might have another interpretation / perspective, (and feel free to comment), but our immediate thoughts are that

  1. The White House, i.e., the Biden administration is divided and being destroyed. 

  2. As the White House could symbolize America, the American people are presently divided and are at a choose ye this day” decision point as in Joshua 24:15, and the scene of Elijah vs. the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18).

  3. The lightning was six strikes. Six is the number of man, of his imperfection and incompletion. 

QUOTE: Over the last 30 years (1989 — 2018) the U.S. has averaged 43 reported lightning fatalities per year,” National Weather Service noted. Only about 10% of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90% with various degrees of disability.”

In the Bible the number 43 is associated with contention, specifically between who will inherit the birthright, the son of Sarah or the son of the bondwoman, Hagar. Isaac or Ishmael? Paul addresses this in Galatians 4: 22-31. 

Paul says that the historical event of the clash between Isaac and Ishmael was an allegory of those who in the present (New Testament) context identify with one or the other, and consequently with the Mosaic Law covenant or the Abrahamic covenant. 

Those who identify with Ishmael and Hagar are those who are in bondage and are identified with the old city of Jerusalem (and still today we have those looking to the old city, where the temple will be rebuilt, the animal sacrifices be reinstated, etc.) 

Nonsense, quit that bondage! Look to the New Jerusalem and be children of the free woman (Sarah). We have no time to expound this passage in great detail; we’ve done it in our Covenants of the Bible series, but Paul concludes the matter in Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Therefore, the White House being divided could also symbolize the same dividing asunder or in twain;” on the one hand, the children of Sarah (who was the free woman, her children love freedom, are patriotic) vs. the children of Hagar (in bondage, and apparently content to continue living in bondage; still wearing masks!).

Lafayette Park and the blocks that surround it comprise a seven-acre area known as Lafayette Square. It is located across the street from the White House. We note that 7 is the number representing perfection and completion.  

Finally, there is this sad announcement earlier today. 

QUOTE: A couple from Wisconsin has been pronounced dead Friday after a lightning strike last night just outside the White House.

James Mueller, 76, and Donna Mueller, 75, of Janesville, [Wisconsin] succumbed to their injuries following the strike at Lafayette Park, a spokesperson from DC Metro Police told Fox News Digital. END QUOTE

The full story can be found here.

Can this be more than coincidence?! Janesville, Wisconsin, is the home of the former Speaker of the House and 2012 VP-candidate with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan. As the first Trump administration got rolling, it became utterly clear that Paul Ryan was a RINO. He simply refused to cooperate with Trump. He resigned to spend more time with his family.” Yeah, right, Paul…and which family is that? 

So, Rino Ryan was rewarded with seat on the board of Fox News. Notice how Fox News has now gone totally anti-Trump?


August 5, 2022

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