Give this your utmost attention: Juan O Savin and Mike Gill—How to win the game?

This is huge! According to Mr. Gill and Juan O Savin, this is taking the game” to another and much higher level, to Casino Royale, to use 107’s metaphor from prior interviews.

(Casino Royale was one of the first 007/James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming {1953}, but was the 21st entry into the film franchise in 2007, with Daniel Craig making his debut as the debonair British secret agent. There was a version by Columbia Pictures in 1967, but it was a spoof and was only loosely based on Fleming’s novel.)

In this interview Mike Gill shows part of what he has in his possession. It adds up to a virtual pile of smoking guns, proving the crimes of numerous players in the game.

These are the documents and recordings which demonstrate the chain of the money laundering (in the billions) from Ukraine and elsewhere, the child sex trafficking, high level arms dealing, cartel drug trafficking.

Q had frequently stated, We have it all.” We would surmise this is part of it.

Recall also how that in many of the posts Q stated that the incriminating information against the Deep State/cabal would start out as a drip, drip, drip” and then would increase in volume and intensity, until it was like a fire hose? Well, this is moving us along to the fire hose level.

Mr. 107 does not speak all that much, but when he does he serves as a very important translator” for Nino’s audience, to explain more simply what Gill is laying out, and the extraordinary significance for all of us in this war presently going on—still mostly behind the scenes.

We strongly recommend this to our readers.

The introduction from Nino’s channel is below: (Constructive criticism for Nino: Only use ALL CAPS on RARE occasions. The OVERUSE of ALL CAPS BECOMES VERY ANNOYING for the reader. It is DISTRACTING and actually DETRACTS from the PUNCH you mean for THOSE WORDS TO HAVE. See what I mean? Respectfully submitted for your consideration, Nino. From James W. Bruggeman, BA-Journalism, 1975)


Full show and this you have to understand is a VERY REAL VISION of the WAY the DEEP STATE HAS TAKEN US to the Cleaners. This is unfathomable EVIL and so many are wound into the MONEY LAUNDERING and KILLING PEOPLE and it all is right in this COUNTRY.. NEW HAMPSHIRE.

This should make YOU MAD!!! Mike Gill is another American HERO that is going up against the establishment” that controls EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. The IRS, THE BANKS, THE GOVERNMENT, THE DOJ the PRESIDENCY.

It is a Shell Game. It is a MAGIK TRICK. It is TRUE EVIL. I am going to have to calm down like Juan to take it slowly and try and explain this in terms that you might understand.. THEY OWN YOU. Listen up.. END QUOTE

Here is the link to the interview on the Rumble channel which was recorded on this past Saturday. It runs 1:12:11.


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