Juan O Savin shares deep insights on world events—Will the MAGADOR win against the Deep State?

This interview occurred early yesterday morning (November 9th). I skimmed through the first seven minutes where Jaco shows Roseanne Barr’s theatrics as she was one of the opening acts” before President Trump addressed the largely Hispanic-Latino/Latina crowd at Hialeah, Florida on Thursday night.

Juan and Jaco spend a few minutes discussing her and her apparent conversion from a far-Leftie from Hollywood to a MAGA and Trump-lover. (We are not implying anything physical whatsoever by the term Trump-lover.) Her address to the Hialeah crowd used the meme of the Donald as the MAGAdor” who is about to kill the deep state bull.”

We don’t have time to give you any bullet points on this interview as I am deeply focused on lecture prep and will be gone on my monthly teaching circuit early tomorrow through the weekend.

(Non-clickable screenshot of Juan relaxing at Mar-a-logo in Palm Beach enjoying yesterday’s early morning sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean horizon.)

One important nugget we will call your attention to is when Mr. 107 gives confirmation to what we have suspected for a long time regarding mind control of the perpetrators of mass shootings. (Voices in their heads, etc.)

This update runs 1:19:32. Here’s the link.


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