Tina Peters & 107—Undeniable Proof—How They Stole The 2020 Election

Juan is on the show for only the first few minutes setting the stage for Tina. We ourselves (and we are sure that many of our readers) have been aware of the general picture regarding the events surrounding Tina Peters.

But this is a very good explanation of what has happened and what the current situation

(Non-clickable screenshot)

QUOTE: Tina Peters was the Colorado Clerk when she discovered the discrepancies and errors within the voting machines. She witnessed first hand how they used the machines to steal the 2020 election. They had the FBI raid her work place and her home. They did everything to silence her except kill her.

The gold star mom refuses to be silenced and is now filing a case in the SCOTUS tomorrow 3-14-24. She has undeniable proof on the stolen election. She says there are an army of whistleblowers ready and willing to come out waiting in the shadows. Please reach Tina Peters here. http://www.TinaPeters.us or @RealTinaPeters on X END QUOTE

(Non-clickable screenshot)

Here is the link.


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