A 360° Sunset! …and…

In our area of western North Carolina, we expected to witness an 85% obscuration of the sun. But it was quite cloudy, so I did not take any shots.

Thank you to all of you who shared your photos of the eclipse with us! We have selected just a few to accompany our commentary. This first one is from our dear friend and brother in Virginia whose location left him with a view of about a 75% obscuration of old Sol.

Since some of you view our blogs on a mobile phone we rotated the sequence to vertical instead of horizontal. Other than that, we have not edited it in any way.

Next is one of several sent to us from our dear friends, Pat and Gail, in Austin, Texas, who were in the path of the total eclipse. The only edit we made was to crop out empty sky on all four sides. This was shot at 3:06 p.m.

For those readers who are into” Bible numerology, {No, Bible numerology is not New Age, woo-woo nonsense. God put all the words and numbers in the Bible and numerology simply means the study of numbers} you will understand the following.

On a personal note, 306 has been a very special number to me since the year 2006 for reasons which I will not go into here in this blog.

However, we received an email from our brother, Larren, which explains the significance of that number 306. Larren wrote (to several others as well as to us):

QUOTE: I love how Father always provides signs following. I brought my family down to Brazil, Indiana to watch the eclipse today. It’s been one of those strange weekends where everything wrong just works out right. I knew we needed to be here to witness this event.

I was fortunate to see the eclipse in 2017 as my family was living in Louisville, KY at the time. We just happened to live a couple of hours away from where the eclipse would cross paths with the eclipse today.

Anyway, while trying to get kids and family all outside in time to watch the eclipse I noticed four confirmations that I was in the right place at the right time.

I snapped a screenshot as soon as I saw this. The time was 2:16. Good start.

The duration of the eclipse here was 2 hours and 33 minutes long. 60+60+33 minutes = 153 [In biblical Hebrew gematria, 153 converts to the sons of God”—JWB]

Totality was 3 minutes 15 seconds long or 15 seconds and 3 minutes (153) Okay, maybe a stretch.

The time at which the eclipse would be perfectly centered 3:06. 306/2 = 153 or better yet a double portion of 153. [My emphasis—JWB] END QUOTE

Next, my sister (in Christ and in the flesh) who lives in Ohio was also in the path of the total eclipse. They had a watch party at their house. Here is a picture she took looking southwest at 3:09 p.m. Notice how the darkness-sensing garage lights came on automatically. Also, a star is quite visible below and just to the right of old Sol in the picture.

She shot the next one here zoomed in. It was still 3:09 p.m.

She told me the total darkness lasted between three and four minutes and here is a shot during that darkness (iPhones can take great pictures even in very low light.)

The only edit we made to this one above was to completely blur the family members who are/were in the center of the picture.

Where she lives is in the very flat lands in western Ohio—yes, not far from Carthagena, which regular readers and listeners to our Bible lectures have heard me fondly mention many times (chuckle, chuckle).

The flat terrain provides frequent opportunities for exquisite sunrises and sunsets as seen in this one sent to us this past winter from another sister (in-Christ) who lives only a few miles from my sibling sister.

As I chatted with my sibling sister earlier today about the many shots she had sent me, she expressed her surprise as she realized two things while they watched the event.

First, how as the sun began to be obscured, she could suddenly see sunset” all around—360 degrees. The photo above (of the eclipsed sun with my family members blurred out) was shot looking toward the southwest, but she also sent one with a sunset looking directly to the east. Here below is that one. Notice the farm lights on near the silos.

Then it went dark. And the second thing she noticed was how rapidly it became daylight again. We both praised our heavenly Father for His marvelous works! His signs in the heavens!

To me, those two observations from my sister are a picture, a metaphor for the course of our nation and the world from now through the next twelve months or so. We are now seeing the Son (Christ) becoming more and more obscured by the forces of evil. The sun/Son is setting throughout all 360 degrees—all over the globe.

But the time of total obscurity will be for a moment.” One could make the case that we are well along into that phase of total spiritual darkness. But then, …suddenly, it will be a 360-degree sunrise (Son-rise), brilliant daylight again! Because we are headed into the glory of the Lord filling the whole earth in the millennial Kingdom in the age of Tabernacles.

Rejoice and be glad, all ye inhabitants of the earth, for Yahweh sits on His throne and will yet save His people from their enemies round about. Amen and hallelu-Yah!


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