Trump found guilty! …of What?

I write this on Friday, May 31, 2024—the day after the wake-up call” to all America: the verdict finding Donald J. Trump guilty on 34 counts of… what exactly was his crime again?

We would like to see the 12 jurors appear one by one appear on some conservative outlet, such as on The Chris Salcedo Show or on Rob Schmitt Tonight or on Eric Bolling’s The Balance—all on Newsmax TV, and have the question asked of them to tell us exactly what the crime was that Donald Trump supposedly committed.

Even liberal legal experts such as Alan Dershowitz and another—whose name we cannot recall—whom we saw on CNN admitted and were astonished that it was still unclear what crime Trump is alleged to have committed. This was indeed a sham, a shame, a farce, and very much resembled the Soviet show trials/kangaroo courts of the Stalin era.

Reports from the courtroom indicate that there was no crime charged until the judge’s jury instructions which was about 50 pages long, wherein Judge Merchan explained that the jury need not be unanimous but could find him guilty of on any number of crimes” which legal experts say were not crimes.

Even if Michael Cohen had paid Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump, Cohen himself admitted on numerous occasions to his then-attorney, Robert Costello, that Trump never told him or instructed Cohen to pay anyone. Plus, even if Trump had instructed Cohen to pay her, it is still not a crime in New York and in many other jurisdictions.

I personally believe it was an extortion scheme on the part of Ms. Daniels with perhaps Cohen among the co-conspirators. He admitted he had a such a grudge against Trump for not being given a place in the Trump administration.

Cohen made the payment all on his own, plus he admitted that he had lied previously to investigators, including under oath to Congress, that he had stolen $30 thousand or more from Trump or his business.

To those who were really paying attention, this is such a wake-up call, that we don’t know what else could be more astonishing than this atrocious persecution of DJT. The only people who will not wake up will be those whose news sources are the fake news,” and cabal-controlled social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. They lie, lie, lie…

Our hope is that this will be shocking enough and thus awaken many more of our fellow citizens who have been asleep all their lives to the corruption and criminality in our government at all levels and in all its branches and departments.

It was not a shocking verdict to us—nor to the Donald,” we sure of that. But although we feel certain that DJT expected it, he and the 107- and X22-tutored, the Q-aware, and the red-pilled among us (which probably includes almost all our longtime supporters and readers) also know that this turn of events is just part of the process of winning the war.

Meanwhile, this appears like a battle lost—similar to Trump’s loss” in the 2020 election. No, these losses are part of the long-range, strategically necessary steps to winning the war.

The most important thing for all Christians and patriots to now understand is that we must remain patient, praying, and preparing for further and even harder times as the new rebirth of liberty—and ultimately the Kingdom of God—is brought to birth.

Along with that patience is the need for us to understand and try to get our newly-awakened friends and neighbors (who might be very angry about this gross injustice) to also remain patient and calm.

The absolute worst thing that can happen at this point is for any of us to go into the streets and start protesting. That never works for the good guys. If there is one thing that recent history (J6th) has taught us, it is that the socialist-communist Leftists and their allies, who are the anarchists (BLM, Antifa, etc.) on the far right, that they can burn down cities and create crime ad infinitum, and with their joint allies in the BM (Babylonian Media, whom DJT calls the fake news), they can get away with it all… for now.

But if the centrists (correctly defined as those who seek to adhere to the Constitution) were to now go into the streets, be sternly forewarned that this is exactly what is desired by those in and behind the faux Joe” administration.

For they will immediately be deploying their many agents provocateur until the Christian and/or patriotic protestors are thoroughly riddled with agents of the government and NGOs.

The fake MAGA agents and infiltrators will then create violence (which they hope will include bloodshed) and which will be their excuse to then seek to disarm the entire population due to the threat of the MAGA extremists.”

Do not fall for that! The January 6th events were our object lesson. Remain calm, patient, prayerful, and preparing with necessities for a time of great disruption to normal society—and pray that it will be brief.

Know that the internet may go down for a time. Hopefully, not long. Do we realize how much our entire normal” society is dependent upon the internet? Think about it. What would happen if all transportation is disrupted, with power outages in many places?

Without power there is no gasoline, grocery store shelves would be empty in hours (for those who still have a little gas in the tank); police, fire, and first responders would soon be unable to respond to any and all emergencies.

Please take this to heart and share this warning with others. Surely we must trust God above all, and continue to employ the biblical solution: 2 Chronicles 7:14. Memorize it and obey it!

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


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