Chapter 19—part 1: Thrones were cast down

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, part 57—Trump leads the Q(ueen) {wink, wink}

Alright, class, welcome to chapter-lecture #19 in our Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series. Let us begin again in Daniel, chapter 2. You are now quite familiar with verse 45 which talks about the stone striking the image on the feet and toes and the whole image is thereby broken to pieces. Several lectures back I concluded that portion by stating this:

So if we are seeing, or are about to see the collapse of the whole system of Mystery Babylon—and that certainly seems to be the case to those of us who have been watching these things—then it means that the stone has already struck, or is now striking, or is soon about to strike the image, which precipitates the fall of that great city, Mystery Babylon.

In this lecture, we are going to be addressing that striking in much more detail. I also said this in that lecture some time back:

Of course, when Mystery Babylon falls, something has to take its place. … We believe that something will be God’s Stone Kingdom. But just who and or what is the stone? And what is the relationship of the stone to the kingdom which is spoken of in verses 44 & 45 of Daniel, chapter 2?”

In this lecture, we are also going to add more information to answer those questions. We have already seen that the stone is not Jesus, as so many are inclined to believe, but that the stone is the Kingdom. In this chapter, we shall more carefully distinguish these points.

Due to time constraints last time, we had to stop in the middle of our study concerning the ancient of days.” So turn to Daniel, chapter 2, and after a brief review, we shall continue on with identifying the ancient of days.

Bible scholars, ministers and theologians teach one of two things about the identity of this entity. Just as they misidentify the stone as Jesus, most claim that the ancient of days is either Jesus at His second coming, or that the ancient of days is God the Father. We can certainly understand how they arrive at those conclusions.

And yet, we clearly showed last time how neither of those guesses is correct, how the Scriptures themselves show how it could not possibly be either of them.

The title of this lecture is The Ancient of Days, America, and the Stone Kingdom. Let me repeat from almost exactly where we left off. I concluded last time with this:

…we never finished verse 44, so let’s back up. And this is a very important point.

Daniel 2:44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, …

but it [What is the pronoun it” referring to here? …the kingdom!] shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it [the kingdom] shall stand for ever.

Who or what is being spoken of here, Jesus or the kingdom? Answer: The kingdom shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and the Stone kingdom shall stand forever!”

I went on to stress that this fact does not take anything away from Jesus Christ, for He is the King of the Stone Kingdom, but as happens so very frequently in history, God works through His people to accomplish His Plan.

In continuing our brief review, there were a number of places towards the end of the last message where I promised: We will come back and explain that later,” or words to that effect. So in this chapter, I will go back and repeat some verses we have read before, but we will now use this opportunity as both review, and to explain them in more detail.

We just read in Daniel 2:44 that the stone kingdom shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms…” Let us turn to Daniel 7. Let’s compare verse 9 in Daniel 7 with what we just read, and we will see that it ties in perfectly.

Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit….

Alright, let’s pause there. Daniel saw in vision that the thrones were cast down. If thrones were cast down, then it is obvious that someone or some entity had to cast them down. It does not say that they simply fell down.

That they were cast down implies that someone or some entity actively threw them down. Therefore, do you see how that is parallel to what we had read in Daniel 2:44? How the stone kingdom shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms?”

In Daniel 7, the context is that the thrones being cast down follows immediately after Daniel had seen papal Rome—the little horn in verse 8—speaking great things and having dominion over the ten-toes kingdoms in Europe, which we identified some lectures back in this series.

So in that context it would imply that the ten-toed kingdoms in Europe were ultimately broken in pieces and their monarchies were cast down and would exist no more.

I would suggest and contend that that prophecy was fulfilled in the era of World War I, with some monarchies lasting even up to World War II. The Allies were victorious in both wars, and virtually all the monarchies of Europe lost their thrones.

Don’t get me wrong; the descendants of those royal families are still in existence, but their thrones—their power as sovereigns or as heads of state—no longer exist. (As an example, study the monarchy of the Netherlands.)

(King Willem of the Netherlands - 2013)

I have a book in my library called Kingdoms of Europe which is subtitled An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ruling Monarchs from Ancient Times to the Present.” It was published in 1982, so it is quite up to date for our purposes in this lecture, which is to verify the statement I just made concerning the European monarchies.

Of course, Great Britain is the outstanding exception. It still retains its official monarchy with the present queen serving as Head of State. Although we have been taught that the British monarchy is strictly ceremonial, there is much evidence to indicate that the royal family is not only extremely wealthy, but very powerful behind the scenes in the world of finance, commerce and geopolitics. (I shall have much more on that in chapters to come.)

For now, let me just hint that we are talking about the City (with a capital C), the City of London. Some readers know what I am talking about, and we will just leave it there for now.

This lecture was initially presented in September of 2011. As of this date in 2020—and you will not find this in the Lying Legacy Media (LLM)—but there is currently much buzz” from other sources (do your own homework on the web) that the current monarch on the throne of the United Kingdom may not be the legitimate heir to that throne. See my blog from June 3rd on this topic.

There is information available online that the throne rightly belongs to someone else, who is currently a British subject. It does acknowledge, however, that Queen Elizabeth II is from the royal line, but the claim is that the man who is currently a British subject actually has a better case than the current queen as the legitimate heir.

That is a debatable point. I am not taking a position. However, I would not be surprised because I gave a two-hour teaching back in 1996 discussing issues very closely related to just such questions.

I long ago withdrew my lectures on that from circulation for a number of reasons (but not because the material was incorrect). Do not request them from us; I intend to reuse the material in new teachings at some point.

When President Trump visited the Queen in 2018, my jaw dropped as I saw video of him breaking protocol” by walking ahead of the Queen and clearly disrespecting her by committing any number of other alleged gaffes.” The LLM went nuts in castigating Trump. No surprise there.

My immediate thought then was—and it remains my opinion today—that Trump is no dummy who is ignorant of royal protocol. He knows exactly what he is doing.

He is sending a message loudly and clearly to those who are paying attention (both of the white hat group, and of the black hat faction, as well as by observers such as yours truly). I could write pages on this if I were to follow this tangent, but we must return to the main point regarding thrones being cast down.

Regardless of who is the rightful (human) heir to the British throne, it does not negate the fact that the British monarchy traces its ancestry to King David himself. (We have taught about this elsewhere in various lectures over the years, and have much supporting evidence, both biblical and historical, but again we do not wish to stray from the theme of this lecture.)

Therefore, it is entirely in accord with Bible prophecy that the throne of the Israelite Tribe of Judah, and the House of Judah (and House of David) are still in existence. It is in keeping with prophecy because it fulfills this specific prophecy found in Jeremiah 33 which reads:

Jeremiah 33:17 For thus saith the LORD [Yahweh]; David shall never want [lack] a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel;

So if we understand that the British monarchy traces its Judahite-Israelite ancestry back to David, we find that Queen Elizabeth II indeed sits upon the throne of the House of Israel.

Because while the royal family themselves are from the House of David of the Tribe of Judah, the (Caucasian) British people themselves are a blending of all the tribes, which blending is an earlier fulfillment of the regathering of the tribes prophecy.

I say, an earlier fulfillment” because America is the ultimate fulfillment of a prophecy made to King David while he was yet sitting on his throne in the old Promised Land. That prophecy is

2 Samuel 7:10 Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them anymore, as beforetime,

There are several important points to note about this prophecy, which the Christian Zionists and Christians in general have not understood (yet).

  1. The idea that the Jews going back to the old, promised land in the Middle East is fulfilling Bible prophecy about Israel is simply not true. Do you see why?

Well, for those who have not yet thought this through, it is this: As we noted, David was located in his palace in the old, promised land when this prophecy was given.

Therefore, when it speaks of God appointing a place, it is obvious it has to be some other geographical location. To say otherwise is either the epitome of blindness or the epitome of intellectual dishonesty.

So whenever you hear some Christian brother or sister speak of how the Jews going back to Israel in the Middle East is fulfilling Bible prophecy, you could, in all honesty and sincerity, choose to agree with them.

And then, depending upon how the Spirit leads you to discern their openness to a new idea, you can either keep silent at that juncture, or point out what I just showed you.

And if you want to go even further with them, you can explain how the Jews going back there to old Canaanland are fulfilling Bible prophecy, but it is a prophecy about Edom, which we shall show you in the next installment.

(To be continued.)

Up next Chapter 18—Who or what is the “ancient of days?” Chapter 19—part 2 - USA—The “top of the mountains”
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