As a follow-up to Monday’s post regarding Bacteria and Viruses—Wonderfully Made, we did some quick back of the envelope” calculations to provide more perspective on that number.

We are almost certain that some of our engineer or scientist friends will double check my math, because I did not take the time to do so. But in just doing the quickie math, I stumbled across an amazing coincidence, here in the very first line:

Number of seconds in a day = 86,400. Compare that to the diameter of the sun which is 864,000 miles. What a coincidence” !!!

Seconds in a year = 31,536,000

Seconds in a century = 3,153,600,000

Seconds in a millennium = 31,536,000,000

Seconds in 10 millennia (ten thousand years) = 315,360,000,000

Seconds in 100 millennia (100 thousand years) = 3,153,600,000,000

Seconds in 1,000 millennia (one million years) = 31,536,000,000,000

Seconds in 10,000 millennia (ten million years) = 315,360,000,000,000

Finally, we are getting close to our goal of 380,000,000,000,000 but we are still short by 64,640 years! (380,000 — 315,360 = 64,640)

Are you beginning to feel wonderfully made” yet? God is in charge!

And with the realization of these mind-boggling numbers, doesn’t that make you wonder about the federal government printing” and doling out dollars by the trillions now?? Ugh!

I was going to do some quick research and calculations comparing the number of viruses in the body to astronomical distances but I’m running short of time (as measured in seconds) 😊.

If anyone wants to take a swat at those numbers, please comment and share. For example, how does the 380 trillion compare to the diameter of the Milky Way, which I believe I recall from our ISOS lectures is ca. 100,000 light years across… = how many miles?


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