Are you sure you want to get another booster?

Here are two stories relating to the continuing dangers of the jab.” Don’t expect to see these on CNN or Fox News or any of the Babylonian Media (aptly abbreviated by yours truly as the BM). QUOTE:

Large German Insurer Reports Staggering Rise in Adverse Effects from COVID-19 Vaccines

According to a response to an official request for information from the German Techniker Krankenkasse insurer, the number of billed cases of vaccine-related adverse effects needing medical treatment skyrocketed in 2021 compared with 2019 and 2020. The request relates to four diagnostic codes: [Not typos below, but European English” spellings—JWB]

T.88.0: Infection following immunisation

T.88.1: Other complications after immunisation

U.12.9: Adverse effects after Covid-19 immunisation

Y.59.9: Complications due to vaccines or biological substances

In 2019, the total number of confirmed diagnoses was 13,777. In 2020 it was 15,044. In 2021 the total number was 437,593. This is more than thirty-fold the average for those four codes in 2019-2020, a 2,937% increase. END QUOTE

The full story can be found here.

Unusual Toxic Components Found in COVID Vaccines, Without Exception’: German Scientists

This story came from the Epoch Times online, by Enrico Trigoso, dated August 22, 2022, updated: August 23, 2022.

QUOTE: A group of independent German scientists found toxic components—mostly metallic—in all the COVID vaccine samples they analyzed, without exception” using modern medical and physical measuring techniques.

The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis says that some of the toxic elements found inside the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccine vials were not listed in the ingredient lists from the manufacturers.

The following metallic elements were found in the vaccines:

Alkali metals: caesium (Cs), potassium (K)

Alkaline earth metals: calcium (Ca), barium (Ba)

transition metals: cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti)

Rare earth metals: cerium (Ce), gadolinium (Gd)

Mining group/metal: aluminum (Al)

Carbon group: silicon (Si) (partly support material/slide)

Oxygen group: sulphur (S)

These substances, furthermore, are visible under the dark-field microscope as distinctive and complex structures of different sizes, can only partially be explained as a result of crystallization or decomposition processes, [and] cannot be explained as contamination from the manufacturing process,” the researchers found.

They declared the findings as preliminary. The findings build on the work of other researchers in the international community who have described similar findings, such as Dr. Young, Dr. Nagase, Dr. Botha, Dr. Flemming, Dr, Robert Wakeling, and Dr. Noak,” Dr. Janci Lindsay, Ph.D., a toxicologist not involved in the study, told The Epoch Times.

(Comparison of crystals in the blood and in the vaccine; on the left, crystalline formations are found in the blood of test subjects vaccinated with Comirnaty (BioNTech/Pfizer), the images on the right show that these types of crystals are also found in Comirnaty vaccines. {Courtesy of Helen Krenn})

The number and consistency of the allegations of contamination alone, coupled with the eerie silence from global safety and regulatory bodies, is troublesome and perplexing in terms of transparency’ and continued allegations by these bodies that the genetic vaccines are safe,’” Lindsay added…

The findings of acute and chronic physiological changes to the blood of those inoculated with the vaccines, consistently discerned via AI software, also echoes the findings of many other researchers and support the contentions of contamination and/or adulteration,” Lindsay said. END QUOTE

[My emphasis—JWB] There is much more to the story, more photos of what lies beneath” which is linked here.

For readers who are not on our CD Ministry, it may interest you to know that for the past half dozen or so lectures in our series on The Laws of the Stone Kingdom, we have been teaching about adultery as in the days of Noah” even up to how in 2021-22 the entire global population has been led into adultery through the jabs!”

Those on our postal mailing list have recently received the flier describing in more detail Vol. 2 of this series, comprising lectures # 5 through #8. Volume 2 is available for $20 plus $6 s & h. Within another month, we will have Vol. 3 (lectures #9 through #12) continuing in the same vein (pun intended, sorry about that 😉). Eventually, we will get these audios available on our website, but that will not be anytime real soon.

And immediately after we posted this a few minutes ago, we found this meme had arrived in our email. (We did not alter it.-JWB).

We cannot vouch for its authenticity, but it certainly fits in perfectly with everything we know. Can someone who has a little time search for the book and the quote and get back to me?


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