Two Stories from which America Can Take Painful Lessons to Heart

(P)Resident Faux Joe Bidan slipped up” (or was it deliberate as he continues to be the pretend president?) in (QUOTE) an interview on 60 Minutes” Sunday night, President Biden said the COVID-19 pandemic is over” in the United States. The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it. … But the pandemic is over,” Mr. Biden said.

The interview was done as he walked the floor of the Detroit Auto Show last week. Gesturing around the hall, Mr. Biden observed, If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing. And I think this is a perfect example of it.” END QUOTE

Of course, his staff and other administration officials tried to walk it back,” so time will tell whether the present dark period is coming to an end, or if America will be suddenly confronted with another crisis pandemic,” requiring masking up, 6-feet socialist” distancing, and getting more vaxxes and boosters.

However, even if the pandemic” is over, the fact is that the present dark period will not be coming to an end for a very long time. That is because the damage done to tens of millions of Americans by the Covid bioweapon and/or the vaccine” bioweapons will be felt in our nation’s collective health for perhaps decades to come.

Here are two recent articles which are personal stories of what happened to certain families, but which should be instructive to us all as we search for better ways to recover or maintain our health instead of submitting to Big Pharma’s sorceries. As usual, all boldface, underlining or italic *emphases*, and all comments within [brackets] are mine unless otherwise noted.

QUOTE: Why Do Some Babies Die After Vaccines?

By Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D. [Her last name rhymes with marvelous”]

A doctor called me awhile back to tell me that a mom in his state lost her 4-month-old. The baby died a few hours after his 4-month vaccines.

But the baby’s pediatrician told the parents that his death was not vaccine-related. The pediatrician said the baby’s death was caused by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The baby’s death was an unfortunate coincidence,” the pediatrician insisted. It happened after vaccination, sure, but it was not caused by being vaccinated.

The distraught doctor who telephoned me was feeling unsure, looking for answers, and trying to decide if it was safe to move forward with his own infant’s vaccines.

In fact, he and his wife recently had a baby and they’d been struggling with vaccine decisions. He suspected that the baby’s doctor was wrong and the 4-month-old’s death was not a coincidence.

Cammy Benton, M.D., is the owner of Benton Integrative Medicine in North Carolina.

When you have your own babies, it starts to feel really personal,” Benton pointed out. She, too, watched the baby’s death unfold. Benton participated in a local mom’s group and the baby’s aunt had been asking for prayers that day because her nephew, who’d gone to the doctor that morning, was found unresponsive that evening.

According to his aunt, the baby was bleeding from every orifice, and had swelling on the brain. He was kept alive on life support just long enough for the family to come to the hospital to say goodbye. And then he died.

When Dr. Benton shared the news of the baby’s death in a doctors-only Facebook group to solicit their advice, her colleagues in the group had a variety of reactions: One offered condolences and concern. Another said it was sad when a baby dies, but that risk was worth it because of the benefits of vaccines, which are done for the greater good.

Yet another doctor weighed in, recalling that when she was in training, she saw a previously healthy baby die one the same day she received her 2-month shots.

The senior attending physicians, however, forbade her from reporting the baby’s death to VAERS. [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is run by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, so the public can safely count on those numbers, right?] They said it should not be reported because it was just a coincidence.

By law, health care practitioners are required to report adverse events occurring within a set time period following vaccination, including deaths, to the CDC. In reality, they seldom do. Returning home from a work trip last week, I chanced to sit next to an emergency room doctor on my first flight. He admitted he was seeing patients coming to the ER with vaccine-induced thrombosis thrombocytopenia (VITT), and also cases of cardiac issues after COVID-19 vaccines.

Have you been filing VAERS reports?” I asked. No,” he admitted. Have you filed any?” I asked. No,” he said again. Not a single one.

Instead of denying the link between vaccines and SIDS, medical doctors and research scientists should be autopsying every infant who dies following vaccination. What do these babies have in common? Were they exposed to a vaccine hot lot”? Are they homozygous for MTHFR, which makes it harder for the body to detox? Were they given infant Tylenol, which is also associated with SIDS?

Or do the clues lie in these infants’ vitamin C and vitamin D levels, their electrolyte levels, whether they were breastfed or formula fed, whether they were delivered vaginally or via C-section? Or is the answer, perhaps, in their moms’ prenatal history?

What we need to figure out is why some babies die after vaccines. And we need to know if these deaths be prevented.

In his research, an Australian medical doctor, Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, found many babies who presented with symptoms similar to the North Carolina baby who died, including unexplained bleeding and brain swelling.

When trying to figure out why, Dr. Kalokerinos discovered that many were suffering from undiagnosed scurvy, and that they could often be treated with high doses of vitamin C.

Kalokerinos won the Australian Medal of Merit in 1978 for using high dose vitamin C to help drastically lower the infant mortality rate among poor Aborigines.

Three years later, in 1981, he published a book called Every Second Child. He felt so strongly about sharing his findings that he literally gave the book away to anyone willing to read it. It’s no longer in print but a Kindle edition is available.

Years later, in 2004, a study was published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, Elevated blood histamine caused by vaccinations and Vitamin C deficiency may mimic the shaken baby syndrome.” According to that hypothesis:

The findings of subdural hematoma and retinal hemorrhages in infants, without any documented history of major trauma, do not always indicate child abuse. A combination of ascorbate depletion and the injection of foreign proteins can cause a very high blood histamine level, leading to capillary fragility and venular bleeding. This can be prevented by the administration of vitamin C.”

Some babies who become vaccine injured may be vitamin C deficient; others may be vaccinated when they are already sick, so their bodies have used up its reserves of vitamin C. Then, perhaps, it is the round of vaccines that pushes them over the edge.

High-dose vitamin C as a treatment for vaccine injury is both inexpensive and safe. Why not try it? All of this begs the question: Is there a safer way to vaccinate our children? Perhaps the answer lies in waiting until a baby’s brain has had more time to develop so it is less vulnerable to assaults, as one Yale University vaccine developer recommends.

I also believe we need to take unnecessary vaccines, like the newborn and infant series of the hepatitis B vaccine, off the childhood schedule.

In addition, scientists should work to develop cleaner vaccines. Our children should only be given vaccines that are free from harmful chemicals like glyphosate, as well as from known neurotoxins like aluminum.

Finally, perhaps exclusively breastfed babies who are not going to daycare can delay vaccination. Maybe they don’t need childhood vaccines until they go to school. Or maybe they don’t need them at all.

In the meantime, as J.B. Hanley, author of How to End the Autism Epidemic, once said to me, it’s imperative to identify red flag children.”

These are children, like his son Jamie, who are most susceptible to being severely injured by vaccines. These children cannot safely be vaccinated and should not receive any vaccines.

The death of any baby is devastating. And death from vaccine-injury is just as tragic as death from vaccine-preventable disease.

As Cammy Benton pointed out, if medical doctors care about keeping everyone safe and healthy then they must show compassion, not contempt, for parents whose children have died or become permanently disabled because of vaccines.

Doctors who expect blind cooperation must not turn away when a patient in their care is harmed in the name of the greater good.”

Parents whose infants and small children are injured by vaccines deserve to be awarded purple hearts for public health by their doctors, not cold shoulders. END QUOTE

Ms. Margulis then supplies numerous references, which were supplied by Dr. Benton, so that those interested in following the true science can judge for themselves the accuracy of this story and more.

Here is the link to Jennifer Margulis’ essay on substack: or type in jennifermargulis@substack.com

The second instructive story was published about a week ago in the Epoch Times, one of our favorite, all-around news and opinion sources. Readers may have heard stories similar to this, but this certainly provides motivation for all of us to remain as healthy as possible and avoid going in the hospital if at all possible.

But if it is unavoidable, then be determined to have as many persons as possible who will look out for your safety legally and physically while you need to be under Big Medicine’s health” care.

QUOTE: Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, Says Others Not So Lucky

By Matt McGregor September 15, 2022

Over a week after Gail Seiler’s physician had given her a terminal diagnosis, her husband, Brad Seiler, wheeled her out of the back door of the hospital where she had been admitted for COVID-19 on Dec. 3, 2021.

I’m so sorry, Mrs. Seiler, but you are going to die,” she recalled her physician telling her on Dec. 5.

On Dec. 15, despite resistance from hospital staff, Brad extracted Seiler from Medical City Plano hospital in Plano, Texas, where the couple lives.

Seiler is one of the few patients who has lived to tell her story about what she said she witnessed on the inside with COVID-19 hospital treatment protocols.

It became clear to me that people are not dying in hospitals from COVID. They are dying from these protocols,” Seiler told The Epoch Times.

Seiler went in for a monoclonal antibody infusion with the request that she be given the early-treatment protocols prescribed through the Front Line Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which included the use of ivermectin and budesonide.

However, when staff discovered she was unvaccinated, the whole tone changed,” she said.

I quickly lost the right to advocate for my own medical care,” she said.

After a 26-hour wait, she finally got a bed in the intensive care unit (ICU), but no family members were allowed to visit, she said.

This is where she met Dr. Giang Quach, the physician who told her she was going to die because she was unvaccinated, she said.

I told him, I didn’t come here to die,’” she said.

Seiler said *Quach pushed her to take remdesivir*, a drug known to cause kidney failure. She repeatedly asked for a different doctor, but her pleas went unanswered and Quach remained in charge of her care, she said.

Click here to read the rest of the story (free).


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