NCEIT (pronounced In’-sight)

A couple months ago—give or take—we attended an all-day seminar sponsored by NCEIT (North Carolina Election Integrity Team). There were over 150 concerned citizens from Western North Carolina who learned the basics of how we can get involved to have transparent and fair elections.

At the end of the day, we signed up to help. An enormous amount of training and educational resources is available to members online. Last week, we received an email from a local friend asking for us to help monitor the counting of absentee ballots which are now coming in to the country Board of Election (BOE). The backside of the above card lists the eight ways that we can be involved.

We answered the call. That is the meeting we referenced in our blog of this past Tuesday. It turned out to be a very worthwhile experience as there were ten of us there to observe the processing and tabulating of the absentee ballots.

There are three Dems and two Repubs on the BOE, plus the paid employee / Director, a Dem also. The local NCEIT coordinator was there and during the nearly three-hour process we made new nine friends. As it happened, all ten of us are conservative-Constitutionalists; no Lefties in the observer team 😎.

Jane, the NCEIT coordinator, is a veteran of many political campaigns. (She was instrumental in getting our former Congressman and former Trump Chief-of-Staff, Mark Meadows, elected in the Tea Party wave of 2012.)

She was very helpful in explaining to us how the ballots are verified and processed. We will be back in our monitoring position next Tuesday as the current week’s ballots are processed, and we will be a lot more knowledgeable of the law and to make note of any possible irregularities, etc.

P. S. The Dem Director does not like us there at all! Hmmm, wonder why…


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