Largest pink ribbon charity” gave millions to abortion provider

Studies show abortion puts women at a higher risk for breast cancer

While combing through some old files, we found this article published by our friends who own the local area conservative papers, the Tribune Papers. This appeared in the issue dated November 4 - November 10, 2010 (

We doubt that anything has changed despite the SCOTUS decision which overturned Roe vs. Wade in June 2022. Roe v. Wade was the revolutionary 1973 SCOTUS decision that made access to an abortion a federal right in the United States.

The overturning of Roe dismantled 50 years of legal protection and returned to the individual states—where it Constitutionally belonged in the first place—the choice whether to curtail or completely ban abortion rights.”

In that regard, here is some old news” we though you might want to know, especially the link between abortion and breast cancer…and to which charity” you wish to donate.

At the same time, we caution our readers that we not judge or conclude that every woman afflicted with breast cancer must have had an abortion. That would NOT be true and would be very unfair. As in all scientific studies, and as in the study cited below, keep in mind that association does not equal causation!


By Liberty Counsel WASHINGTON - Susan G. Komen for the Cure” claims to be the world’s largest grassroots network fighting for the cure of breast cancer,’ yet it gives millions of dollars to the abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

In at least 22 states, Komen affiliates have sent donations to Planned Parenthood. Last year, these donations added up to $731,000. For the past five years, the donations reached a staggering $3 million, according to the Life Issues Institute.

A study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons found in 2007 that women who have an abortion increase their risk of getting breast cancer by 40 percent. There are a growing number of studies pointing to abortion as the single most avoidable risk factor for breast cancer.

Many people have entrusted Komen with their donations, hoping to prevent breast cancer.’ In a twisted circle, Komen gives a portion of that money to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.

Abortions are the leading cause of increased risk of breast cancer. Komen’s donations to Planned Parenthood exacerbate the problem of breast cancer.

Komen should publically [sic] apologize for these donations. As October, which is Pink Ribbon Month, has concluded, donors should be aware of how Komen is using their money. The funding of Planned Parenthood must stop.”

Mathew D. Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, commented: Komen must be transparent and publically apologize for using donations to fund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country. Abortion is the single most significant risk factor for breast cancer. While Komen seeks a cure for breast cancer, it funds abortion, which increases the risk of breast cancer. This duplicity must stop. Komen must cease abortion funding and remain true to its mission.”



May 18, 2023

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