A Most Excellent Interview of Devin Nunes—the US Has Been Infiltrated—Truth Will Make Us Free

Devin Nunes is the excellent, former Congressman from California, a farmer by trade, who was the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Along with the help of his chief aide, Kash Patel, the then-Republican-controlled House Intel Committee was amassing reams of testimony and proof of crimes committed by the cabal/Deep State (DS).

All that aggregated testimony is not going to spoil” while we await a cleansed House. Patience required.

Mr. Nunes is now the CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Devin begins the conversation talking about Truth Social and on how the DS is trying to stop the merger which is necessary for the success of Trump’s Truth Social.

The political incest at the highest levels of the DS is astounding, as Devin reveals.

But the Deep State is panicking because Truth Social would become bigger than they could ever imagine. The country has been infiltrated, Obama is running the show.

[We agree that BO is a key player, but he is certainly not running the show,” unless we limit the show” to merely the antics of fake Joe in the residency” at the White House.]

The corruption needs to be removed. Platforms have been created for digital soldiers to spread the truth.

This is well worth a listen; very enlightening! It was initially posted on April 14, 2023 on X22 Reports. Enjoy the weekend!

Here is the link; it runs 47:58.


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