Congressional Hearing on UAPs (formerly called UFOs) Include Stunning Revelations

This week there have been Congressional hearings regarding what used to be called UFOs. We concur with the government broadening the term from UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) to UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena).

I have always felt that the UFO term was too limiting, because in my decades of study, we have come to certain conclusions (subject to change based on new information) and indeed have found the term UFO to be too restrictive.

First, we have concluded that there is good evidence to suggest that not all the unidentified things we see in the sky are objects,” that is, having solid physical material existence.

Secondly, if some of the anomalies witnessed in the skies are not objects but rather are luminous bodies with no metallic, composite or otherwise solid substance to them, can they really be described as flying?”

And I hesitate to use the word bodies” because some of them appear to be merely” lights, which although they sometimes appear to be flying” in formation, could simply be lights” being beamed from somewhere—either on earth, or as though from another dimension. This begs the question: who is doing the beaming?”

Another of our tentative conclusions is that of the relatively small percentage of UAPs which remain unidentified,” we are very skeptical that they are spacecraft piloted by beings from a far distant world, light years away.

Instead, we have believed for many decades that they” are interdimensional beings, possibly/probably the ancient Nephilim spoken of in Genesis, chapter 6. This does not preclude that there may also be good guys” (good angels) who inhabit the other-dimensional realms.

I have been very interested in all the UFO/UAP/earth mysteries-type of stuff since I was a teenager. In my early career (ca. 1977) while working for a PR agency in Columbus, I was a member of a UFO investigating organization called the Civil Commission on Aerial Phenomena. Notice that name itself is very similar to Anomalous Phenomena.

Somehow, my official ID card managed to survive many moves of my family from Ohio to Florida to North Carolina. Here it is.

In about the years 2003-2005, I presented a series of 20 lectures called From Inner Space to Outer Space in which many of the lectures concerned much about UFOs/UAPs in the context of the biblical record and secular historical records (such as the Nazi programs prior to and during WW II).

That series consisting of 20 one-hour lectures on CDs, of which six hours were also recorded on DVDs due to the heavy use of charts and other visual aids. That series contained in three DVD-style albums is still available from us for $59 + $7 shipping and handling = $66.

Recently, we have carried four successive volumes by Dr. Michael Salla (PhD) regarding Secret Space Programs of the USA and other nations. This led us to continue our take” with (so far) four lectures (available on DVD) entitled: The Secret Space Program and the Bible, parts 1 & 2: Are E.T.’s Here? (two hours on one DVD, D-157) $15 + $7 s & h.

That was followed by The Secret Space Program and the Bible, parts 3 & 4: The Occult History of the SSP, D-158, also two hours, $15 + $7 s & h. (Only $0.50 additional s & h for the second DVD, if ordering both DVDs at once.)

Before we introduce this weekend’s offering for your perusal, we shall preface it with these facts (as best we recall them from memory). Time is short today and we do not have time to look them all up to be 100% certain, but the general ideas are correct.

First, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, who had worked for Hitler (probably not willingly), was one of the key scientists to be brought over secretly to the USA under Project Paperclip.

(Photo of Dr. Von Braun in 1960. Born 1912; died 1977)

He was later a leader in our NASA moon program, among other things. On his deathbed, he revealed that there would be four major false flag crises in America’s future. I cannot recall what #1 and #2 were but they were right on the money: #3, he said, would be a War on Terror,” and #4 an alien invasion.

By the latter, he meant it would be a fake outer space alien invasion as a pretext to institute a global tyranny. Some of us had learned of such plans back in the 1980s with plans for Project Blue Beam, purportedly to fake the second coming of Christ!

Dr. Von Braun’s statement is extremely revealing considering what Julian Assange revealed in Wikileaks: an email from Hillary Clinton in the election campaign against Trump in 2016, when she asked her campaign manager, John Podesta, if we should play the alien card now.” … or some very similar question.

In our research, we have learned that Podesta, and Bill and Hillary have all been very interested in UFOs for a very long time. Add to that the financial backing by the late Laurance Rockefeller of certain UFO investigators. Some have alleged that Laurance is Hillary’s biological father.

It has become widespread now—something we had in our files since the 1980s, but had no second source to witness it—that Bill is the illegitimate son of one-time governor of Arkansas, the late Winthrop Rockefeller. That’s why he was Teflon Bill.” Nothing would stick to him because he was protected. He was of the sacred” bloodline!

Lockheed-Martin’s Skunkworks division in California is where all sorts of secret government contracts were carried out in conjunction with Area 51 and related secret facilities. The former head of Skunkworks was the late Ben Rich. He once told a class of physics students (at UCLA in the early 1990s, if memory serves) that We have the means to send ET home.”

(Ben Rich 1925-1995)

Ben Rich also scoffed at the claim that the moon landing was faked, and that we cannot get past the Van Allen Radiation Belt. He allegedly stated, We solved that problem a long time ago.”

In all of the above, where does the truth lie? We are merely a student of the open source literature, and we have our opinions, and we respect others who may differ. Mis- and disinformation abounds in this whole area of study, just as it does with the JFK assassination, which is likely to have been connected with all of this (MJ-12, CIA, etc.)

One final point: It is our studied opinion that the current Congressional hearings are part of a plan by the black hats to have limited disclosure, as part of a plot (yes, Virginia, a conspiracy!) to propagandize the populace into a state of fear of a soon coming alien invasion.” It will appear to be very believable. Just call me a doubting Thomas.

The following information comes from Dr. Robert W. Malone’s substack platform. We are glad to see Dr. Malone and his guest doing deep dives into red pill material, but we do have some reservations and disagreements with their opinions. Nevertheless, we see them as allies. They’ll probably change their opinions as they dive deeper in the months to come. We all do.

Recall that Malone was the inventor of the mRNA process. He was only 28 years old at the time. He posted this interview yesterday. It is subtitled: UAPs: Delusions, Angels, Demons, or Aliens (that is, non humans”)?

QUOTE: My friend and UFO (UAP) investigator, attorney Justine Isernhinke and I had a long and intriguing discussion on UAPs before and after the House Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs for unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP), otherwise known as UFOs, finished testimony. …

That hearing was a bombshell. Other than the UAP jaw dropping testimony, it was fascinating to have Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez both in agreement on the importance of this phenomona [sic].

(MIB operative” Dr. Malone on set with Justine Isernhinke. Non-clickable screenshot)

And yes, they appeared to agree that issues of national security, threat level assessment, the cover-up, alleged corruption and that UAPs must be being taken very seriously by Congress. I encourage everyone to read the transcript or listen to the entire hearing.

Below are also some of the more relevant quotes from that testimony, for those that are short on time. END QUOTE

This video is not the Congressional testimony per se, but includes a link to it. This is Dr. Malone having an interesting podcast with former South African Justine Isernhinke, whose name Malone appears to butcher, as he also does with mentioning the NRO, National Reconnaissance Office, which he calls the National Renaissance Office. (We all make mistakes.)

(Photo of the SR-71 from Wikipedia)

The NRO, incidentally, became the home” of the SR-71 Blackbird” a superfast reconnaissance jet, designed and built by Skunkworks. Malone begins the interview wearing Men in Black” sunglasses. He appears to have thespian proclivities, as evidenced by the podcast set in which are hung a couple of military-style costumes. Here is the link. The video runs 1:22:27.


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