James’ Health Update and Meeting Report

I have had no further episodes of a gallstone attack since Sunday night. I have been on a water-only fast since Sunday evening. I even went to a large luncheon today (and did not eat), but I felt fine as I was on stage to give the invocation.

There were probably over a hundred people there. Our guest speaker was our Congressman, Chuck Edwards, who is a close friend of Mark Meadows, and who defeated Madison Cawthorn in the 2022 mid-terms.

(Congressman Chuck Edwards, 11th District of NC)

He gave a well-received and long presentation of many of the things he and other patriots are working on in D.C. He reported that even though Mark Meadows has been indicted along with Trump and 18 others, Meadow’s is upbeat and continuing to work hard on the freedom agenda.

Among other topics, Cong. Edwards shared many slides of his recent trip to one of the worst sectors of our U.S. southern border, Cochise County, Arizona.

While praising the local sheriff and our ICE and Border Patrol and other law enforcement boots on the ground” there, Chuck gave graphic information of what the true picture is of this alien invasion.

There are many miles of wide open border there and Chuck described how many/most of the gotaways” are dressed sharply in camo clothing, are young men of military age, and are coming over the border every day (mostly at night) in large numbers.

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon” to figure out that they are part of an invading army being put in place and awaiting orders of when and where to strike. We must keep that situation in our daily prayers!

From his website: QUOTE: In the U.S. House of Representatives, Chuck’s work ethic [as a State Senator in NC] was recognized, and he has the rare honor as a freshman of being selected to sit on three committees: the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Committee on Oversight and Government Accountability. END QUOTE

Chuck was at the border with Andy Biggs (R-AZ) of Arizona and other members of the Committee on Oversight and Government Accountability. He said all the Democrat committee members were invited to join them on the trip but guess how many did? Correct, none—no surprise there.

I am grateful for your prayers for my healing, and also for the suggestions I am receiving on how to get rid of the defective and troublesome stone the builders should be rejecting” in my body/temple.

Please keep up the prayers! Thank you!


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