Quick update on James’ health, plus more Rushmore pics

With our Father’s little miracle on my behalf on Tuesday to heal and restore my extremely sore throat, my focus of healing was then on the congestion in my chest which led to frequent bouts of coughing. I am praising God and thanking you for your prayers that such symptoms are now subsiding, as of this evening.

Earlier today, I had planned to go out and do some errands, and had been looking forward to attending a local committee meeting tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. It is a small committee of a Board of Directors on which I serve, and it involves contract negotiations. Important, and would hate to have to cancel.

By 11 a.m. today, I called my fellow committee members and asked if we could reschedule as I did not want to risk infecting any of them. Then, early this afternoon, I was beset with great fatigue and thus skipped the errand, and took a nap instead. I was praying as I lay down in the hope the Father would give me a repeat of the whoosh” miracle.

Well, that did not happen, but I did wake up with (as of 7:30 p.m.) much less coughing and correspondingly less feeling of chest congestion. I praise Him for that. Nevertheless, I continue to employ the same natural healing tools I mentioned yesterday. Hopefully, I will be back to somewhere near normal in a few days.

I had also intended to do more writing about the Mt. Rushmore Conference and the history of that area, but I shall pare back that plan and simply share with you the photographs which several other friends sent me.

(This was the venue where President Trump led the nation in the 4th of July celebration in 2020. Photo by our good friends, Joe and Chrissy Sarsfield.)

(This one was taken at about the same minute (and originally looked about the same) as my very hazy photos, the ones I displayed on my blog of this past Tuesday, October 17th. Our good friend, Joe Speckhart, took this one and later did some significant Photoshopping to it. He first ran it through a dehazing filter. I would guess there were several other sharpening, contrast, color, hues, and other filters also applied.

Then he completely replaced the actual sky with this copy-and-paste sky from some other photo in his collection at home. Looking at the sculpted areas, it really brings home the drastic contrast in the rock variations, doesn’t it? Notice how much less of those variations are seen in the photo immediately above!)

(This superb shot is by our good friends, Ben & Suzanne Rich. Notice the fine detail visible even in the evergreen trees, not to mention the sculptures themselves. And what a perfectly cloudless azure sky. They picked the perfect day {after the Conference} to visit the Presidents’ mountain!)


October 19, 2023

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