Devin Nunes on X22—It Has Begun, The Message Was Sent, Obama Is Forcing Biden Out, Right On Schedule

For this holiday weekend, we leave you with this interview of Devin Nunes, the former Californian Congressman who, under the Republican majority, headed the House Intelligence Committee. His chief-of-staff was the equally admirable Mr. Kash Patel.

Together, they put together a massive amount of information of the dark deeds of the Deep State [DS] which we believe will yet prove to be brought forth into the light after DJT is back in the White House.

We were delighted to hear Devin giving some of his family background including his Portuguese ancestors from the Azores.

Just as an aside, we wonder how many people under 30 today could quickly find the Azores on a map of the world—especially if we had not given the clue that the islands must be close to Portugal. We suspect that only a small percentage could locate that archipelago which is located about 950 miles west of Lisbon.

There is considerable controversy—even among various federal and state government agencies—on whether people with Portuguese ancestry should be considered Hispanic.”

(Non-clickable screen shot of Devin Nunes)

Here is the show description from Dave Episode’s” website. QUOTE:

Devin Nunes is the CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Devin begins the conversation talking about Truth Social and all the improvements. AI cannot censor people on Truth.

The [DS] is trying to censor the truth but this will fail in the end. The [DS] is now trying to cover their tracks with Russia gate. The coverup always gets you in the end. Obama is now making the move to remove Biden.

Biden will not just drop out; they will need to push him out and replace him with another candidate. The [DS] players are panicking. They know they cannot win the election with Biden in the race, they need a popular candidate to go up against Trump.

This will fail because Trump has the people and the overwhelming vote, be prepared for the [DS] to cancel the election, this will fail, countermeasures in place. END QUOTE

This interview was posted on X22 on December 19, 2023. It runs 1:08:06. Here is the link.


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