Chapter 8: 100 Years of the Fed, Part 5

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, part 24—Spiritual Work at the Fed, Part 3

As we began to assemble in front of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, 6th District, shortly before 6 p.m., a fire truck raced by. Someone noted that it was truck #6. Six is the number of man and imperfection. And here, as we are about to begin the formal work, we see a trio of sixes—666. Man’s attempts to extinguish the fire that will burn Babylon will prove futile. We speak in symbol here. The fire” that will burn up” (Mystery) Babylon is our Father’s Law.

At 6 p.m. as I spoke to the assembly in front of the main entrance, I reminded them that in my second lecture/chapter of the present series (Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom), I showed the guaranteed hope of our deliverance from our present Babylonian Captivity.

I showed how the scriptures prophesy that it will be likened to two previous deliverances of our Israelite people; namely, that of the Exodus with Moses leading them out through the Red Sea, and secondly, that of Gideon leading the small band of 300 in throwing off the yoke of the oppressing Midianites, Amalekites, and the children of the east.

Today, Exodus would refer to those who are still spiritually in Egypt;” that is to say, they have not even been led by the Spirit to stage one of salvation yet—the Passover stage. Simultaneously, the Gideon-and-his-300 connection would refer to those who are in the Pentecost (2nd stage) and eagerly awaiting the translation into glory-immortality—the third and final stage of salvation.

The number 300 represents the Overcomer portion of Christian believers—a remnant, a minority of all Christians who have been predestinated for this great honor and privilege.

In ancient Egypt, it was God’s will that the children of Israel go directly into the Promised Land—a mere 11-day trek. But, in keeping with God’s Plan, they balked in fear of the giants in the land and thus had to take the 40-year detour” wandering in the wilderness. After that, only those of the next generation—those 20 years and younger—were allowed to go in and inherit the Promised Land with Joshua and Caleb.

This time, we are going to have people coming right out of Egypt, going directly into the Promised Land of immortality. They will very rapidly proceed through stage one and two of salvation and enter in with the prophetic Gideon” company. Before I go further with recounting the story in Atlanta, the reader should know this:

Normally, when I travel, I carry with me a few bottles of Young Living Essential Oils. I usually have lavender oil, peppermint oil, clove oil and a proprietary blend called Thieves, and then I usually toss into my bag at random one or more single oils or oil blends, simply because I like their fragrances.

As usual, before I left for the East Tennessee-Atlanta trip in July, I tossed a couple extra bottles into my bag, giving no conscious thought to them except thinking, Oh yeah, that’s a nice fragrance, I’ll take that one along…and that one, also.” Here again, I can say with utmost truth and sincerity that the two extra bottles thrown in the bag had to have been the unconscious leading of the Holy Spirit. Why? What were they?

I had arrived in Atlanta plenty early—early enough to go to my hotel and get checked in. (More on that later.) I freshened up and as I was gathering up things to take to the Fed building, I picked up the little bag of oils. It was then that two of the oil blend names practically leaped out of the bag at me. One blend was called Exodus II and the other was Egyptian Gold!

As I stood with the 11 brethren in front of the Fed building, I recounted the guarantee of our deliverance from this modern Egypt. The Spirit then gave me to know immediately that I was to anoint two members of the group with the two oil blends respectively.

The youngest person there was a man of 20 years, whom I anointed with Exodus II, to represent the younger generation who could inherit the Promised Land.

Then it occurred to me to anoint the eldest among us, a gracious and sweet sister in the Lord, who had just turned 88 years on the 8th (8 is the number of new beginnings and 888 is gematria for the words Lord Jesus Christ”). This dear sister had been suffering numerous ailments in recent months and she had let it be known that she longed to depart this life.

She had in fact been at death’s door three times in the past few months and had been in hospice just a few weeks ago previously. How many people do you know who enter hospice ever recover enough to leave?

And yet, here she was—albeit in a wheelchair, rented from a company with their name and logo on the side, a company called Genesis II (!)—We had the Exodus II oil blend, and now here was Genesis II. Genesis is the book of beginnings, so Genesis II would be a new beginning. Our 88-year old sister had felt compelled to be there with us at the Fed work.”

So, as I anointed her with the blend called Egyptian Gold, I asked the group to recall from the Scriptures what the children of Israel took with them as they exited Egypt. A gasp ensued, as some of them blurted out: The gold of Egypt!”

And here we were, at the building symbolizing the gold,” the money” system, in latter-day Israel who are captive in Egypt-Mystery Babylon,” and we were there to declare our soon-coming Jubilee-release from this ungodly system—a release which will result in great spiritual and material abundance as we enter the Millennial Kingdom Age!

I then began the formal Prayer and Proclamation as follows: [and I am going to shorten this up considerably for this blog]

Prayer and Proclamation at the Federa£ Re$erve $ystem - Atlanta Region - July 10, 2010

As we recognize that our situation, being in captivity to Mystery Babylon in the United States of America in the year of our Lord 2010, is very similar to that of Daniel in ancient Babylonian Captivity, we can repeat his prayer, make it our prayer, and we can expect similar results.

In Daniel, chapter 9, I will modify the first few verses and make minor modifications throughout in order to apply it to today. Daniel’s prayer of personal and national repentance thus becomes our prayer as well. Now you can read that complete passage on your own, but here are just a few selected verses, which again, I tell you that I have modified them to apply them to us here and now.

Daniel 9:1 In the second year of President Barack Obama, which was made president over the realm of the United States of America;

2 In the second year of his reign, we, James Bruggeman and others, understood by the books of the Bible, the number of the years, whereby the word of Yahweh came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of New Jerusalem by the hand of Mystery Babylon.

5 We have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from thy precepts and from thy judgments:

7 O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion of faces, as at this day; to the men of Israel and Judah, and to the inhabitants of America, and unto all the tribes of Israel, that are here in America and Canada, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee.

19 O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, hearken and do; defer not, for thine own sake, O my God: for thy city, [New Jerusalem and your Israel nations: the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and all the others], and for thy people who are called by thy name, that is to say, those who are called Christian. Amen

Then I continued addressing the group: Our deliverance from this latter-day bondage will be similar to both after the manner of Egypt and after the manner of Gideon. Therefore, we read these passages and make our request known to you, our Almighty Father, that this work be soon manifested in the world.

Exodus 5:1 And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, Thus saith YHWH God of Israel, Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness.

Father in heaven, we desire to come into the fulness of the feast, the Feast of Tabernacles, here in what was once the great wilderness of North America. We acknowledge Your guiding hand throughout our short history here, how you have blest our people with great abundance, wealth and material prosperity.

And yet, we have grown fat as we have prospered so that we have forgotten Your law and have become wayward children. For that disobedience, we recognize that you have placed our nation in the hands of Mystery Babylon, manifesting in many forms, but especially in that institution called the Federal Reserve System.

You have been just in all your doings, O Lord, and have placed us in bondage to them for our corrective discipline. But as we are sensing the time of our release is near upon us, we proclaim this word from Yahweh-El Elyon to our modern Pharaohs:

Let my people go, that they may serve me.”

Father, Your Word tells us that Mystery Babylon and the Federal Reserve System, who are also your servants, though in a different way, Your Word tells us that they will attempt to keep us in bondage beyond the allotted time, which will give You a righteous cause to come against them.

Father, it is our prayer and our plea that you deal with Mystery Babylon and the Fed in a merciful manner, even as we beg Your mercy upon ourselves, your Christian Israel people, and upon all inhabitants of this land, whether Israelites or of other families.

Oh, Lord God, we also recognize that You have ordained that this work be done on July 10th, that is to say, on this 10th day of the 7th month, which is ordinarily the day of atonement in Israel. And yet every 49 years Your law declares and has ordained that this day be set aside to declare that the 50th year be a year of jubilee.

A year of release from all debts, public and private.

A restoration of each family to their divinely-allotted homestead.

A year of release and restoration for the blessing of all the land and all the people.

Therefore, our Father, we do declare this day that the 50th year coming, be manifested in reality as a year of the cancellation of all debts and of restoration of and to the people.

We also recognize that you have led us to make this declaration in the state of Georgia which was initially established as the American colony where English debtors were sent. How appropriate, Oh Father, that you have led us to declare the jubilee, the release from debt, here in the debtor’s colony!

Leviticus 25: 10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

11 A jubilee shall that fiftieth year be unto you…

Father, we make these prayers and declarations by the authority of, and in the name of Your only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The work being concluded, we then decided to go to a local landmark restaurant called Mary Mac’s in downtown Atlanta for a dinner together. The east Tennessee contingent and one or two others could not stay and so we had eight of us going to the restaurant. As expected for a popular restaurant on Saturday evening, there would be a wait to be seated.

As we mingled in the lobby and out on the sidewalk, I noticed there were a number of diners coming out and chatting on the sidewalk, apparently waiting for the rest of their group to finish their meals and join them. They were all wearing identical blue T-shirts. I stared in stunned amazement and then grinned from ear to ear as I realized how our Father had just given us a HUGE sign confirming the work. The front of the T-shirts said: The King’s Choir.”

…which was a wonderful statement in itself, but it was the back of the T-shirts which shouted to us from our Father: The reverse side proclaimed that they were The Jubilee Majestic Choir from Washington, D.C.”!! Are you kidding me!? (Sorry about the jittery photographer.)

Here we thought the excitement of doing the work was done and we are going to simply enjoy a dinner together, and then our heavenly Papa springs this surprise on us—hallelujah!

We began chatting with the choir members and we learned that they are not all from the same church but from numerous churches representing the whole City of Washington, D.C. How appropriate, Father!

We had just declared the Jubilee here in Atlanta, and then He sends us a sign that it applies to the whole nation, as represented by the nation’s capital! We knew, of course, that we were declaring the Jubilee for the nation—indeed, for the world—but these little signs (actually, enormous signs) from Father confirmed the work.

I explained to them that we had just done a prayer work over at the Federal Reserve Bank building where we had prayed for a Jubilee—explaining that it meant a forgiveness of all debt (the Jubilee choir members are getting big smiles, nodding their heads, some saying, amen, brother”)—I continued—a Jubilee-release from all bondage and slavery for all Americans. At that, they are beginning to wave their arms and shouting amen” and hallelujah.”

We saw maybe a dozen of them so we asked how many of the Jubilee Majestic Choir were here with them? When they told us 42, we once again stood amazed. They shouted another chorus of amens and hallelujahs as I explained to them how in Bible numerics, the number 42 signifies going into the Promised Land of immortality!

Oh, there is one final note. When I had checked into the hotel earlier that afternoon, I was given room #204. Without going into detail, biblically, the number 204 signifies the overcomers seated with Christ, as the pyramid Capstone, ruling over the earth in the Millennial Kingdom.

Our” dollar bill, of course, has the Great Pyramid on the back, with the capstone missing. The powers-that-think-they-be have their own capstone in mind, while our Father has the true Capstone, the Head of the Corner, the Stone that the builders rejected, in mind. Wonder whose will shall prevail?

Of course, I did not take the significance of the room number 204 personally because I know I have many frailties and faults, but it was just another sign that the work we were doing on the 10th day of the 7th month was representing those still hidden ones” who will be the actual rulers of the Stone Kingdom under the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah and Amen!

(Important disclaimer: None of us claims to be in that august company of the overcomers/rulers to be, but we are all striving to be in that number.)

Readers and listeners, you can join in the Prayer and Proclamation because in the spiritual realm, all time is one. So, although from our perspective, you missed” the time to join with us, yet you can essentially backdate” your Prayer and Proclamation. Just say it with the intent that it be joined with us who did so at 6 p.m. on July 10, 2010.

Our hope is that multitudes around the globe who see this journal-post will do so. Remember, Mystery Babylon is a global enterprise, a world-controlling entity, but we believe America is the key, the focal point, and that Georgia and Atlanta, not New York City, is the spiritual focal point in America.

When the image” of man’s empires falls and is crushed to pieces in America, it will cascade around the globe and ultimately free all families, tongues and nations. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings!

That concludes my summary of the spiritual work at the Atlanta Fed on July 10, 2010. It was less than a week later that we saw another sign of the crumbling of Mystery Babylon and a confirmation of our Fed work in Atlanta.

And I apologize that I cannot explain this in detail here, because week-long seminars have been devoted to explaining our present commercial system. So, to those readers/listeners who have not been exposed to this information previously, do not dismiss it because it sounds so far out there.” Nevertheless, thanks to the internet, you can giggle it and find tons of information to back up my stark statements.

Our present system of commerce is based on maritime law and is sometimes referred to as admiralty jurisdiction.” In other words, the global commercial system is based upon the law of the sea,” not the law of the land.”

And forgive me if I get some of the terminology not quite exact because it has been about three decades since I studied this material in depth and I am going from memory—I had no time to research it all over again.

But that is why there is the following, highly-intriguing passage in Revelation 18, as John is describing the fall of the end-time commercial system of Mystery Babylon.

Revelation 18:17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,

You see, trade by sea” speaks of commerce in admiralty jurisdiction, and the Mystery Babylonians have extended that law over all of the land of America. It is signified by the gold fringe around the American flag.

18 And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! [i.e., Mystery Babylon]

19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.

Many of us have recognized that the destruction of the World Trade Center was part of the fulfillment of the fall of Mystery Babylon. On September 11th of 2001, in one hour, those towers began to come down, but I also believe that the one hour is not only a literal hour but a prophetic hour which can be a period of 15 years—which would bring us to the year 2016, perhaps to complete the collapse of Mystery Babylon. (I will update this point below.)

But now here is the sign that came to light on July 15, 2010, less than a week after our Fed work in Atlanta. This was from CBS News online. The headline reads:

Buried Ship Hull Discovered at WTC Site

(CBS/AP) Workers at the World Trade Center site are excavating a 32-foot-long ship hull that apparently was used in the 18th century as part of the fill that extended lower Manhattan into the Hudson River.” (Source)

It goes on to say how archeologists are having to be very careful in unearthing it completely because it is rotting and crumbling as they uncover it. From which I make the spiritual and prophetic connections that the ship symbolizes first of all:

First of all, from the number 32, which is the number signifying God’s covenant. He is saying to His people. Do not fret or be anxious; here is the number that confirms to you that I am behind this.

Secondly, that the ship symbolizes the maritime and admiralty system of commercial law which is beneath—it was the foundation for World Trade, international commerce. But now look, it is rotting, the foundation of Babylon’s world trade system is crumbling apart.

Now, fast forward to November 2010. Those of us who love America all had some reason to celebrate on the day after our elections on November 2nd as the Republican party was able to regain control over the House of Representatives, and thus control the purse strings of the federal government.

The American people voted overwhelmingly against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda of big government spending, raising taxes, and ObamaCare.

And yet, after the election, San Francisco’s uber-socialist Pelosi stunned even her own party when she announced that she was staying in Congress and running for Minority Leader. And to top that, did you know that Pelosi also threw a big party at the Cannon House Office Building on Wednesday, November 10th, to celebrate? Yes! The invitation actually said the party was for the purpose of honoring the accomplishments of the 111th Congress.”

Now while we might be aghast and stunned at her throwing a party, think about it from her perspective. She is working with Sen. Harry Reid and the Obama administration to actually destroy our nation as we once knew it. Did they make great strides or not in the first two years of the Obama administration? Yes, they did!

And do the international banking families who are the owners of the Federal Reserve System have reason to celebrate 100 years of economically enslaving the American people and raping American business and industry? Yes, they do! They have been extremely successful in achieving their goals.

So prophetically speaking, it appears that the rulers of Mystery Babylon are celebrating while the ship of state (of America) goes down. They are firmly convinced that they are consolidating their grip on power over the entire earth.

And yet, I believe that the very fact that they are celebrating is a sign of the imminent destruction of their ship—the ship of international maritime commerce. What makes me say that? Well, credit Ron Oja, once again.

For when he asked me a couple days ago if I had seen about the Federal Reserve gang celebrating 100 years at Jekyll Island, he pointed out that this is prophetically fulfilling the antitype of Belshazzar and his princes, the rulers of ancient Babylon, who were having a drunken orgy of celebration, when the handwriting appeared on the wall, and on that very night, Babylon fell to the Medes and the Persians. You can read about it in Daniel, chapter six.

So, thank you, Nancy, and thank you Ben Bernanke and friends. Your celebration strengthens our faith. So, ladies and gentlemen, be watching in the months and years just ahead. Father seems to be pointing to some huge events to happen very soon, prophetically speaking. And look up, for our redemption draweth nigh!

And now, let me add this postscript in June 2020. We understood in 2001, that the take-down of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001 was a fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy found in…

Isaiah 30:25 And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

The fall of the twin towers was both literal and symbolic. Each building fell within one hour,” 60 minutes. And yet, as one hour” can signify a 15-year period, we realized that we might have to await the year 2016 to see the other end of the one hour.” And what happened near the end of 2016? —the election of Mr. Donald John Trump!

A man whom many modern prophets had seen was/is fulfilling a type of King Cyrus. We concur and I would add more to that. He has been fulfilling and is fulfilling also the types of King Jehu (who took down Queen Jezebel, i.e., Hillary Clinton), and John the Baptist. John was the forerunner of Christ. Donald John Trump is the forerunner of Christ’s second advent! See how this was confirmed unwittingly, no doubt, in May of 2017 in the vitriolic art” of the Hollywood, so-called comedienne, Kathy Griffin, as she displayed the fake severed head” of Donald Trump. I immediately realized this was identifying Donald Trump with John the Baptist!

In my view, President Trump is also fulfilling the type of Joseph, the Administrator of Egypt” (the world). America first, of course, but POTUS is actually leading the world now out of bondage (thus also fulfilling a type of Moses).

Back to Joseph, the administrator, we consider Trump’s bold moves to take down the Fed, the current Babylonian money system. He is trying to do so with the least pain possible for average Americans, but it will necessarily involve some severe disruptions. Witness the present partial and temporary shutdown” of our economy.

Genesis 47:15 And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.

Do we not all use the word bread” as slang for money? And did not many millions of us receive bread” from Joseph” in the form of a check for $1,600? And millions are still receiving bread” in the form of weekly unemployment checks under the Payroll Protection Program.

So, yes, 2016 was a major prophetic marker! Father brought a team of deliverers onto the stage. We are witnessing the end of Mystery Babylon, but it does not happen overnight or even in one term of four years. Those followers of Q” (Qanon) who have been impatiently waiting for the indictments to be unsealed and the trials to begin must wait just a little while longer.

The white hats” have only one shot at this. Pray for their protection and their success! If they fail, … I don’t even want to think about that. But I believe that our Father-God has ordained Donald John Trump for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14).

My faith is in our heavenly Father and in His Word. And therefore, seeing the fruit of Donald Trump’s first four years, I have a high degree of confidence that our discernments about his calling as King Cyrus,” who took down ancient Babylon, will be fulfilled once again as the Father’s Trump” card takes down modern Mystery Babylon! Hallelujah!

There is so much more to share regarding the types and shadows of Donald John Trump, but that will be sufficient for this part of my series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom.

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