Is Queen Elizabeth II the true and legitimate queen?

Want to play a game of musical chairs? Or how about a game of thrones? (Yes, that is a deliberate allusion to the made-for-TV series of that name.) Or how about let’s combine the two games… Better yet, forget that; real life is more intriguing!

Despite our (USAs) supposed independence from Great Britain in 1776, Americans in general have always had an interest—a fascination with the royal family across the pond.

And not only Americans, but peoples of various ethnicities all over the globe are intrigued with the intrigues (shall we say) of the royal family, from the fairy tale wedding of Charles and Diana to her tragic death (many believe, her murder).

From the weddings of William and Kate, and the wedding of Harry and Meghan, to the birth of their children (or maybe not in Meghan’s case), to the scandal of Andrew’s palling around with the notorious pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who may or may not actually be dead, to Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family, and on and on. See what I mean? You’re still reading.

I confess that I, too, have always been intrigued, fascinated and curious about everything to do with all the royals, not only of Great Britain, but of all the various nations of Europe, their histories and from whence they came.

Even before I came to understand and believe in my own ancestry from Jacob-Israel, I had the same fascination. But as I came to comprehend and teach the true physical identity of the Caucasian people with Israel of old, the royal throne of England became all the more of intense interest.

Back in the 1980s I began to read and research a counterclaim to that throne, specifically concerning an organization which calls itself The Priory of Sion. (Not a typo; it is spelled Sion, not Zion.) This alleged truth was publicized in a book by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln called Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and their sequel volume, The Messianic Legacy.

This led me to hundreds of other writings on that and related subjects (and since the ubiquity of the internet, to thousands more sources). I made my conclusions on that particular organization in a two-part lecture I presented in 1997 called Holy Grail, Holy Bible (an obvious play on the book title). All of that study and much more became part of my wide-ranging lecture series called From Inner Space to Outer Space, which in turn I now recommend strongly as a pre-requisite to one of my on-going lectures series, The Secret Space Program and the Bible.

In the late 90s I heard and watched many hours of video concerning allegations that the queen was not who she appeared to be, that Diana knew, and that was one of the reasons she was allegedly murdered in the infamous car crash in Paris.

At the time, I put those theories about the queen on the shelf” in my mind awaiting further information, as I do with a vast multitude of ideas and theories. As Winston Churchill is reputed to have said, I reserve the right to change my mind based on new information.

In the past 24 hours I have received emails from several friends with hyperlinks to the same material regarding the titular question: Is Queen Elizabeth II the true and legitimate queen? I was up quite late last night viewing the first two listed here. Very intriguing, shall we say? But I repeat myself…

Special UK Surprise: Royals on the Run? (about 50 min.)

Meet the New King of England (about 20 min.)

Then, there is a third video, which I first heard of a year or more ago, wherein it makes the case that another individual, who lives in Australia, has the true and legitimate claim to the British throne. I have not reviewed this current version, but I intend to do so this evening.

The Man Who Should’ve Been King | Britain’s Real Monarch | Real Royalty (about 48 min.)

I am making no judgment about any of these possibilities at this time. It will remain on the shelf.” But I truly desire feedback from my readers with your observations and opinions. If you choose to reply, please put something like royal feedback,” or something to that effect in the subject line to draw my attention. (I have thousands of unread emails which I simply do not have time to read. I rely on the Spirit to lead me to open the ones He wants me to.)

Also, I chose not to read the comments section below the videos until after I had finished watching so as not to be influenced by other viewers’ opinions.

If you are like me, you may also have to get beyond” the messengers in the videos and focus on the message. I, for one, am inclined to dismiss and give little credence to something produced by rank amateurs who dress sloppily, are loud and boorish, guffaw like a jackass, or who cannot spell or pronounce words properly.

And I am not speaking of Mr. Hallett who pronounces words as the Brits do. I have no problem with that. But I speak of Americans of both genders who exhibit the above traits. Those are things which make me want to hit the stop button and find something better to do. But, despite the messengers, this material IS compelling!

In contrast, one of the three messengers” (a guest commentator) in the first listed video above is Michael Bara. I have been familiar with him to some extent because for several years we (SKM) stocked a book that Bara, a former Boeing engineer, co-wrote with Richard Hoagland entitled Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.

It meticulously detailed the extent to which NASA is thoroughly drenched in ancient occult symbolism, and how it practically governs their activities… right up to the present day, as I pointed out to a friend last week, when I said to her:

Did you notice that when the two astronauts lifted off from Cape Canaveral to head to the international space station (named ISS—a not-so-veiled reference to the ancient goddess, Isis), that the Elon Musk-owned SpaceX rocket had a launch time of exactly 3:22 p.m.

And that 322 is one of the key numbers associated with the cabal group known as Skull and Bones, of which Bush, Sr. and Jr. were/are members, along with John Kerry and scores of other household names. When one observes a few thousand coincidences,” one begins to entertain the possibility that someone planned it to be that way.

I have much more I would like to add to this story at the moment, but I shall defer until another day for lack of time today. It would include topics which would easily triple the length of this blog, such as: what was POTUS purpose in visiting QE II, and obviously and very deliberately signaling something by not following protocol? The Nephilim connection. The global drug trade. As above, so below.” The Cecil family connection to QE I in the 1500s and to the Cecils today, one of whose descendants owns Asheville’s famous Biltmore House/Biltmore Estate. Prince Charles visited here some years back. John Podesta’s pedo art” took inspiration from the indoor swimming pool at the Biltmore… Hmmm… Until later…

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