Are you Mask Exempt?”

As some governors—mostly Dems—clamp down harder and supposedly
“order” everyone to wear masks, I notice that people without masks are becoming harder to spot in public. I was in a healthy” supermarket today and as far as I could see, I was the only one in the whole store not wearing a mask.

did get a lot of stares, but most of them were staring at the sign on my chest. I had taken one of the leftover, necklace-style name badges from our conferences, and created on my laser printer a simple sign that says on one side:



Since, with a slight breeze, the plastic holder often flips over to the reverse side, I had slipped a sign in the reverse pocket to read:

I am



Per the Governor’s Executive Order

No one at the healthy supermarket questioned me about it, but I did have a nice 15-minute chat with a gentleman picking up his mail next to me at our respective post office boxes. It led immediately to me pulling out a copy of the governor’s executive order and showing him the pertinent passages. I covered all this in my previous post of July 3rd, so I won’t repeat it here. Again, I strongly recommend everyone watch the video which I linked to at the very bottom of the aforementioned blog.

Today, I point you to an excellent and brief video entitled Why Face Masks DON’T Work, according to Science.”

Towards the end, the narrator cites Dr. Tony Fauci stating that face masks are mostly symbolic! Which is exactly right, and then some. They are a measurement of how willing the sheep are to submit to the orders from the experts and authorities—even when the experts” are wrong, or vacillating at best!

Please watch and share the video with as many of your acquaintances as possible. Do your part to help do an end run around the Lying Legacy Media—Fox News included. We, as mere individuals, can make a great difference in neutralizing the hype and outright lies of the Medianites.

July 20, 2020

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