Does mask confusion = mass confusion?

My recent personal experiences and dialog regarding that question.

A week or so ago, a close friend (I will call him Sam to protect his identity) sent me an email with his thoughts on the efficacy of masks vis a vis the CV. It was detailed, thoughtfully serious, and it was obvious he had spent much time researching the subject, including having read my blogs on the subject.

Sam asked for my feedback and thoughts and ended as he’d opened with something to the effect, Am I the only one thinking this way? Am I wacko on this?”

I finally made the time to peruse his email and we discussed it on the phone last night. In conclusion, I remarked with an unseen wink, So yes, Sam, you are wacko… and I guess that means I am equally wacko along with you.” Because…

There is so much confusion about the mask issue, and those of us who are trying to think about it logically instead of emotionally find ourselves perplexed because from a logical perspective, many things just don’t add up—unless you’ve had the red pill. Of course, there is a logic to it all from the red-pill perspective, but that’s when the blind” consider you wacko. Such is life in the matrix.

In the blue-governed states, with strict mandates of mask-wearing in place, such as here in North Carolina, and in Sam’s state as well, the psy-op continues to be very successful. Meaning, almost everyone is compliant.

As time goes on, I find myself to be the only one in the supermarket not wearing a mask. I am getting many stares now as people look closely at my name tag-style badge which says, Mask Exempt per the Governor’s Executive Order #147.”

Most are quasi-hostile stares, but there is the occasional person a bit more curious (and friendly)—exactly three to date. The most recent was a Hispanic fellow who manned the host station at a restaurant (with his mask in place) who was squinting trying to read the fine print. When I held it closer to his face so he wouldn’t have to squint, he then queried me with a beaming grin, Where can I get one of those?”

However, here in the Asheville area, as in Sam’s blue state, the sheep are dutifully following the Judas-goat governors leading the flock to a not-good end. (Which I will elaborate on more in future posts.)

Sam and I talked through each point of his email and concluded that we were pretty much in agreement that masks have some utility in some situations. But in general, the use of a mask is downright antithetical to our health.

Oh, did I just use the adjective antithetical,” as in the Hegelian dialectic? Hmmm. So here are just two of many articles in this regard: Here and here.

Sam told me how he had confirmed with an oxygen absorption test on himself what the science teacher had demonstrated in this blog. Meanwhile, reports from friends in red-governed states tell me that almost no one wears a mask where they live.

On the other hand, there are certain instances when masks are unquestionably desired. For example, if you are undergoing surgery, you certainly want the medical staff wearing masks; ditto with the dental staff when they are working and breathing six to twelve inches from your mouth.

Additionally, when you know that someone in your household is in a very immune-compromised situation, that if another member of the household comes down with flu symptoms, or some other kind of infectious condition, that such person should wear a mask whenever around the other family member who is immune-compromised. It’s common sense.

As I told Sam, I have worn a mask only twice since the mandate began a few months ago. Both times were when I went to my barber shop. I have known my barber for decades and he is now about 80 and has stage-four COPD. Up until a few months ago, no one had worn a mask in his shop.

But when I learned he had COPD, I donned a mask so as not to risk him catching” anything from me, even though I have no known health problems at this time—thank you, Father in heaven!

Moreover, I gave his daughter, who also barbers with her dad, an article for alternative cures for COPD, according to Frank Shallenberger, M. D., as outlined in the health newsletter called Second Opinion. She was very grateful as she had thought it was an incurable” disease.

I shared with Sam that although in my blogs I have been primarily looking at the whole mask situation from the 40,000 foot level (i.e., the big picture; nationally and geo-politically, for those of you in Carthagena,” wink, wink) that there is always the personal and family level to be carefully considered when choosing whether or not to comply with mandatory” mask requirements.

Plus, as Sam pointed out, there is the stumbling block” factor. This came home to me with full force yesterday as I attempted to enter a relatively small health food” store. They had two persons at the entrance ready with hand sanitizers and masks, if you need one.”

I flashed my badge” at them and simply said mask exempt” as I ignored them and continued to walk past them into the store. They pursued me, Sir, sir, you cannot go in without a mask!”

I stopped, turned, and again held up my sign and declared that according to Governor Cooper’s Executive Order, I am exempt from wearing a mask. Are you folks familiar with the Executive Order? I asked. By that time, a woman who was obviously a superior to the porter crew, came up and said she was familiar with it.

Then, you know,” said I, that I have every right to declare myself mask exempt, and that when I do, that according to Gov. Cooper’s order, your business will not be cited or fined for allowing me to shop in your store.”

She did not disagree but insisted that, nevertheless, I could not come in without a mask. To which I (trying to keep a smile on my face) replied, Well, I respect your right to refuse me entrance since you are a private business, and if you are insisting on that, I guess we will agree to disagree and I will depart.” …Which I did.

It could easily have gotten nasty. Moreover, I have now heard of instances around the country where other patrons—blind sheep—are going berserk” in trying to intimidate any non-mask wearer. In one case police were called to stop the multiple mask-wearing patrons from pummeling the non-mask-wearer.

At this point, or even not to that point, is what Sam was referring to as the stumbling block” factor.

Leviticus 19:14 Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD.

And I concur with Sam’s reasoning. For how in the world in the near future, Sam wondered, are we going to be able to speak the truth to them in love, if they (the blinded sheep) are now being offended” by this wacko” guy who won’t wear a mask, and because of him we’re all going to die!”  

The awakening is coming! I can feel it! The blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, and as they awaken out of their God-ordained stupor, they will be searching for answers.

What credibility will I have if all they remember is that wacko” guy who wouldn’t wear a mask. There was and is no point in trying to explain it to them logically. They (not all, but many) are wearing the masks out of fear and/or other emotions.

Meanwhile, I am encouraged to see that POTUS has brought Dr. Atlas to the fore as a new expert adviser on the White House CV Task Force while Dr. Fauci is being shunted aside, his purpose having been accomplished insofar as POTUS is concerned.

I pray Father for His grace that I may patiently wait just a few months longer when I suspect this will all fade away and America will awaken politically and spiritually to a newer level of awareness and greatness! God speed the day!

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