How big is a virus?

Here, have a virus for Halloween!

I know that some of my readers live in states where masks are not required by your governor’s executive order. Count your blessings! One of those blessings is your being able to keep your immune system up to par.

Here in North Carolina, Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is trying his darndest to keep the population muzzled (er, I mean, masked) as long as he possibly can. I must admit; it is working. Each day that goes by, as I go into stores, the post office, and other public venues, I often find myself the only one without a mask.

I still wear my little placard stating Mask Exempt.” I get stares but almost no one asks about it. I have just a few thoughts since posting my blog yesterday with a link to the science teacher. The teacher expects YouTube will remove it soon, but it is still available as of this minute.

The science teacher is demonstrating the science of masks. After all, Dr. Fauci and all the other experts” are continuously haranguing the citizenry to follow the science.” I love science because it is one of the most gracious ways whereby we, as God’s sentient creation, have the capacity to learn more about Him and His wondrous creation, and consequently, to give Him the glory and praise He deserves!

So, follow the science” has become one of the favorite talking points and propaganda slogans of the Dems, socialists and other blinded individuals. They, however, don’t really want you to follow the science, but only that which they declare is science through their bullhorns known as the Lying Legacy Media.

They don’t want you to know, for example, that viruses are so tiny that wearing a mask to stop them—either going out or coming in—is utterly ludicrous. I spoke recently with a highly-respected PhD microbiologist friend of mine who gave me this illustration to help everyone to see how ludicrous it actually is.

First of all, not all masks are the same. Nevertheless, none of them offer the protection that the Lying Legacy Medianites keep hyping and harping in their self-righteous rants.

Just take the typical blue surgical” mask (which are all made in China, if you’ve noticed). Picture the woven strands of the fabric being expanded from their actual size up to where the gap between the threads creates squares one meter long on all four sides. Expand the virus up to the same scale.

At that scale, how big would a virus be? Answer: smaller (much, much smaller, says my friend) than a pencil dot! Just keep wearing those masks, folks, to help stop the spread of the virus.” Sheer nonsense! That’s not science; that’s people control!

I have another first-hand scientist source (PhD, Neuroscience), who confirms what the friend above also verifies; namely, that the only way to prevent contamination from viruses is to be suited up in the astronaut” type of hazmat suit. You’ve probably seen them in movies.

Any scientists working with dangerous viruses must wear this type of totally sealed suit before being allowed entrance into the highly secure Level 4 section of biolab. (You know, the kind of lab in Wuhan from which the Coronavirus {CV} allegedly escaped.”) Everything in the hazmat suit is sealed from head to toe and a separate oxygen supply hose is part of it. Actually, in everyday life, we encounter viruses by the millions in every cubic meter of air. Our bodies are marvelous creations, designed for our immune system to deal with them easily. Mankind has been doing it for thousands of years. But just keep wearing those masks, folks…”

Follow the science and keep politics out of it.” That also, is one of the constant Dem-socialist mantras. Once again, it is the exact opposite of the truth because politics is exactly what it is about. It is about preventing the re-election of Donald Trump.

It really is a matter of life and death for many rich and powerful people, as well as their lackeys in the Deep State, Hollywood, etc. And that is (one of many reasons) why they are more than willing to cause untold death and suffering via the CV in stopping the re-election of Trump.

For many decades, I have observed that the next flu season” always commences not long after Halloween. It seems to me a very logical process that millions of children (and adults) consume high amounts of sugar-laden candies and other immune-depressing sweets on and in the days following Halloween, and then presto! The latest iteration of the flu” is said to be attacking” the nation. 

Fellow citizens, wake upThink! Oh, wait a minute! The enemies of freedom have now been so successful in subjugating the American people that we all (with few exceptions) are obediently wearing masks, which do NOT stop the CV, but that certainly cause autotoxicity. So, how can you wake up? How can you think when you are depleting your own oxygen supply by wearing the mask?

The more you wear a mask, the more you are slowly suffocating, slowly killing yourself. But very rapidly, you are depressing your immune system and making yourself that much more susceptible to the CV. If the mask wearing continues much longer, I wonder what will happen after Halloween this year when we factor in the immune-depressing effects of the annual sweets binge and add that to the then-resurgent CV.  

Please take five minutes to watch that most important video which I linked to in yesterday’s blog. And pray, pray, pray for America to wake up!

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