The English Channeler (pun intended)

This will be a lesson in Christian spiritual discernment. Given the ubiquity of the internet, we are all flooded at all times, with information of all sorts, emanating from all manner of sources. In that maelstrom, how does one find the truth?

Fortunately for Christians, we can ask our heavenly Father for Holy Spirit guidance in discerning good from evil, wheat from chaff, and the worthwhile from the time-waster material available on the world wide web.

In our Stone Kingdom Fellowship gatherings, we pray for it for ourselves and for the Body of Christ universally. Still, many—perhaps the vast majority of Christians—do not exercise proper spiritual discernment. And admittedly, we ourselves are still learning, and I expect we always shall be.

The day after this video was posted on Bitchute (December 3rd), some close friends sent me the link with the note: Thought you might find this interesting.” Indeed, I do. And after viewing it, I realize why they did not add: This is really good stuff,” or something of that nature. I had never heard of Michelle Fielding previously, and the title sounded intriguing re: Trump, military, quantum roll-out, etc.

I have watched perhaps a half dozen videos of Mr. Veniamin interviewing various people including, if I recall correctly, Mr. Juan O’Savin. Despite Veniamin’s evident youth, I have appreciated his professionalism.

He does not constantly interrupt his guest or try to hog the show. He politely lets them speak. Then, when he does interject questions, they are polite, thoughtful, and respectful, but he also does not shy away from asking tough questions.

Similarly, in this 1:19:03 interview, he gave free rein to Michelle Fielding, and only in the last ca. 20 minutes did he pepper her with questions. He is so gracious and polite to his guests, that with Ms. Fielding, I could not tell (discern) with certainty whether he was actually agreeing with her or just being polite.

However, my discernment of Mr. Veniamin is not the issue at this time. He will go into my withhold judgment” category. For the present time, he will not be placed into my don’t ever waste time watching him again” category, in which category I have placed Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and several other popular channel hosts, whom I disdain for various reasons.   

Speaking of channels, in Veniamin’s introduction of Michelle Fielding, I discerned within 60 seconds where this presentation was going. But because of the good friends who sent me the link, I decided to watch the whole hour and nineteen minutes.

Furthermore, I decided immediately not to read any of the comments (and I still have not) from other viewers, so as not to prejudice my own discernments.

It was only 40 seconds into Veniamin’s introduction of Fielding when I had to stop and replay a few seconds to make sure I heard him correctly. Was he referring to Fielding’s Bitchute or Rumble or YouTube channel?

No, what he said was I take her channeling very seriously…”

With that, he essentially turned the mic over to Fielding for nearly an hour. It took a while for her to mention where and how she was getting her information She kept referring to they” and them.”

Early on, she laid out what her spirit guides told her would be happening in the near future (next few years) in relation to Trump, the military and what kind of government we will soon have.

It will be facilitated by the roll-out of the quantum voting system.” In my mind, red flags start waving frantically, my alarm bells go off, and my antennae go up when I hear someone like Fielding start revealing intel” about NESARA / GESARA, the quantum” this or the quantum” that, whether it’s the quantum energy” of med beds” or the quantum financial system” or the quantum voting system,” etc.

Fielding’s spirit guides informed her that in the near future, as the new form of government will be gradually rolled out, we will no longer be voting for policies, not for people. Politicians will become redundant.

I say, beware! She explained further that we will devolve” … Notice how her spirit guides are pressing the buttons of many of us who are red-pilled: devolve trips the devolution” button, which I have discussed before in these blogs regarding the work of Patel Patriot.”

His work regarding devolution is verifiable. He provides the documents. And his analysis seems to make much sense to me. But, as her spirit guides revealed to Michelle,…

We will devolve” into small communities, maybe only your street or a few blocks, where we will decide” via the quantum voting system what policies we as a community group want to have implemented.

Allow me to make several observations here. In communist Russia, small community groups” were called soviets!” Getting the picture? A recent former president was allegedly skilled at community organizing.” He ran on a vague platform of change.” A fundamental transformation of America,” remember that?

The more she revealed what her spirit guides were telling her was in store for us—the USA—the more I was convinced they were informing her (under the guise and in the name of peace” and love”) that it’s a wonderful world just ahead.

Think of this: Take my street or your street, for example. How many of your neighbors have enough understanding of (1) the Bible and God’s law, and / or (2) the U. S. Constitution, to be able to make wise decisions regarding governmental policy. Pretty sad picture, isn’t it?

The Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic and warned us that it would take both an educated (not indoctrinated) and truly moral (i.e., Christian!) people to preserve it. Pretty sad picture again, isn’t it?

Decisions on government policy made at the community group level sounds good, until one employs some critical thinking.

Add to the above facts, that the community voting (presumably by majority vote) is nothing more nor less than pure democracy, not a republic. The Founding Fathers abhorred democracy as one of the worst forms of government.

What? They didn’t teach you that in your schooling? Me neither, I learned it on my own, after my university higher” education (read: indoctrination).

Moreover, what would be the function of a community organizer?” Well, I saw this in action during my stint as a Public Information Officer in a large city government many years ago.

I was seeing it implemented in my city when Barack Obama was still a teenager. Community (read communist”) organizers are facilitators,” (read: leaders and indoctrinators). They help” (read: control) the community to come to the desired outcome at the polls.

Hence, the citizens can unwittingly vote themselves into a communist dictatorship by the sly and cunning work of the satans among us. This is exactly what has been going on for decades in our beloved America.

It has now come to a period of great crisis. Unless King Jesus returns soon and inaugurates the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, there will be one of two diametrically opposed outcomes.

  1. The cabal known as Mystery Babylon will succeed in foisting their New World Order / Agenda 2030 / The Great Reset upon us and we shall lose every last liberty which we still possess; or

  2. The American people will awaken (or at least enough of them) to retake and regain control of every institution in our society. Because America is not systemically racist”—as the Left continually claims—but America is systemically corrupt.

Every institution—from education, to the news media, to medicine, to the financial system, to entertainment and culture, etc., and certainly to the most corrupted—the Christian religion—all must be rebuilt from scratch following God’s commandments, statutes and judgments.

Therefore, my advice to all patriots and especially to all Christians, is to seek ye first the kingdom of heaven” (upon the earth, because that is where it is!).

Meanwhile, if we are incorrect in our view of God’s timing, work like there is no tomorrow to educate yourself on (1) God’s law and (2) the Constitution, because we shall need that knowledge to reestablish our republic and root out the satans among us. Time is short.

If we fail to act now, there will be no tomorrow with liberty and justice for all; only darkness, death and destruction of everything we hold near and dear. For learning about God’s law, I recommend me! ????

Seriously though, we have now commenced a new series to do exactly that—teach God’s law: His commandments, statutes and judgments. We have now completed the first four lectures and they are available in our standard album containing four CDs—available for $20 plus $6 shipping and handling.

Our U. S. Constitutional government is the best placeholder” type of government man has ever devised. It will have to do until the Kingdom of Heaven government can be established.

To learn more about the U. S. Constitution and our republic, I recommend the online (free) courses available from Hillsdale College.

I had made two pages of notes from viewing Michelle Fielding’s presentation of her download from demons (masquerading as angels of light, of course), but I will have to close for now as I am running short of time. Here is the link to Fielding and Veniamin.

I will leave you with these Scriptures, but unfortunately, I will not have time to expound upon them. Michelle Fielding is deceived, so let us hold her up in prayer that Father will open her eyes. And for Mr. Veniamin also, while we’re at it.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

If time permits tomorrow, I will continue with this then.


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