Biden eats pizza with US soldiers in Poland

Story from Independent News (from the UK):


President Biden sat down to eat pizza with troops from the 82nd Airborne division, after landing in Poland on Friday.

Mr. Biden is on an official visit in Poland to meet with President Duda and attend a briefing on the humanitarian response to the Ukraine-Russia war as well as on the flow of refugees fleeing the country.

There was a change in the president’s schedule after President Andrzej Duda’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Warsaw.


What’s the big deal? Our President” sits down and eats pizza with the troops. So what? Well, it is not simply that. Did you read my blog of last Thursday, Red Pill 101?

If you watched The Fall of the Cabal, then you learned about the Pizzagate scandal…which is one of those so-called conspiracy theories which will be discovered and acknowledged eventually to be the truth. Noah was a conspiracy theorist; then it began to rain.

Since then, we have seen more than one famous person and/or politician—most notably former President George W. Bush—serving pizza to others, and/or eating it with them.

Is Biden’s eating pizza another coded message from one cabal member to the others? Or does it indicate that the person has been subjugated by the white hats and is following orders by them? Time will tell, but I smell rain coming.

I don’t have time to view every news source carrying the clip of Biden eating pizza with the troops,” so maybe there are some video clips of the troops actually eating pizza. Maybe they did, but I see no one except Biden eating pizza in these clips.

The friend who alerted me to this an hour ago reported that the only one she saw actually eating with Biden was one with a name tag of Libro” whom she suggested was the commander. In any case, here is the video of Biden.

Here is another clip of Biden, prior to eating the pizza in front of the troops, as he recounts a visit to Iraq during the war there, looking for his son, Beau. When he finally found him, he noticed he had changed his surname to Hunter.” 

Isn’t that a bit odd? Does a father really need to look at name tags to recognize his own son?! Here is a short clip of that.


March 25, 2022

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