Dr. Kory’s answer to Dr. Ardis re: snake venom

I trust readers detected my caution when I posted links four days ago to Dr. Bryan Ardis’ presentations regarding snake venom. A very highly credentialed Ph.D. (in the biological sciences field), and who is a close friend of mine, was the first of several readers to share another viewpoint with me.

(Thanks to Jim T. in our Mighty Network responses-to-the-post for another take—which I have not had time to watch yet. And to Joe who had also sent me the initial links to Dr. Ardis, and now has also sent links to other viewpoints.)

During the Covid-19 crisis, we have also posted some of Dr. Pierre Kory’s testimonies to governmental bodies concerning. I have high regard for his knowledge, so I present his take here, but only the first few paragraphs. It is a long document, so here is the hyperlink to his entire blog concerning his take on what Dr. Ardis said.

Incidentally, since I posted the Dr. Ardis piece four days ago, I had occasion to see a snippet of Dr. Ardis’ long exposition on the Patriot Streetfighter channel. I was disturbed—annoyed, or somewhere in between those two adjectives—to hear him smear Pres. Trump with a broad brush, implying clearly that DJT is part of the cabal.

He noted that Trump had attended Fordham University. (Fordham is one of about 28 Jesuit-founded and/or Jesuit-run institutions of higher learning in the USA.) I believe that I understand as much as any other deep researcher out there concerning this malevolent organization.

But for heaven’s sake, one cannot presume that just because someone attended a Jesuit-run institution does not automatically mean they are a cog in the Jesuit conspiracy machine. DJT did not graduate from Fordham. He transferred to Wharton School of Business and obtained a degree there.

The Jesuit world view does not automatically take hold in the minds of every student who attends Fordham, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Boston College, or any of the rest. And even if one did have that world view upon graduation, that does not mean that person lives his entire life devoted to what they were propagandized into in their college days. People can change.

I am one who did. I have repeated it several times in my lectures and in my blogs, that I myself, came out of the Ohio State University as a socialist-by-default.” But within less than a year after my graduation, God blessed me with knowledge which turned my world view/mindset 180 degrees, which led soon thereafter to my giving my life to Christ.

So, shame on Dr. Ardis for that slur! Now here are the opening paragraphs of Dr. Kory’s response. In this instance, I have left his hyperlinks intact.  QUOTE:

Snake Venom and COVID-19 [posted April 16]

In some circles an insane amount of attention was paid this week to the theories of a chiropractor previously celebrated for speaking out on the fraudulent Remdesivir saga in the US. Here is my take.

I want to start off by stating my embarrassment that I have devoted a couple of hours assessing the snake venom hypothesis, similar to many of my colleagues, herehere, here, and here (who I suspect spent less time than I did which is why I am embarrassed).

But I might as well share the fruits? of my time spent assessing the Watch the Water documentary” lest it go to waste.

First off, I have never met Dr. Brian Ardis and know little of his previous (and from what I have heard, credible) work in calling attention to one of the most fraudulent and corrupt saga’s in U.S Public Health history, that of our agencies ensuring that the completely ineffective, somewhat toxic, and outrageously profitable remdesivir be infused into almost every arm of every hospitalized American patient with COVID for almost 2 years now (by propagandized, hypnotized, and/or cowardly infectious disease specialists across the country. Go IDSA!)

The problem is that Dr. Ardis went on some highly watched podcasts this week espousing novel (and I assume untested amongst his colleagues, yikes) theories that COVID is equivalent to snake venom and that remdesivir is actually snake venom plus a bunch of stuff about snake venom, er, I mean COVID, being released in water sources (this latter part I will just ignore as I don’t think that Dr. Ardis meant that as being the most important part of his theories - see how gracious I am?).

Since those theories were broadcast, many people in my orbit, many supporters of the FLCCC, and many patients in my practice have reached out, asking what I/we thought of these theories and what our take on this stuff was. I suppose it is only natural because I believe many people trust our opinion and judgement on medical matters and scientific topics.

So I figured I owed it to those folks to give them some of my impressions of the soundness of the many statements made by Dr. Ardis, someone whom I mean no disrespect to, but whom I believe I am allowed to disagree with professionally, just as I have on occasion when speaking with and discussing matters with my newest colleagues and friends like Drs. McCullough, Mallone, Cole, Urso, not to mention the times in COVID when Paul Marik and I have argued the veracity of various insights we were developing.

I watched his interview with Stew Peters and 1.5 episodes with Mike Adams, and the following are my impressions of the many statements he made if interested… END QUOTE

The rest of his essay is here.


April 19, 2022

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