Clean Comedy

Let’s take a break and get the weekend off with a laugh. 

Years ago, I tuned in to the cable channel called Comedy Central. It did not take long to discern that it is misnamed. It ought to be called Cesspool Central.

But, for those who need some comic or comedic relief once in a while, may I recommend Chonda Pierce. Here are a few excerpts from a recent article about her in the Epoch Times. Full story here. After the excerpts, I have found two short videos to help you get some of the best medicine—laughter.

QUOTE: Spend an hour with Chonda Pierce and you could count on laughing for the rest of the day—maybe even the rest of your life. Her fairly innocent irreverence is applied to topics ranging from growing up as a preacher’s daughter to shopping at Walmart to political fodder…

To fans of what she calls filthy-mouthed comedians, Pierce says this: Go home and write out your favorite comedian’s routine and take a magic marker and mark out all those obscene words, all those F words, and all the nasty words. Then, read it back. If it’s a funny story … see, all these words were not needed at all. But most of the time if you mark them all out and read it back, it ain’t that funny.” She adds, They had to flavor it up with something, to shock you into laughing. To me, I love comedy too much. That’s just a cheap shot.” …

In spite of her sinless comedy, she has offended a few with her occasional mild one-liners about intimate moments with her late husband, but that is about as bad—or as she puts it in Southern terms—as nasty” as she gets. Some religious zealots have also taken umbrage to her poking fun at faith, which is somewhat funny in itself considering how devout a Christian she is…

With demanding tours on her plate, Pierce never misses church. She also founded several Christian counseling centers throughout Tennessee. Under the name Branches Counseling Center, trained Christian therapists offer counseling to people on the A to Z’s of life challenges, including alcoholism, obesity, family counseling, religious abuse, sex addictions, and depression. The center has been recognized with a variety of local awards.

Pierce makes no excuses about the source of her material: her own long list of personal tribulations, including the loss of her husband, an adult daughter that she has estranged herself from, and a bout with deep depression that landed her in a psychiatric facility. Her autobiography, Laughing In The Dark,” one of eight books she has written, was an Amazon best-seller. END QUOTE


June 17, 2022

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