Poison Ivy Pizza and other adventures

It is that season again, when the poison ivy reappears with its fresh foliage. I have told in two previous blogs of my experiences with it as a child, as a middle-aged man (dreadful), and more recently since discovering natural remedies that work almost immediately. (Yes, I am familiar with making a jewel weed paste also but have not tried that one.)

So, rather than repeat everything here, see my two previous blogs for my adventures with poison ivy here, dated October 7, 2020: What I did for poison ivy; and here, dated May 18, 2021: For Sunday brunch, I had a poison ivy sandwich

Two weeks ago, as I spied the wicked week reappearing on my property, I wore gloves and took a snipping shears and brought a leaf into the kitchen. I had a frozen, plain pizza from the grocery store.

Rather than begin with a tiny portion of a leaf, the size of my pinkie fingernail, as I had done last year, I baked the pizza and then put the fresh leaf right in the center of the pizza. (See photo.) Then I cut it in squares and ate the center square first. No unusual taste at all.

And I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza, as I had put my own ingredients on it. They included organic venison burger, organic herbed goat cheese (directly from my farmer friends), along with roasted red peppers, green bell peppers, shredded fresh basil leaves and I left one intact basil leaf (in the center of the green bell pepper ring in the photo.

I had no known negative reaction to consuming the fresh weed, so about five days later, I made myself a cheeseburger from ground lamb with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. As you can see in the photo, I only put the fresh poison ivy leaf on the cheese after the burger was done and on the bread. Yummy!

And again, no negative symptoms. Feeling that I now had immunity, I went out in the yard on each of the past two days, found some poison ivy and tried to get it out by the roots bare-handed. Just in case I was wrong about my immunity, I had taken my homemade sycamore leaf tea out of the freezer, left over from the batch I had brewed last fall. I did not need it.

No rash, itch or any other symptoms has appeared in the past 48 hours. Usually if poison ivy is going to appear, it will do so within 1-3 hours. What a blessing to know God has natural ways to handle the most irritating of rashes! This is what worked for me. It may not work for everybody, but I am just sharing with the hope that it will work for almost everyone!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor and therefore I cannot and do not diagnose diseases or prescribe medicine. If you have a medical condition, by all means, consult with a physician. The narrative above is simply a story of my own personal experience and is not meant as medical advice since everyone’s body is different. What worked for me may not have the same effect for you. We disclaim all liability for what you do with the above information.


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