First, a word on words…lest someone fail to understand my use of the word musing in the headline. So, for those of you in Carthagena, Ohio,…” the verb to muse means to think.

It is related in an opposite way to the verb to amuse” and its various forms which everyone is familiar with because it is such a large part of our lives (much too large for our own good!).

Other forms include amusementamusing, or to be amused, etc. Both muse and amuse are derived from the ancient Greek language, where the prefix a-” denotes not.” That is, it is a negation of that root word form which it precedes.

Therefore, in this important example, if muse” means to think,” then amuse” means to not think.” Do you agree, then, that amusement (not thinking) is much too large a part in American life?

It’s the same old strategy of the Roman emperors to give the masses bread and circuses” to keep them amused and thereby make them easier for the dictators to control.

In general, what is Hollywood, television, radio, and virtually all the new media and Big Tech offerings on the internet, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. if not amusement? They are phenomenally successful means to keep the vast majority of Americans from spending time thinking!

But praise be to God! That is changing rapidly now as the cabal of the Mystery Babylonians (MB) has been forced to speed up the implementation of their plans for a global reset,” (i.e., total technocratic enslavement). That speed-up is causing enormous numbers of formerly-slumbering (amused) Americans to awaken.

One could easily make the case—and I have done so in my Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom lecture series, with more to come—that MB’s amusement department is just one of the tools of their witchcraft (mind control) by which they have enslaved us all. But as I said, that is now changing.   

So, when I share with you my musings,” understand it is serious thinking about serious issues. Musings is not meant to connote daydreaming, wishful thinking,” nor anything so whimsical, ephemeral and essentially useless as mental ramblings without purpose.

We watch all the rallies and speeches of former President Donald Trump which our time will allow. On Wednesday, July 26th, Trump gave the keynote speech on the second and final day of the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) gathering which took place in Washington, DC.

The AFPI is headed by the Donald’s close and loyal allies, Linda McMahon, Chair of the Board, and Brooke Rollins, President and CEO (the woman in the white outfit who introduced Trump).

The America First Agenda Summit featured numerous speakers addressing issues facing the country, all to help craft a platform for America First candidates and causes.

In our view, some are of very dubious loyalty to Trump and the principles of America First. Examples: Sen. Lindsay Graham and House Minority leader, Kevin McCarthy. Trump began his speech about 3 p.m. and spoke for over an hour and a half. Here is a link to the full video.

We are not saying our musings are the most important part of his address to the AFPI, but rather, we are always alert for what is being said between the lines or in code,” if you will.

Since we are not in his mind, and certainly not in his inner circle, we can only speculate based upon our past experiences of watching him and his coded messages” since 2015, including the many previous signals to the Q-savvy among his audiences.

Nevertheless, one tiny phrase jumped out at us in this speech. It was in the context of his Trump’s patented” and characteristic method of using sarcasm—sometimes even snarky and disdainful figures of speech to put a fine point on something. To give readers the context, here are a few paragraphs of the verbatim transcript. (We broke it into more readable, smaller paragraphs.)

QUOTE: Donald J. Trump: (35:10)

Now, the media will go out and say, Oh, Trump wants to build tents.” No, no. I want to take care of the people because nothing could be as bad as what’s happening to them right now. And at the same time, I want to save our cities because you’re going to have a time when nobody will be here anymore.

Nobody will come here. Nobody will come to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or any of our cities to build millions of units of housing or hold homeless people in luxury hotels, which of course take a fortune for the government, and have no medical or rehab professionals available. There are none available.

It’s fruitless just like setting up a blue-ribbon committee stuffed with publicity seeking socialites. I know them all, and dilettantes. I know them all. To handle the coyotes, the caravans, the very tough drug dealers and human traffickers, it’s fruitless. They set up blue ribbon committees. Everyone calls, Oh, could I be on a blue-ribbon committee headed up by Missus Vanderbilt.”

Donald J. Trump: (36:20)

To empower local communities to deal with these challenges, the next Congress should pass a landmark package of public health, public safety and mental healthcare reforms.

Cleaner streets are safer streets, and I will be happy to help campaign for any of those bills. And I can you speaking for Kevin [McCarthy] and Steve [Scalise] and all of the Congressmen and women in the room and the Senators in the room of which we have many, I think we’ll have no trouble getting votes for that, cleaning up our cities and cleaning up our countries and making it safer by a lot. We must restore the ago-old right to self-defense. We have to be able to defend ourselves. END QUOTE

Remember, Trump is known as a counter-puncher. In sarcasm and mocking what all previous administrations have done to fix” problems, Trump is clearly disdainful of them when he talks about how they appoint a blue-ribbon committee stuffed with publicity-seeking socialites…and dilettantes…

…it’s fruitless. They set up blue-ribbon committees. Everyone calls, Oh, could I be on a blue-ribbon committee headed up by Missus Vanderbilt.”

The Vanderbilts are emblematic of the (now) old money” families of New York City, with whom Trump became very familiar in his rise into the ranks of the new money.”

So, was he merely using Missus Vanderbilt” as metonymy for all the old wealthy families? Or was there a coded message there? A twist of the knife, so to speak?

(For those of you in Carthagena, Ohio… Metonymy: A figure of speech in which one word or phrase is substituted for another with which it is closely associated, as in the use of Washington for the United States government or of the sword for military power.) 

Do you recall seeing this photo (below) of Gloria Vanderbilt in the lengthy series, The Fall of the Cabal?” (We are not certain, but we guess that is where it came from.) In any case, we have had that series as our featured thumbnail link for months here on our MN platform with the iconic Matrix character, Neo, in the shot. 

But in The Fall of the Cabal,” we are referring to this picture of Missus Vanderbilt with her two sons, one of whom is now widely known as the openly homosexual Anderson Cooper of CNN fame.

(We cannot recall with certainty where this graphic came from, probably from The Fall of the Cabal, but we note the typo” in the top right in the word which should be sacrifice.”)

Now, put Trump’s reference to Missus Vanderbilt” together with the fact that DJT has just announced he is suing CNN for defamation, etc. Is that just a coincidence? I don’t think so!

We now present the last few paragraphs of his speech which provides hope and encouragement to those who also see our heavenly Father’s providential hand in all that is transpiring, and then one final musing of mine.

QUOTE: Donald J. Trump: (01:14:16)

We need to break the choke hold of Silicon Valley censors and restore free speech in America. These are the choices that America must confront on the road ahead.

Right now, these next few years, our country will decide whether we are going to allow a corrupt and radical ruling class to snuff out the torch of Liberty, or whether we will resist the forces of decay, and raise that torch higher and prouder than ever, to enlighten and inspire the entire world. We can do that. Together, we’re standing up against-

Audience: (01:14:53) [inaudible 01:14:53].

Donald J. Trump: (01:14:53)

Thank you, I think. [He was referring to what someone in the audience had shouted out, which DJT was not sure he heard correctly.] Together, we’re standing up against some of the most menacing forces and entrenched interests and vicious opponents our people have ever seen or confronted.

Donald J. Trump: (01:30:37)

But soon, we will have greatness again. With all my heart and all my soul, I firmly believe that the American people will reject a fate of decline, demoralization, and ultimately a fate of defeat.

And I believe that we will come together and choose instead a future of renewal, revival, recovery, resurgence, and in the end, a nation that is more exceptional than it ever was before. I believe we can do that.

Donald J. Trump: (01:31:11)

America’s story is far from over. And in fact, we are just getting ready for an incredible comeback. A comeback that we have no choice, but to make. We don’t have a choice. We won’t have a country if we don’t make it.

Through strength, we will restore our safety. Through hard work, we will rebuild our prosperity. Through courage, we will reclaim our liberty. Through love, we will repair our unity.

Through success, we will rediscover our pride. And through unyielding determination together, we will make America stronger, safer, freer, greater, and more glorious than ever before.

Donald J. Trump: (01:31:56)

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a great honor. Thank you.


And we shall leave you with this second little tidbit which was not in the details of Donald’s speech. But it was there for all viewers to see. Did you notice it? Look in the upper right corner of the screen shot.

Look at the number to which viewers can text to contact the AFPI.  It is a palindrome (reads the same forward or backward, like the word radar.”): 70107. In gematria, drop the zeroes. 7-17. Essentially, it is built around Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet. Another coincidence? You decide. 


Posted Friday, July 29, 2022

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