Yesterday we attended a local Republican luncheon meeting. It was well attended—about 75 were gathered to hear briefly from some local government servants, and candidates running for the upcoming County Republican Party offices.

The main speaker was a gentleman named Loren Spivack. At his LinkedIn profile we find this:

QUOTE: Loren Spivack, founder of Free Market Warrior, is a highly sought after speaker for conservative and libertarian organizations. Drawing from his extensive consulting and fund-raising experience over the past 20 years for both non-profits and commercial enterprises, he also teaches study groups on classical economic theory.

(Photo: Loren Spivack)

Free Market Warrior is dedicated to teaching patriots how to retake control of our destiny as the forces of statism and socialism methodically destroy the last vestiges of freedom in America.

We’re not here to gripe, whine or throw tantrums, but rather to learn the ways of the free market warrior in order to protect and defend the principles upon which the USA was founded. END QUOTE

His talk was excellent, dispensing much wisdom in the half-hour window allotted to him. He spoke about the challenges which conservatives face in trying to hold off the forces of the Leftists and socialist-communists while also going on the offensive.

We make a mistake, he asserted, when we expect the Left to debate us about whose principles are correct. Principles, he said, are guiding beliefs that do not change. We have to understand, he stressed, that the Left has no principles.

It may seem like they do, but history shows they have but one overarching goal—raw political power—by any means necessary. And when certain temporary principles,” along with the dupes that have espoused them, have served their purposes, the Left throws them under the bus.

He pointed to Sweden as a case in point. Sweden has been the leading nation in the world when it comes to feminism. They passed laws that all organizations—whether they are government entities or private businesses—must have equal numbers of women on their boards, and upper management. He recited the numbers to bolster his point.

But in the past several decades, the Leftist socialists in all European countries have allowed their nations to be flooded with immigrants. (Mr. Spivack did not mention race or religion in this context.)

And, as we here at SKM have written long ago, Sweden became the leading nation in Europe—and possibly the world—in terms of rapes, even surpassing some of the Third World nations in Africa and Southeast Asia.

That doesn’t look good for a socialist country that claims to be so concerned about women… the leading feminist nation, you know.

So, the Swedish government commissioned a study and discovered that 95% of the rapes were being committed by…? wait for it… yes, immigrants! Then, in their wisdom,” what did the Leftist-socialists decide to do about it? Punish the rapists?

Of course not! Instead, they passed a law forbidding any more studies about who is committing the rapes!

On the positive side, Mr. Spivack affirmed that the principles of capitalism are simple and few. He distinguished between pure capitalism and the perverted, polluted, and corrupted systems that are called capitalism” today.

They include: Don’t steal; don’t cheat; don’t lie; don’t murder; don’t hurt others, etc.—in other words, our basic principles are the Ten Commandments. (That was refreshing to hear from a political economist!) Those principles do not change.

To put it more simply, he added: capitalists want to be left alone by government, that we may seek success and happiness, and to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and have the freedom to do so unencumbered by myriad rules and regulations.

His message was well received and was encouraging to our local conservatives to continue fighting the good fight for faith and freedom.


January 25, 2023

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