Update on David Bruggeman

We thank all of you praying for my son and ask for you to continue to believe and pray with me for an astounding miracle. We do not have much to add at this time except that the biopsy which had been scheduled for this past Monday was postponed until yesterday.

A brief text from my granddaughter, Annie, simply reported that everything went well–which we take to mean that he withstood the biopsy. As we reported in one of the earliest posts on David, the oncologists in Portland, Oregon, determined that David’s situation was so dire, so far gone, that they would not even perform a biopsy. We do not have any results yet.


Up next Update on David Bruggeman, Monday, April 24 I have been incommunicado this past week because I flew to Phoenix to be with my son, David, for a few days, while he is undergoing treatment at the My son, David, has passed away! I am deeply saddened to announce that my son, David, passed away early this morning (Eastern time), probably just before midnight (Phoenix, AZ
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