Christians, Conservatives Win Abortion Battle in NC Despite Veto by Gov. Cooper

While this essay focuses primarily on events in our state of North Carolina, we share it in the expectation that it will encourage our readers to get involved in your own local communities.

Remember the talk about a red wave” in the 2022 elections? As it turned out, there was still a lot of cheating going on by the Dems in a number of battleground” states so that the national red wave did not materialize, according to the Babylonian Media (BM).

We correct the BM and state that the red wave did, in fact, materialize. North Carolina is one stellar example. More on that shortly.

We think immediately of the battleground state of Arizona where Kari Lake was expected to have won the Governor’s office by a huge margin. But for the putative massive cheating, she did win—just as Trump did in 2020.

Unfortunately, Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs, was running from her then-current position of Arizona Secretary of State…who has authority over statewide elections! Talk about a conflict of interest! With that power, Hobbs had allies in Maricopa County (Phoenix area) to help her squeak out a win.

Here is one story, published November 27, 2022 in the Gateway Pundit, with some of the details. It is one among many stories we simply had no time to prepare in the aftermath of the midterms, but it is appropriate to present to readers at this juncture. QUOTE:

Katie Hobbs Tied to Money from FTX-Funded PACs

By Jordan Conradson

Bankrupted cryptocurrency exchange FTX now appears to have played a role in Arizona’s stolen midterm election after funneling millions of dollars into Phoenix-based Protect Our Future PAC.

In a stunning and impossible upset, Democrat Katie Hobbs allegedly defeated’ extremely popular conservative Kari Lake in the midterm gubernatorial election.

Katie Hobbs did not campaign, did not have a major following, did not hold rallies, and refused to debate. Hobbs’ victory was pulled off by disenfranchising Republican voters who chose to vote in person.

We reported on how FTX has gone bankrupt and how it was one of the top donors to Democrats over the past few years. At least $40 million was donated to the Democrats from FTX.

According to FEC reports, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried also gave 27 million dollars to a Phoenix-based PAC tied to Democrat activist and consultant Dacey Montoya, who is listed as treasurer. According to a report by AZ Free News, The Money Wheel, Montoya’s consulting firm, received over $134,500 from February to early July from the Protect Our Future PAC.”

END QUOTE Further details of the story are here.

Ever since then, Kari Lake’s team has been fighting an uphill battle in Arizona courts where Democrat-appointed judges are preventing justice from being done regarding the massive irregularities” in the vote-counting. Surprise, surprise.

That battle will probably eventually end up in the U.S. Supreme Court…where it is anybody’s guess. The SCOTUS did the right thing in overturning Roe vs. Wade. Will they continue on the path of righteousness?

Yet, the red waves *did* occur in many other states, including our state of North Carolina. Despite the unconstitutional NC Supreme court intrusion forcing a redrawing of the Congressional district lines to favor Democrats, Republicans still had very favorable statewide results.

For example, we massively overturned the NC Supreme Court from heavily stacked against the Republicans, to what is now a 5-2 Republican majority.

The 2022 midterms also resulted in super-majorities in the NC House and Senate. A super-majority” refers to the ability of the House and Senate to override Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes. The NC governor and Attorney General offices were not on the ballot in 22, but will be up for grabs next year.

Our conservative NC legislators are therefore taking advantage of the supermajority power and have introduced a number of excellent bills.

One of the first ones to come to Gov. Cooper’s desk was SB20—not perfect by the standards of many pro-life advocates—but certainly a reversal of the Democrat-socialists’ policies, and it is a very positive step in the right direction.

Here are a few comments from our county GOP leaders: All emphases and comments in [brackets] are mine. QUOTE:

Override of Gov. Cooper’s SB20 Veto — ANOTHER WIN!!

(dated May 17) Yesterday, your North Carolina representatives stood firm for life by overriding Governor Cooper’s veto of SB20. Cooper’s anti-mother stance was taken on Mother’s Day weekend, no less, in a slap in the face to North Carolina mothers and the life they bring forth and nurture!

The radical Left did what they always do in an attempt to prevent the override. They were dishonest, loud, profane, and threatening. Please let your elected officials Tim Moffitt, Jennifer Balkcom, and Jake Johnson, know how much you appreciate their courage and integrity to stand firm under intense pressure. END QUOTE

The three highlighted persons are my state senator, statehouse rep, Balkcom, and neighboring district state rep, Johnson. We have become acquainted with all three—they are all good people. And we did express our appreciation personally to Tim and to Jennifer at a recent GOP luncheon.

The point is that we are enjoying this veto-override victory, but it could not have happened if Christians and conservatives had not gotten out, worked for, and elected these local people to the statehouse all across the state in the midterms.

The old saying is true: All politics is local.” We now repeat ourselves from a previous essay-blog in which we explained that it all starts locally, and then works its way *downward* from there to the federal level. Remember that?

Here is the statement by our NC GOP. QUOTE: May 16, 2023

We congratulate the Republican super-majority for voting to override Governor Cooper’s veto and we welcome the enactment of this reasonable legislation to protect life after the first trimester in North Carolina.

Governor Cooper and the Democrats have proven themselves completely out of step with the values of the vast majority of North Carolinians on this issue and many others.

In defense of their radical position on abortion, Democrats resorted to openly bullying those who disagree with them and Republican lawmakers are to be commended for standing up to this desperate intimidation campaign.

The voters of North Carolina have rejected the radical abortion-on-demand position of Roy Cooper, Josh Stein [Democrat NC Attorney General who will be running for governor in 2024], and the Democrat Party,” said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. END QUOTE

We have very important work before us from now through the elections next year. First, we need to retain our super-majorities, plus we need to elect conservatives to the many NC executive branch offices, from Governor, to Lt. Gov., Secretary of State and Attorney General.

We have good candidates, but in addition to doing the necessary legwork now, we also need to get very knowledgeable and active in election integrity efforts.

To summarize our admonition for readers to take action on the local level—wherever you live in this nation, we borrow this from a very wise one: Go, and do thou likewise.” (Jesus in Luke 10:37)


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