The Great Voice of Mystery Babylon, part 2

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As we are learning from this series on the kingdom of heaven, we are realizing that our decoding of the parables of the wheat and the tares and this parable of the net both coincide perfectly with this timing of the fall of the Wall—(Street), the fall of Financial Mystery Babylon, which is what Wall Street represents. Let us now return to chapter 51 of the book of Jeremiah, and see if this fits today’s world.

Jeremiah 51: 54 A sound of a cry cometh from Babylon, and great destruction from the land of the Chaldeans:

In Jeremiah’s era, the land of the Chaldeans referred to Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. In our era, the land of the Chaldeans” would figuratively refer to the land of the Mystery Babylonians.

In view of the fact that, through the power of controlling money, they have conquered virtually the entire planet, it could be debated regarding exactly where is the land of the modern Chaldeans.

Some say, the ultimate power is in the City of London. That is The City with a capital C and it refers to a few blocks in London. The capital C, City is the equivalent of Wall Street; it is the financial district in London.

Others say, no, the ultimate power is in the Vatican. Still others might suggest it is in Frankfort, Germany, the original home of the Rothschilds. To me, it is somewhat of a moot debate since with modern communication and transportation, the rulers of Mystery Babylon can be anywhere on the globe in a matter of hours.

But in terms of day-to-day operations, it makes the most sense that the ultimate power is geographically in America because the United States dominates the globe in virtually every sense. Certainly, the Wall Street-Washington D. C. axis is central to global control, but we must also include the Hollywood-Silicon Valley axis.

In verse 54, the sound of a cry” means an outcry and a cry of distress. That is precisely what we are hearing right now from the Mystery Babylonians and their lackeys, the elitists, the insiders, the globalists, the cabal, the Illuminati, whatever term you wish to use—we are hearing them cry out with screaming voices of rage! …ever since the election of the new sheriff in town, Donald J. Trump.

Now recall that in both the parable of the wheat and the tares and in the parable of the net, Jesus declares that during the great judgment and separation process, that the wicked will be wailing and gnashing their teeth.

Right now, in the Congress, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer seem to be prime examples of this. Next week it might be Gerry Nadler and his B-team in the House Judiciary Committee, as the Democrats continue to aim their venomous arrows at President Trump while they continue with their impeachment show and charade.

They are doing everything they can think of to delay their inevitable judgment. But in actuality, as President Trump, the Q team, and others have correctly stated; their real targets are Christians and the freedom-loving people of America. As DJT has often stated, I’m just standing in their way!”

The Schiff-Pelosi-Nadler and Schumer-types are clearly tares. They are obviously among the wicked, but those darnel politicians are merely the bought-and-paid-for actors in Washington who are doing the bidding of the higher-up rulers of Mystery Babylon.

These higher-ups are the Wall Streeters, the top tiers of financiers at Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, and all the major banks. Now then, referring back to verse 54, exactly where or how do we hear them crying out, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth?

Through what Donald Trump has successfully labeled the fake news media! To add to that, listen to this next verse which tells us why they are screaming:

Jeremiah 51: 55 Because the LORD [YHWH] hath spoiled Babylon, … or it could be translated, is spoiling Babylon.

That word spoiled is an old English word which means to deal violently with, to devastate, to ruin, to destroy. So the Mystery Babylonians—the members of their cabal—are crying out and screaming because they see and they know that their entire system of wealth, power and control of the world is being ruined, devastated and destroyed. It is inevitable and they sense it palpably with dread in their very bones!

Furthermore, they are screaming and lashing out, not only because YHWH is spoiling their great city, Mystery Babylon—look at the rest of verse 55—but also because Yahweh is destroying her great voice!

Jeremiah 51:55 Because the LORD [Yahweh] hath spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice

What is the great voice of Mystery Babylon? It is their ownership and control of the entertainment and news media, the fake news media—both the print media and the electronic media: CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting), the NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, the Associated Press, and hundreds of other and lesser so-called news outlets.

All of them are bought and paid for assets—propaganda outlets of Mystery Babylon; that is, they are the great voices of Mystery Babylon which our Father is currently spoiling,” devastating and destroying.

What about Fox News? I am always on my guard that it might be part of the controlled opposition, given who owns it. In general, I don’t trust it either.

The election of 2020, and the subsequent firing of Lou Dobbs and now Tucker Carlson has proved my hunch.

Nevertheless, while they pretended to be conservative, they had to have some voices which are getting some of the truth out. There is no question about that.

To a greater or lesser extent, in that category, I include Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Shannon Bream, and other opinion shows among those that are doing some good work.

They provide a platform where we can hear totally different viewpoints from people who do serious journalism, who pursue the truth, whether it implicates Democrats or Republicans or both, as has often been the case.

Among the serious journalists, we include people such as Sarah Carter, John Solomon, and James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas gave a media platform to bona fide whistleblowers and with hidden mics and cameras ensnared some hard leftists in positions of power and influence who arrogantly bragged about their exploits and then were enraged when O’Keefe played the video. For his pursuit of the truth, he was recently ousted from that firm which he founded.

The good folks at Fox named above also give airtime to people whom I consider to be on the side of God and country in Washington, exposing the deeds of darkness. People such as Congressmen Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, John Ratcliff, and my own Representative Mark Meadows, who later became DJTs Chief of Staff.

All of those Fox opinion show anchors are exposing the fake news media and the cabal on a regular basis. And some of them are quite bold in what they are putting out in their broadcasts. Take Lou Dobbs, for example.

As I was preparing this lecture, I found an opinion piece—a blog—in the Washington Post-online by their media critic, a man named Eric Wemple. It was published just a few days ago on December 3, 2019.

In a moment, we shall read some excerpts from Mr. Wemple’s blog because this shows us how the Mystery Babylonians view people like George Soros. For those who know nothing of this man, I could begin by telling you where Mr. Soros is described in the Bible. God says in the last part of Isaiah 54:16:

Isaiah 54:16 … I have created the waster to destroy.

The word waster” means one who corrupts, steals and destroys. And the word translated destroy” similarly means to corrupt, offend, ruin and destroy. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Hebrew word for destroy is pronounced…are you ready for this? … kaw-bal’ (as in cabal)! Ah! dear Father in heaven, we see you winking at us.

Mr. Wemple—a scribe among the Pharisees—while trying to ruin Lou Dobbs and get him fired, does a fine job in the process of exposing his own comrades. We simply need to think critically as we read.

Wemple’s blog goes right to the core of how the tares are operating today at the highest levels of government, the State Department in particular. I think President Trump knows full well how thoroughly infested with deep state actors the State Department is, and he appointed Mike Pompeo to drain that swamp.

Just imagine coming into an enormous government bureaucracy such as our State Department, which was infiltrated by communists as far back as the 1920’s and 30’s—to come in there as Secretary of State and try to rid it of all the bad actors. It requires a Herculean effort and we should not expect it to be purged of all evil-doers in six months. It will take a second term of Mr. Trump’s administration.

One thing that gives me confidence that Mr. Pompeo is having some success is that he is being attacked by the fake news media incessantly. For example, the Nov. 15th weekend edition of USA Today had this as its front page headline: Pompeo on shifting sand’ as role unfolds.”

We must understand this story in the context of those so-called witnesses” in Adam Schiff’s hearings to impeach DJT a couple weeks ago; namely, Lt. Col. Vindman and former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, whom Trump fired.

The sub-headline reads: Credibility has eroded, former diplomats say.” Down in the story is this nugget: So far, the choices the secretary of state appears to have made have alienated him from his team, diminishing his ability to carry out our foreign policy,” said Lee Feinstein, a former U. S. ambassador to Poland and long-time State Department official.” [Emphasis mine—JWB]

Notice that Feinstein said Pompeo’s ability to carry out our foreign policy is slipping. Employing my critical thinking skills, I ask myself: Who is our? Well, I am certain that Feinstein means it is his and the Deep State’s entrenched bureaucrats’ foreign policy. They are angry that Trump and Pompeo will not defer to their expertise, but instead are doing an end-run around the so-called wise ones at the State Department.

Further down, the USA Today article says, Pompeo has shrugged off questions about his own actions and dismissed the inquiry as Washington noise.’ But that noise’ has pulled back the curtain on what Pompeo knew about the Ukraine pressure campaign and how he responded.”

Now let’s read Jeremiah 51, verse 55 again, because we did not read the entire verse yet. Pompeo called those Deep Staters’ complaints about him mere Washington noise.” As we see in this verse, God told us that when He brings about the fall of Mystery Babylon, and destroys their great voice, that the Mystery Babylonians will wail and shriek and what else?

Jeremiah 51:55 Because the LORD hath spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice; when her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their [great] voice is uttered:

Thanks for the tip-off, Mr. Pompeo! Nice work! We feel certain Mike did that unwittingly, just as many of us do as we fulfill the Plan of the Almighty One of Israel!

Now, on to this Washington Post media critic, Eric Wemple.

(To be continued.)


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