Lunch with Hogan Gidley

Yesterday, I had lunch with Hogan Gidley… [I am grinning] along with about 175 other people.

(Hogan Gidley. Photo by James Bruggeman)

The following biographical information comes from the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) website: QUOTE:

Hogan Gidley is from Columbia, South Carolina, and serves as AFPIs Director of the Center for Election Integrity. Most recently, he served as National Press Secretary for President Trump’s Re-Election Campaign and Principal Deputy Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President in the Trump Administration. Gidley is a communications, political and marketing consultant with more than twenty years of experience. END QUOTE

Our readers may have seen him in frequent appearances on Newsmax TV, and probably other networks which we do not bother to watch anymore.

Yesterday he was the guest speaker at one of our local County Republican Clubs’ monthly luncheons, this one drawing about 175 mostly Trump-loving Christians.

(Lunch with Hogan Gidley. Photo by James Bruggeman)

He is an affable and genial gentleman, a Christian, and he gave a relaxed yet informative and insightful look at his time with President Trump. Of course, he confirmed that the public persona painted by the fake news, with DJT as a self-absorbed danger to our democracy” is wholly false.

In reality, he is a down-to-earth, friendly, funny and brilliant man who really cares about people both on an individual level and obviously on the national level—America First, Make America Great Again.

Gidley shared a number of anecdotes of the reality of how Trump acts when the TV cameras and reporters (propagandists) are no longer present. One, in particular witnessed by Hogan was a trade negotiating meeting with then President of Brazil, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro.

We cannot recall the details as Gidley told the story, but it was typical Trump,” wherein he uses his humorous style to get people to laugh and put them at ease before the serious negotiations begin.

Before I forget to mention it before I finish this blog, I was actually seated far from the head table, but was able to go up and meet him afterward. The following photo is Hogan with our former County Republican Party Treasurer, a nice gentleman named Harvey.

Some months ago, I was honored to be asked to serve as the chaplain of the Republican Women’s Club and thus had the opportunity yesterday to offer the invocation just after the president of the club called the attendees to order.

I had scripted this one, as opposed to giving an impromptu prayer as I customarily would do. In the course of his talk, Hogan made reference to what I had said, and essentially emphasized the point.

Here is the script. See if you can pinpoint what Hogan wanted to emphasize. (Answer will be in our next blog… just kidding! We will give the answer below the script.) The *emphasis* is not necessarily a hint, but is there to help me to remember how and what to emphasize as I deliver it.

Invocation for HCRWC luncheon at Point Lookout Vineyards June 27, 2023

Gracious Father in heaven, we give You thanks for this magnificent and splendid day. When we pause to gaze and reflect upon the beauties and wonders of Your creation round about us, we are awed by your unfathomable intelligence and power to bring this all into existence!

Moreover, we thank You also for the liberty which we still enjoy in this once-blessed nation, the blessing of liberty which permits us to peaceably assemble here, both to enjoy our mutual fellowship, and to discuss among other things, the weighty matters of self-government under Your Sovereign authority.

At the same time, we recognize that our nation is now in an ongoing and grave existential crisis, for the forces of evil seem to be more determined than ever to not only destroy our liberties, but to destroy us physically from off the face of the earth, as they are even now so arrogantly proclaiming, such as in their statements referring to us as useless eaters.”

Nevertheless, we also recognize that we as your people are not guiltless in finding ourselves in this current time of great distress, because for several generations, we have not been faithful in adhering to your Divine prescription for a blessed and happy nation.

Our neglect of your Holy Bible has brought these woes upon us. We confess that now, and ask your forgiveness, for Your Word tells us that confession and repentance must come before we can expect to be a divinely-blest nation once again.

To that end, we beseech you to turn us—in our hearts, in our minds, in our spirits and in our actions—back to You. We humbly ask that You look with mercy and favor upon these requests.

On this day, we also ask you to bless all those persons who will be standing in front of us to speak today, and for a special blessing and anointing to be upon our guest speaker, Mr. Hogan Gidley.

Finally, we thank You for the food which we are about to eat and we ask Your blessing upon it. Let it be nourishment for our bodies as Your Word is nourishment for our souls and spirits. We ask all of this in the name of Your Son, our Savior, our Lord, and our King, Jesus Christ, who lives forevermore. And all the people said … Amen!

Hogan paraphrased the part where I prayed we as your people are not guiltless in finding ourselves in this current time of great distress, because for several generations, we have not been faithful in adhering to your Divine prescription for a blessed and happy nation.”

He commented further and frequently in his talk, and in the 30-minute Q & A session, on the necessity for Christians to arise and get involved and stay involved,” especially on the local level.

We, as individualists and conservatives, generally just want to be left alone. But more and more of us are now realizing that the wicked will not leave us alone. They are constantly shoving more and more of their ungodliness in our faces.

Hogan cited the horrendous and unceasing activities of the PRIDE movement. He quoted one of several examples that I had initially written in my script but which I chose to edit out. Thank you, Father. That way I did not steal his thunder.

The one Hogan cited was the chant at the NYC Pride Parade wherein the wicked shouted, We’re here; we’re queer, and we’re coming for your children!”

We have brought you this report today to amen” Hogan’s call for involvement by demonstrating that yours truly is doing his very best to practice what he teaches. We hope this will further encourage all readers to do likewise. We cannot wait until two weeks before the election. We must act now!


June 28, 2023

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