107 is watching the water” (a reference to Q) … on the Nile

Mr. 107 (Juan O Savin) was cruising on the Nile River when he connected with Ethan Lucas on July 2nd for this interview. Here is the promotional blurb from Ethan’s website (emphasis mine for comment purposes; ALL CAPS are his).

QUOTE: Audio only on Juan with a few interesting updates that stay in your mind. clipped he is out of the Country and was cutting in and out but not bad. The best stuff is towards the end. In Ontario there are Sasquatch where the FIRES ARE? First time I have heard that.

This is a bit political about Germany, Poland and Ukraine and might be the most important part. Wagner Group and history of the Region going back to the Russian/Turkish Conflict with the DEAL MAKERS. Very hard to follow this unless you have a backgrounder.

Very interesting about the A. I. development phase that we are in right now. Elon Musk has tried to control the release of dark web A.I. being in the drivers seat.

Are we looking at the END GAME by confusion? 90- 180 days of the Administration? No Simple Path. Whistle Blowers up next. End of August look for the END GAME. Enjoy the Full Moon and the Title Picture is on the Mediterranean. END QUOTE

This runs 1:53:13, but save yourself some trouble. Start at the 41 minute mark. Up to that point, the chat is very boring, with several lengthy phone disconnects. The subject matter gets incrementally better as it goes on from the 41 minute mark.

End of August look for the end game” is too much hype. That is not what Juan is actually conveying. But still, this one is worth a listen over the weekend. Here is the link.


July 7, 2023

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