Dr. Sherry Tenpenny interviews Juan O Savin about the Arkansas story

She, too, is a courteous host which makes the podcast a joy to listen to, in terms of ease of listening. Of course, dealing with certain subject matters is not necessarily a joy, given that we are in an information war, and these are reports from the battlefronts.

We have posted blogs of other interviews with Dr. Tenpenny during the Covid/vax battle of 2020 to present. It’s good material for us veteran red-pilled ones, and to pass on to the blue-pilled among us to help awaken them.

The following is a blurb from the website on Rumble where this interview is posted.

QUOTE: This is an AUDIO FILE that I found where JUAN explains the entire incident in ARKANSAS that was on JULY 15 1997.. the same day [date] that he was on stage in AR JULY 15 2023 at the event for the GOP that also hosted Kari Lake from AZ.

This is very interesting and worth the time to view. The other topics were also discussed about Dr. Tenpenny’s work with the Plandemic and she worked directly with Women that were having reproductive issues and they completely deplatformed her.

This story and the other ones here were the foundation for what now will be the Tribunals and Lawsuits that the Whistleblowers are revealing. END QUOTE

This was posted August 8, 2023 and it is 1:09:24 in length. Here is the link.


August 15, 2023

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