Two interviews with Juan O Savin on the truth about Richard Nixon

This interview occurs with Juan visiting the Richard Milhous Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace in California. It features” Nino’s obnoxious interruptions and ignorant questions.

We overlook Nino’s shortcomings for the sake of learning from Mr. 107. Juan’s patience with Nino is admirable, so we are trying to learn from that example also. This link is to the first of what will become a three-part history lesson on Nixon and how it affects us greatly today.

(Presumably, this shot is Juan’s headcam view of the cockpit as he exits RMNs Presidential Helicopter, now at the RMN Library. Non-clickable screenshot.)

Part two is linked here. Based on a comment by Juan earlier we would entitle part 2: Donald J. Trump is Nixon’s Message in a Bottle.” This lesson includes more details about Nixon, Operation Paperclip, Tesla, Prof. John Trump, Bohemian Grove, the future of the BM (MSM), and much more. (Nino is somewhat more restrained in this session…PTL!)

Part three is yet to be done by Nino and Juan.

Be patient (with Nino, the little boy), and be edified and educated in these Continuing Ed classes with Mr. 107.


August 18, 2023

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