Brief Update on James’ Health 8-28-23

I have no pain… but then I have only begun to eat a little bit. I was essentially on a seven-day fast, which I ended last evening with two scrambled eggs, all alone, no toast, no butter, nor anything else. Mmm, mmm… good!

I do wish to share this peculiar coincidence” with you. You recall that a friend had provided a bottle of supplements for me. She ordered it on Friday morning and it was on my doorstep by that evening via Amazon. I began taking the Stonebreaker capsules the next day and am continuing to do so. Hold that thought…

After my feast of scrambled eggs last night, I regained a bit of strength so that I knew I would not be going to bed early as I had been doing most nights previously since the gall stone attack. I really did not feel like reading or watching/listening to podcasts of X22 or Juan O Savin, I just wanted to relax. I found on TV Tom Cruise’s update/sequel of Top Gun. I thoroughly enjoyed it just from an entertainment perspective. From the excitement of the movie, I knew I could not go to bed immediately, although it was close to midnight.

I watched the credits (which seemed to last at least ten minutes) because I wanted to see if the U. S. Navy was involved in the production. I assumed they would be as you cannot buy PR and advertising like that. What a recruiting tool for the Navy! Sure enough, they had major involvement. My curiosity was satisfied. Those credits scrolled past more towards the end of the credits.

The peculiar coincidence occurred before that, after the producers, director, and all the actors were given their screen credits. Then came the technical people. The very first one in that very long list was the Unit Coordinator whose name is…drum roll, please… Leann Stonebreaker!!

Are you kidding me? I have never heard of anyone with that surname and yet there it was. I have no idea of the significance of that except perhaps as a personal God-wink” from the Father saying, I see you in your current distress, son.”

This is not meant to puff myself up, as most Christians know that the Father has a personal relationship with every single one of His children. And He speaks to us in a myriad of ways. After that, I had a good night’s sleep. Thank you for your continuing prayers!


August 28, 2023

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