James’ Health Update | September 5, 2023

I expect this to be the last update on my health insofar as the gall bladder surgery is concerned. My supreme gratitude goes to the Supreme Being, our heavenly Father, the Most High God, for His love, graciousness, and healing mercy on this once-wretched vessel whom He has chosen to clean up, polish (work in progress, of course) and to adopt as one of His sons.

My gratitude is also to you, my brothers and sisters, my fellow sons (spiritually, whether you are male or female), whom the Father has nudged to be in prayer for me during this light tribulation.”

For that is what it turned out to be—relatively speaking. Yes, the initial attacks were painful, but it turned out that the surgery itself was smooth as silk. Despite my being fully cognizant of the Scripture (Philippians 4:6), I must confess that I did have some small degree of anxiety as the pre-op procedures got underway, but the anxiety was much less than I expected.

One dear sister had called me shortly beforehand and prayed (without my prompting) specifically that the Father would give me a spirit of peace and calming. So, I credit her prayer—not any ability of my own to be relatively calm as it proceeded.

Moreover, I give thanks to Him for His causing all the hospital personnel to be the most kind, compassionate, helpful, caring and skillful practitioners doing their parts during my day at the hospital.

From the surgeon and his staff, to the anesthesiologist and his, to the registration and finance ladies, to the pre-op and post-op nurses, to the orderlies, and right down to the valet at the exit who opened the car door for me—they were all a blessing to me.

The surgeon had sent three prescriptions for us (my brother John and me) to pick up on the way home. One for nausea, one for pain, and the third, oxycodone, for heavy duty pain.

The surgery was last Friday. Today is Tuesday. I have not taken the cap off of any of them, and at this point, I am quite certain there will be no need for them. Yes, I have some soreness in the midsection where the three incisions were made. But everything seems to be healing nicely and rapidly. I am back on solid food but being careful and mindful not to dive into heavy and spicy food. It is amazing how extraordinarily delicious a ripe plum tastes when one has fasted a while!

All this blessing of being restored to health is matched by my joy that I can make the trip to Rapid City as planned many weeks ago!

From a spiritual sign language perspective, we return to the theme we wrote about in the blog from one week ago, August 29th, courtesy of the discernments of a dear brother in Christ. He wrote: QUOTE:

Just a thought: if you end up getting surgery…not only do you represent the stone” but also the kingdom” in SKM. Why? Because mountains represent kingdoms in the Bible (I learned that in Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom).

You live in the mountains and… since the stone is cut out of the mountain (aka kingdom) without hands like they would do with laparoscopic surgery…it’s just tools. The gallstone isn’t touched by human hands until after it is cut out and …we know the stone represents Jesus.

He took all our sins/bitterness/gall upon himself… it might be possible that having your gallstone removed might also fit bible prophecy… because you quite literally” represent the mountain from which the stone is cut. So I see Father’s hand in this if He wills to pulverize the stone inside you or have it cut without hands.” The timing of either event may be significant. END QUOTE

Regarding timing, then, perhaps we should have our spiritual eyes and ears attuned to watching one month from the date of the removal of the stone of gall/bitterness” which would be October 1st, and/or one year from that date; i.e., September 1, 2024.

Meanwhile, I am personally claiming (and share with all of you that you might claim it also) that He has now removed any and all bitterness in our lives. And if, and when, it begins to arise within us, that He immediately upon request give us the grace to overcome it. For we know that overcomers must be forgivers and we cannot forgive if we harbor bitterness in our hearts.


Up next Surgery Update! I had the gallbladder removal surgery this morning. I am home, I am feeling very good. On the way home we picked up all the meds that were Extra Room Reservation Available A friend of ours reserved two rooms for the Tabernacles Conference in Rapid City, and now has no need of the second one. Rather than give it back to
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