Helping critical thinkers be prepared for Covid-24”

The following information is the work of a close friend/correspondent of ours in a distant state who wishes to remain anonymous. In the likely event that the cabal/Mystery Babylonians attempt another Covid or similar bioweapon scare event next year as a pretext to cheat in the elections again, it would be handy for many Americans to be prepared to ask some telling questions in the event that any of our government servants” use intimidation as part of their effort to get everyone jabbed.

This list is the result of some serious analysis and critical thinking and we appreciate the author’s permission to share it with all our readers. He/she wishes to remain anonymous.

QUOTE: Now that injection and research results are pouring in, I think it only prudent that we get answers to the following questions before continuing the mass Covid vaccine program. If someone can satisfy me as to the answers to these questions, then I will consider getting the C19 shot:

General Questions related to FDA approval and Research studies:

  • Are any of the 4 Vaccines” FDA approved?
  • In its 10 year history, has Moderna ever had a product win FDA approval?
  • Do all the vaccines violate the Legal definition of a vaccine by not stimulating immunity or disrupting transmission?
  • What testing have they been subjected to? Any long term testing?
  • What is the average number of years to produce a vaccine? How long did the C19 vaccine take?
  • Has any animal tested with the vaccines survived?
  • Have people died from getting the Vaccines?
  • Is the European Medicine study correct which showed 4,576 dead through March 20, 2021?
  • Did UK miscarriages increase by 366% from 12/9/20 to 3/7/2021?
  • Is the ICAN study which showed that there are 50 to 100X more cases of severe reactions than what VAERS and CDC are reporting correct?
  • If there are valid therapeutics, is there a need for a vaccine?
  • Is a one size fits all approach to immunization on a mass scale a good idea? Should each person be evaluated for the best approach for them? Does this take too much time? Is my health worth the time?
  • Can any of the 4 vaccines be legally called a vaccine in the traditional sense or is it more correctly classified as an experimental injection?
  • Are all the people taking the shots part of an experiment?
  • Typical vaccine is supposed to trigger immunity and not create a toxin. What do these do?
  • If the shots are not FDA approved, is it possible for anyone manufacturing the shot to change any portion of the ingredients at any time without approval?
  • If there were therapies that were proven to work, was there a required need to produce a vaccine?
  • Why have the development of vaccines for Coronavirus not been pursued in the past?
  • Did laboratory animals who were re-infected after the vaccine get more serious symptoms and die?
  • Will any of the 4 vaccines” be 100% effective?
  • Has mRNA ever been used in the past to create spike proteins?
  • Which vaccines use mRNA?
  • Does modified RNA have a direct effect on the stability of DNA?
  • Has adenovirus and transgene ever been used to create spike proteins in the past?
  • Which vaccines use adenovirus and transgene to create the spike proteins?
  • Are we 100% certain that the Anti-S-Antibody binds to the spike protein on the surface of the virus to block entrance into the cells?
  • Do the J & J and AstraZeneca shots have aborted fetal tissue in them?
  • Do the Drug manufacturers have any liability regarding the shots?
  • Do we know for how long the spike proteins are produced?
  • Could the spike proteins advance at a rapid rate and go on forever?
  • Do we know how long the antibodies last that are generated with the spike proteins?

Were the PCR tests accurate?

  • Was the PCR test ever meant to detect disease?
  • Did the inventor of the PCR test (Kary Mullis) say it was being misused before his death?
  • Are the PCR Tests reliable above 27 magnification cycles?
  • Were tests conducted during 2020 ever above the 27 cycle mark?
  • Why did they lower the cycle count after the election?
  • Has anyone investigated Christian Drosten and his version of the PCR test that suddenly became the standard in early 2020?

Is there an anaphylaxis shock risk?

  • Do the vaccines contain PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)?
  • Can persons with high levels of pre-existing anti-PEG IgG antibodies experience severe allergic reactions (even death) when re-exposed to PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)?
  • Can we develop a simple blood test before injection to detect existing PEG Levels?
  • Do most Americans have high PEG levels already?
  • Can we get PEGs from: soap, sunblock, toothpaste, processed foods, shampoo, cosmetics and 1,155 FDA-approved medications?
  • Are PEGs in the Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) that encapsulate mRNA in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines?
  • Are 70% of the population making antibodies to PEG and don’t know it?
  • Will these people potentially endanger themselves before taking a vaccine containing PEG?

Is there a lung damage risk?

  • Are there similarities between SARS and Covid?
  • Have peer reviewed SARS studies proven that anti-inflammatory macrophages (M2) are inhibited by anti-spike-antibodies (anti-S-Ab)?
  • Can the anti-S-Ab cause severe lung injury?
  • Will this damage be immediate or can it take months or years to develop?

Is there Blood Brain Barrier and cardiovascular risk?

  • Do all the Covid shots lead to the creation of a spike protein that can damage the body?
  • Can the spike protein bind to the surface of any organ leading to an autoimmune response?
  • Can the spike protein cause inflammation [and be] damaging blood vessels and break through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?
  • Can the spike protein incorporate into my DNA through a process called transfection?
  • Can the spike protein evoke the release of anti-S-ab which are destructive to my body?
  • Did the anti-S-ab damage the lungs in the Macaque monkeys?
  • Can the spike protein trigger changes in blood vessel walls?
  • Can the spike protein bind to the ACE2 receptor on sperm and potentially cause infertility in men?
  • Do we know how long the Antibodies last once they pass the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?

Will the shots create more problems than they solve?

  • Does the Moderna shot produce flagellin which will enlarge lymph nodes? Is Breast imaging recommended due to this?
  • Since the shots create a high viral replication rate, will this lead to the creation of mutants?

Can spike proteins damage the FUS gene and mutate the TDP-43 protein leading to serious illness?

  • Can the mutations cause ALS?
  • Is this from the RNA sequence in the Pfizer shot?
  • Can the mutation and altered TDP-43 lead to frontal lobe degeneration (speaking, reading and writing)?
  • Can the mutation of the FUS gene lead to cancer—soft tissue tumors and blood cancer?

Do the J & J and AstraZeneca vaccines use Adenoviruses?

  • Can these lead to cancer?
  • Were Monkey Adenovirus used? Were aborted fetal tissue used?
  • Do both these vaccines carry a double stranded DNA wrapped in a adenovirus outer shell?
  • When these 50 Billion particles are injected do they create a potential long list of immune disorders?
  • Has AstraZeneca been associated with deadly blood clots? And produce lower platelets?

Is there an increased risk of Covid illness and death from a person who was previously vaccinated with the Flu vaccine?

  • What is the biggest risk to those who have been vaccinated?
  • Do the vaccinated have the risk of ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement)?
  • Will they be more severely affected when exposed to another coronavirus after being vaccinated?
  • Does the anti-S-Ab enhance the entry of the SARS-Cov-2 virus into the cell causing more severe illness due to its accelerated replication?
  • Does the weak neutralizing anti-body then act somewhat like a Trojan Horse?
  • Will the 3rd wave then be far worse than all previous with more hospitalizations in the Fall of 2021 potentially?

Can vaccinated people spread spike proteins to unvaccinated people?

  • So, essentially, who is more at risk, the vaxed or unvaxxed?

What can any rational critical thinking person conclude from these questions?

  • Is a person better off taking therapeutics rather than being a vaccine research subject?
  • Can each person make up their own mind?
  • My body, my choice END QUOTE


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