Missing facts about Lenin

This past Tuesday, we posted a blog with two separate topics: one dealing with the communist dictator, Lenin, and the other an interview of Alex Jones by Tucker Carlson. We requested your feedback in the Comment section of our Mighty Network (MN) platform.

We also posted Tuesday’s blog on our outward-facing (to the world) blog platform. By design, we provide no space for comments on that platform. (It would be too much time and trouble to monitor it and keep trolls and enemies of Christ from creating dissension.)

We are delighted to see the rapid and accurate responses from a number of you, our MN readers, to our questions: What’s wrong with this story? and What key / critical / important fact(s) are not even mentioned in this article?

You are right on the money,” and we mean that literally. While Mr. Walker Larson’s article may contain all true facts, some of you said it in different ways. Tim, Eric, Bob, and Kevin all made excellent contributions.

Yes, what we were hoping you would recognize was missing from the story was well said by all of you: Follow the money! Who was the puppet master behind the scenes pulling the strings of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov? It was Jacob Schiff (who was born in the Rothschild’s house in Frankfort, Germany).

(Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, aka Lenin {1870-1924} Photo in public domain.)

Let’s recall this from the article (emphases mine): But then something in the cogs of the universe shifted, and everything changed, and the forgotten and lonely rebel received the chance he had been torturously longing for:

He was to become the central figure in the fate of Europe and, indeed, the whole world, down to our own day. For the Germans decided to aid his return and put him [in] a German train, sending him off to change history forever.”

As we seek to give author Walker Larson the benefit of the doubt, he is probably writing the above paragraph in his own words or perhaps paraphrasing his two apparently prime sources, books by Mr. Widmer and Mr. Carroll.

That is how establishment historians write history: Things just happen,” something in the cogs of the universe shifted” — No, forget the cogs. People (conspirators) make things happen!

There would be the perfect place in the article to include the role of Jacob Schiff and how it was his money (actually, Rothschilds’ via Kuhn, Loeb & Company, which Schiff headed for his patrons) which provided Lenin with the means to gather and train the hundreds of Jewish revolutionaries for going back to Russia—for they were almost all Jews from Russia whom Schiff had helped to bring to New York in the first place.

Therefore, Lenin was not a lonely and forgotten rebel. He was a dedicated destroyer with a plot and a patron (Schiff and his cohorts) who made the Bolshevik Revolution a reality.

Furthermore, the establishment historian technique is again evident by the five times in the article that the Germans” or Germany” or German leaders” are referred to as assisting in the process of getting Lenin and his helpers back into Russia.

Again the omission is critical for it was Rothschild agents in Germany, Max Warburg of the Warburg banking enterprise, who were the men behind the scenes controlling the German government, who made it possible for the sealed train” to get back into Russia. We are only scratching the surface here, but with the ubiquity of the internet, anyone with access can find these facts and much more.

Finally—and as we have documented in great detail in our series Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom—it is biblically important that we recognize the pseudo-Jews,” as one of you accurately called them, and their hand in all of this.

Because Lenin, Schiff, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds, etc.—they were all of that false Israel family, the Ashkenazi Jews, who are primarily descended from Japheth, not Shem. Thus they are not Shemites (Semites) at all.

For lack of time and space, we shall ignore the miniscule percentage of the Ashkenazim that may have a drop or two of true Judah blood. But again, as one of you pointed out, biblically, a true Jew is one who acknowledges Jesus Christ as King.

Mr. Walker Larson did write a part two of his story. We shall not post it or discuss it since it also ignores the salient facts which we (and you readers) have now set forth in brief.

Now, for extra credit, here’s a research project for any who can spend some internet time searching. Schiff is a fairly common German name, and not all are Jews, but Adam Schiff is, and I have wondered for years if he is perhaps descended from or somehow related to Jacob Schiff of a century ago.

If you come up with something, you could post it in the Comments, but I may not go back and see it there for a long time, so please let me know by phone, email or postal mail. Happy hunting!


December 14, 2023

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