Regarding a possible 2024 Spring Bible Conference

At this time, I do not foresee being able to sponsor a Bible conference this spring. I have been cognizant for many months—even before last October’s Conference at Rapid City, SD—that it would be my turn to take the lead in putting together the next conference.

It has weighed on my heart and mind all this time that if we are going to have a Passover-Resurrection Bible Conference, I need to get moving and make the arrangements.

However, I have been beset several times in the past few months with bouts of what my own research (not any made-in-China Covid tests” or any medical opinions) has led me to conclude; namely, that I have been hit with what is called long haul Covid.”

I am just now getting over the latest episode. It lasted about three weeks. A week ago, I had to cancel my regular monthly trip to meet with our SK Fellowships in Tennessee and Georgia. (I will record the lecture sans audience and send the CD out in due course to those on the CD Ministry.)

This past weekend I called and spoke with Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries. As many of our readers are aware, Steve has had debilitating back pain, and was in considerable pain even at the Rapid City conference.

He had back surgery a few weeks ago and is making progress. I shared with him the fact that this long haul Covid is such that it comes on suddenly and with extreme fatigue knocks me out of commission for a time. Plus, it would be very unwise for me to be in contact with others in meetings during those episodes.

I shared with Steve how I could not feel confident in making venue and speaker arrangements and at that last minute have to cancel. And with his own recovery going to take considerable time, I could not toss the ball to him if I had to bail out.

I had done that before: our Manassas Conference in the spring of 2010. I had severe back pain and was in bed for ten weeks. After doing everything natural” and alternative that I knew of, I saw a doctor who administered a round of three steroid shots.

He told me the shots’ effectiveness would wear off and that I would have to get used to having steroid shots about every six to eight months for the rest of my life. That was 14 years ago this month and I have never had another steroid shot. All praise and glory to the heavenly Father!

Steve said there is a slim possibility that if he progresses quickly, that with his local team helping, he might be able to have something near him; i.e., in the Twin Cities, even as late as a Second Passover or a Pentecost conference. But that is just a slim possibility at this time.

Steve and I are very conscious of the great desire of many of our readers and supporters to have these semi-annual family (of God) reunions.” For whatever reason in the Father’s sovereign plan, perhaps we are not to have a conference this spring. He ordains all circumstances to fit His plan. We bow to His Majesty and say amen” to it.

Long haul Covid protocol

As a side note, readers will recall that we posted a 2 ½ hour interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis wherein he gave a number of suggestions to rid the body of the Covid and/or vax” toxins.

One suggestion was chewing Nicorette gum and/or using the patches for nicotine withdrawal. While still afflicted with my latest bout, I chewed one Nicorette gum. In retrospect, it was probably too big a dose. I felt like what I imagine it would feel like to down a six pack of Mountain Dew.

Talk about bouncing off the walls. I also went into a very severe bout of profuse sweating which lasted about 20 minutes and with nausea to boot. I kicked myself for even trying it, having read that the ingredients included sucralose! Of course, the patches do not contain sucralose, but I have not tried them yet.

I am recovered from the latest bout, but only time will tell if the toxins of long haul Covid (or vaxxes shed upon me) are still present. Let us pray for one another that all God’s people be divinely protected from these plagues upon Egypt.”


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