Nikki Haley and the Comets (Her fake star is being extinguished!)

As we watched Donald J. Trump’s speech last Saturday night at his rally in Manchester, NH, we scribbled a page full of notes. Were time not an issue, we could write blogs for a week commenting and splaining” our take on the Donald’s speech. We assert that there are always cues and clues which go over the heads of the average viewer.

While we do not place our readers in the category of average viewers, here are just three out of dozens of other things we shall have to forego, because we want to provide somewhat of an in-depth (as far as blogs go) explanation of one particular comment by DJT.

First, though, we noted his very important statement to the effect that we will never allow the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).” That resonates with a melodious ring in my heart.

Because, as those paying attention realize, the Fed/Central Bankers cabal is pushing hard to introduce exactly that sooner rather than later—some say, they will try to implement it this summer.

Let us politely scream at our Congressional Representatives to let it never be!” Actually, forget the scream” part—that is hyperbole on our part. Leftists struck with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) are the berserk screamers, not us patriots!

Secondly, only those who followed the Q posts and/or interviews of Juan O Savin (Mr. 1-0-7 = 17) would catch this. Trump has called out on numerous occasions the group of women from North Carolina who attend all his rallies. Not that the whole group—which he said was about a hundred—are in attendance every time, but nonetheless, it varies between fifteen and 40 (our guess).

This time, however, in addition to teasing them about being gone from their husbands so much, he expressed his gratitude to them for their support. But the difference this time was that in about the two minutes he spent talking about the ladies, he noted three times that this was their 117th rally in a row. One hundred and 17. 100 + 17. Hello-o-o! Seems like extraordinary emphasis on 17 (= Q).

(We expect Mr. Dave Episode” over at X22 Reports will keep us apprised of the continuing connections of the Q posts and current events, now in the seven-year delta range.)

Now to the third item in Trump’s speech to which we shall give more in-depth analysis. Again, this small mention may have been off-script, but these are almost always fraught with meaning for those seeking to read between the lines.

Our eyes and ears immediately perked up when he mentioned a group called Arabella Advisors. If we had not blogged about them previously, we had nonetheless began to accumulate a file of information on them.

Here is what Trump said, according to an article in the conservative Washington Examiner. All emphases and comments within [brackets] are ours.

QUOTE: It was just reported that Nikki Haley’s state director in New Hampshire, this is a very bad one, listen carefully, Tyler Clark, did anyone ever hear of him?” Trump asked the crowd on Saturday.

He was a lobbyist for Sixteen Thirty Fund, which is managed by Arabella Advisors, which is the largest Democrat dark money network in the country and considered public enemy No. 1. That’s who’s managing her campaign. Does that tell you something, perhaps?” END QUOTE

Here are some other key excerpts from the Washington Examiner article published yesterday.

What is Sixteen Thirty Fund, the Nikki Haley aide-tied liberal dark money group?

QUOTE: An influential Democratic dark money group called Sixteen Thirty Fund has come under the spotlight after a Washington Examiner report on one of its lobbyists becoming a top campaign staffer for GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Former President Donald Trump criticized Haley on Saturday over the revelation during his Manchester, New Hampshire, rally ahead of the Granite State’s Tuesday primary, while Republicans took to social media over the weekend to raise concerns.

The original report centered on Tyler Clark, Haley’s New Hampshire state director, who lobbied in 2020 for the left-wing Sixteen Thirty Fund, as well as the likes of the American Federation of Teachers and the American Civil Liberties Union…

Hours before Trump’s remarks, the presidential campaign for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) posted the report on social media and said, Haley’s campaign is not only funded by Democrats — it’s run by Democrats, too!”

DeSantis dropped out of the 2024 race on Sunday and said he was endorsing Trump because we can’t go back to the old Republican guard of yesteryear, a repackaged form of warmed-over corporatism that Nikki Haley represents.”

What is Sixteen Thirty Fund?

Clark’s prior relationships with Sixteen Thirty Fund and other organizations bolstered concerns among Republicans that a potential Haley administration would be staffed with left-leaning personnel.

Democratic megadonor Reed Hoffman notably wired $250,000 recently to a super PAC aligned with Haley, who, according to polls, could stand to lose by a wider margin in the New Hampshire primary than previously predicted because prior DeSantis voters are likely flocking to Trump.

[Oh, and let us not forget that Hoffman is the Dem donor financing the wacko woman in New York who has brought a civil suit against DJT for defamation of character. Yet,

Jean what’s-her-name could not even remember, let alone prove, what year his alleged rape of her in a dressing room in a department store in NYC took place. So, she makes the rape accusation and then when DJT explodes and calls her names, Reed Hoffman steps up to help her bring the civil suit. See how the devil(s) work!]

According to lobbying disclosure files in New Hampshire, Clark worked on behalf of Sixteen Thirty Fund in 2020, along with other lobbyists. That year, Sixteen Thirty Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, spent $410 million to help unseat Trump and back Democrats, tax filings show.

Sixteen Thirty Fund is a key Democratic activist hub managed by Arabella Advisors, a more than $1 billion dark money network that is under investigation by the Washington, D.C., attorney general’s office over financial mismanagement allegations.

The office is also investigating groups affiliated with Leonard Leo, the co-chairman of the Federalist Society legal group and a prominent conservative [?] activist. [Can anybody smell a RINO??!]

Scott Walter, the president of the Capital Research Center and the author of a forthcoming book on Arabella Advisors, told the Washington Examiner on Saturday, Many conservatives will be surprised to learn that any Republican has worked for the Left’s top dark money’ network.” [RINOs are always welcome to join the devils’ team, don’t you know!] The Capital Research Center, like other conservative groups, has pulled grants through Donors Trust, which has connections to Leo.

Conservatives have long accused liberals of hypocrisy for rebuking the Right for its ties to dark money,” believing that the term is selectively used by those on the Left to refer to anonymously funded speech with which they disagree.

Sixteen Thirty Fund, which was formed in 2009, is not required to report its donors to the IRS. Its 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status allows the lobbying shop to be more politically involved than 501(c)(3) charities.

For instance, Sixteen Thirty Fund financed advertisements through opaque groups slamming Trump and other Republicans in 2020, the New York Times reported. Federal Election Commission filings show that Sixteen Thirty Fund directed a staggering $6.78 million in late 2019 to the victory fund for the League of Conservation Voters, a left-wing environmental group, among other large donations. END QUOTE

Here is the link to the story in the Washington Examiner, dated January 22, 2024.

Now, turning the clock back to 2021, we find this peculiar essay and interview by one, Emma Green, published in the far-Left house organ, The Atlantic.

The Massive Progressive Dark-Money Group You’ve Never Heard Of

QUOTE: Over the past half decade, Democrats have quietly pulled ahead of Republicans in untraceable political spending. One group helped make it happen.

By Emma Green Nov. 2, 2021 in The Atlantic

In a trendy co-working space in Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle—where people wear Chucks and fuss about fancy coffee—lies the progressive movement’s empire of political cash. Over the past half decade, Democrats have quietly pulled ahead of Republicans in so-called dark-money spending, funneling hundreds of millions from anonymous donors into campaigns around the country.

The groups that spend money this way tend to have innocuous-sounding names and promiscuously spawn mini-organizations that take up particular state and local causes.

The North Fund, for example, spent nearly $5 million trying to legalize marijuana in Montana last year. The Sixteen Thirty Fund—the indisputable heavyweight of Democratic dark money—was the second-largest super-PAC donor in 2020, according to the investigative organization OpenSecrets, giving roughly $61 million of effectively untraceable money to progressive causes.

The organization that connects many of these groups—what a critic might call the mothership—is called Arabella Advisors.

Arabella hates this narrative. The organization’s CEO, Sampriti Ganguli, insisted to me that she runs a relatively small business-services organization that does HR, legal compliance, accounting, etc., for clients such as the Sixteen Thirty Fund. [Uh, yeah, right! And the moon is made of green cheese…]

Ganguli comes from a consultant background, and she talks like it: Arabella’s mission is to make philanthropy more efficient, effective, and equitable, she told me. END QUOTE

This is a lengthy interview of Ms. Ganguli with commentary by Emma Green (who formerly worked for The Atlantic and is now with The New Yorker magazine). So, why did we characterize Green cheese’s essay as peculiar?”

Here’s the reason. Because it is actually an article wherein the progressive” Left mouthpiece, The Atlantic, exposes its fellow Leftists at Arabella, in effect, bragging of their collective success in the dark realm. The complete article is linked here.

That’s the view from the Left. We suspect that Emma Green had very likely read Amy Cooke’s opinion piece written nine months prior where Ms. Cooke is the critic who called Arabella the mothership.’”

And now, returning full circle to one particular lady in North Carolina, Amy Cooke—who, to the best of our knowledge, is not affiliated with the ladies attending all the DJT rallies, but with whom she would probably agree on most issues. Here is her article published in the Carolina Journal January 28, 2021.

This is not just happening to North Carolina, so we add this in here as a caveat to our readers all over the USA. You might want to do a bit of online investigation to see what groups in your state might be getting dark millions from Arabella.

Arabella Advisors’ network infiltrating North Carolina to flip it blue permanently

By Amy Cooke Amy O. Cooke is the retired Chief Executive Officer of the John Locke Foundation and Publisher of Carolina Journal and founder of the public policy consulting firm East x West Strategies.

English philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) had a deep influence on the liberty-loving thinking of many of our Founding Fathers.

QUOTE: There is big money in the dark shadows of the left’s activist networks, and its most well-kept secret is infiltrating North Carolina.

Meet Arabella Advisors, a consulting company that controls a $731 million nonprofit nexus from its plush headquarters in Washington, D.C. Through its four in-house nonprofits—the vaguely named New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Hopewell Fund, and Windward Fund—Arabella has quietly funneled nearly $2.5 billion since its creation in 2005 from major foundations and mega-donors to left-wing activists, voter registration groups, litigation nonprofits, and think tanks.

[Some of our readers might recognize this time-worn, yet highly effective tactic of the Left: the Hegelian dialectic; i.e., pressure from above and pressure from below, to bring about their drive towards totalitarianism.

Hence, they funnel money from the corporatists, globalists, elitists to cut out” groups, such as named in the previous paragraph. This money then goes to below,” from the BLM and Antifa-types in the streets, to election cheater groups, and to any and all Leftist candidates for office from District Attorneys (Alvin Bragg in NYC), to state Attorneys General (Letitia Peekaboo” James in NY state), to corrupt judges, to secretaries of state, etc.]

These groups push an extreme agenda that includes no parental choice in education, divisive identity politics issues, gun control, government-controlled health care, climate alarmism, higher taxes, energy poverty, and more.

They try to discredit Republican candidates and popular causes like school choice, affordable health care, and energy independence. They do it for one singular purpose—to get Democrats elected and secure key states for the professional left.

For nearly 15 years, Arabella’s network operated in secret with almost no scrutiny from the press, until it was exposed by the Capital Research Center, a right-leaning watchdog group.

Last year that network expanded into the Tar Heel state when it opened its fifth office in Durham. Other locations include Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and the D.C. mothership. The Durham office is set to grow into one of the company’s largest.”

Make no mistake, this is an activist invasion from Washington D.C. to fundamentally change the politics of North Carolina from a battleground state to a Democratic stronghold like California or New York, and force progressive policies on North Carolinians.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund, Arabella’s in-house lobbying shop, has been active in North Carolina for years. In the 2018 midterms it ran a pop-up”—a website front designed to look like a standalone activist group—called North Carolinians for a Fair Economy which savaged Republican Rep. George Holding (NC-02) as weak on healthcare, even flying a plane trailing a banner that read, Congressman Holding: Hands Off Our Health Care.”

As a pass-through, the Sixteen Thirty Fund moves money from Big Labor, left-wing foundations, and mega-donors such as George Soros and California billionaire Tom Steyer to fund its pop-ups” and other activist groups.

It’s already channeled millions of dollars to far-left activists waging war on common sense in North Carolina. In 2019, Sixteen Thirty gave $1.75 million to Piedmont Rising, a Philadelphia-based group that launched a faux TV news site complete with breaking news” designed to mislead North Carolina voters into believing the group’s reports attacking Republican Sen. Thom Tillis were actual journalists. [We met Sen. Tillis briefly a few years ago. He is a RINO, not to be trusted, but still a pinch better than a far-left Dem.]

The campaign was so deceptive and misleading that Piedmont Rising advisory board member Chuck Tryon, a professor of media studies at Fayetteville State University, resigned according to a WRAL report.

Other Sixteen Thirty Fund grant recipients include Advance North Carolina, a voter registration group that targets Democratic-leaning constituencies; Make N.C. First, which spent roughly $1 million successfully disrupting the reelection of state Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds in 2016; North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools, which lobbies for tax hikes; and Progress North Carolina Action, part of the advocacy coalition run by Blueprint NC, which coordinated efforts in 2020 to paint the state permanently blue.

This is just the start of a top-down campaign to flip North Carolina to the Democrats. To the professional left—which sees its long and inevitable march to victory in terms of generations, not elections—Republican success in 2020 was a fluke. They won’t make the same mistake again, if conservatives give them the chance.

Coming from Colorado, I’ve seen first-hand how the left and its funders will invest tens of millions of dollars on take-no-prisoners messaging, misleading campaigns, and multi-year strategies with a singular goal of winning and flipping a state blue. [I.e., working according to their satanic motto: by any means necessary.” Lie, cheat, steal, even murder their own. E.g., Seth Rich.]

Their consultants admit it. Take them at their word—Arabella Advisors and its donors thrive in the shadows as they funnel massive amounts of money to flip North Carolina blue.

Don’t be fooled by pop-ups” with slick websites and local-sounding names. Since right-leaning groups are unlikely to out-raise the left in terms of dollars, our best chance is to expose this well-funded, well-coordinated leftist empire and call them what they are: A network of activists paid for by wealthy elites from outside the state and controlled by powerful Washington consultantsEND QUOTE

Here is the story from The John Locke Foundation’s Carolina Journal.

As we watch the results from the New Hampshire primary tonight, it will be interesting to see if Nikki’s flash in the sky—if her comet is extinguished tonight or if she decides to carry on and get a really embarrassing thumping in her home state of South Carolina in the primary there set for February 24th. Early voting begins February 12th.


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