The Truth about Ukraine: Col Douglas Macgregor

We are still able to keep up with reading almost all the comments of our readers on our Mighty Network (MN) platform, but we quickly add that reading the comments does not mean that we have the time to watch videos or listen to other podcasts that commenters sometimes attach with their comments.

For example, although some of our MN readers may have taken the time to click on the video shared by Kim (thanks, Kim), we are posting it as our blog today because we will also post this on our regular SKM website to share it with the world.

Last night, we took the time to watch this one, which had caught our eye immediately, but we had to set it aside for lack of time at the moment. First, some back story:

President Trump has on occasion referred to the TV generals” in a disdainful manner, implying that they are the military equivalent of RINOs, and like RINOs, are welcomed as experts” on the fake news networks.

In our observation of them, the TV generals (and some colonels, too) tout the globalist and neo-con lines of—in Orwellian terms—“perpetual war for perpetual peace.”

Even on Newsmax, and certainly on Fox News, we find some of these characters popping up from time to time. Not that every military person appearing on these networks belongs in Trump’s snarky TV generals” category.

For what caught our eye from this video was that the military man being interviewed was retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor.

We had seen him on only a few occasions in the past eight years or so. But we remembered him because our discernment was that here was a man who knew what he was talking about in his military and geo-political analyses, and was not afraid to tell the truth publicly.

(Non-clickable screen grab)

Therefore, last night, after viewing him being interviewed by Tucker Carlson in August of 2023 for 52 minutes, we were further strengthened in our discernment of him. He is definitely an outcast in terms of appearing in any favorable way on the fake news networks.

A quick web search revealed a scathing article by CNN when Trump appointed him as a military advisor. Here are a couple of choice excerpts from the CNN article which was posted on September 12, 2020. All emphases ours.

QUOTE: A senior adviser at the Pentagon with a history of disparaging refugees and immigrants, spreading conspiracies, and other controversial rhetoric was nominated by President Donald Trump on Tuesday for a spot on West Point’s advisory board…

Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, a West Point graduate, will sit on West Point’s Board of Visitors, along with other appointees and members of Congress…

Since his appointment, CNN has uncovered comments by the retired colonel claiming an entitled” underclass” concentrated in large urban areas” poses a threat to society [remember the George Floyd riots and destruction in America by BLM and Antifa?] and that there were more White, mostly Irish slaves” than African slaves in America in the late 1700s. [Go truthfully fact check” that, CNN!]

CNNs KFile previously reported on some of Macgregor’s views on minorities, including a claim that Muslim refugees were unwanted invaders” coming to Europe with the goal of eventually turning Europe into an Islamic state.”

In other comments, he repeatedly advocated to institute martial law at the US-Mexico border and shoot people” if necessary. He also said the United States’ support for Israel was the result of Israeli lobby” money, and questioned US involvement in World War II. END QUOTE

See what we mean? If you don’t, then please avail yourself of the scores of our blogposts and audio lectures to commence your red-pill education.

In this interview, it is nice to see Tucker asking honest (not gotcha”) questions and then giving extensive time without interruptions (hear that, Nino?) to allow his guest to flesh out his answer.

This interview is particularly important to all Americans who value our freedom but who have been wholly brainwashed by the dominant news (fake news, the Babylonian Media) concerning the situation in Ukraine.

This is the best and most comprehensive report we have heard anywhere on this very important topic—given that our leaders in the House and Senate are right now dueling about sending the wholly corrupt Ukraine government scores of billions of more dollars which we don’t have, while ignoring our own borders.

Macgregor’s assessment of the Ukraine fiasco has the solid ring of truth in our judgment. This will be one that our readers can share with deceived friends, neighbors, etc. to assist them in awakening from their poppy field” slumber (a literary allusion to the Wizard of Oz).

Here is the link. Enjoy and think critically.


February 15, 2024

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