Get-Trump Persecutor Fani Willis in the witness box

The Fulton Country, Georgia (metro Atlanta area) District Attorney, Fani Willis, made an biblically false assertion during her testimony last Thursday. I saw this clip from her testimony in which she was snarly, antagonistic, aggressive, and belligerent in her responses to the plaintiff’s attorneys.

As the plaintiff’s attorney was interrogating Willis regarding the lavish trips and vacations she and her alleged lover, Nathan Wade, had taken, Willis asserted that she had reimbursed him for her share with cash.

During this exchange, and evidently because she (Willis) had just stated the fact,” Fani Willis asserted that such a statement is sufficient to establish it as truth (!).

Willis said The testimony of one witness is enough to establish/prove a fact.” We are certain that is a direct quote, except that I am not sure if she said establish” or prove.” Either way, the point stands that she says her testimony is sufficient to establish the truth.

And even though Nathan Wade in his testimony had claimed the cash reimbursement also (thus making two witnesses), our focus here is on what God says is sufficient.

Deuteronomy 19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.

Furthermore, if that is the way our present legal system operates, then that is clearly an area in need of being brought into compliance with the perfect law of the Creator of all.

For some additional perspectives on Fani Willis’ testimony, here is a brief report from Newsmax.

QUOTE: Among the testimony that didn’t go well for Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis on Thursday, the biggest red flag” was her assertion — and that of her paramour, Nathan Wade — that she reimbursed him in cash for all of the trips they took and neither one documented it, Matthew Whitaker and Pam Bondi told Newsmax.

Whitaker, a former acting U.S. attorney general and Bondi, a former attorney general of Florida, said the money has the potential to be very problematic for Willis and Wade.

This thing smells really bad,” Whitaker told Rob Schmitt Tonight” guest host Rob Finnerty.

And, you know, both of these witnesses are now under oath. They have sworn to a version of the facts that … are either true or not. And this cash thing, I think, is the biggest red flag,” Whitaker said.

You know that cash is only usually used for big transactions when you’re trying to cover things up, and I just don’t think that they are going to have any receipts that would support this. And if the judge somehow gets her bank records, it could be a big, big deal.”

(Non-clickable screen shot)

Willis testified that she does not use checks and was taught by her father to keep cash on hand to the tune of $15,000 at my best days,” she said.

[Not too bright there, Fani. To tell the world you have a lot of cash in your house. Wonder if any of the low lifes in Atlanta will now pay a burglarizing visit to help themselves to her petty cash.” - JWB]

She was thousands of dollars in default on her taxes, yet she had thousands of dollars of cash in her pocketbook to reimburse Nathan Wade in cash for all of these trips around the globe. Truly unbelievable,” Bondi said.

Again, courtrooms don’t typically operate this way. But she was given a lot of rope, and I think there were so many inconsistencies because she had to answer interrogatories already,” Bondi added.

That’s a document under oath, and that’s where the defendants, the defense attorneys today, were going after her to catch her in lie after lie after lie — with the timing of their relationship, the money, the reimbursement of the money.”

Whitaker agreed that courtrooms don’t normally work this way but that Judge Scott McAfee, who ruled earlier this week against Willis’ objections that Thursday’s evidentiary hearing should take place, had a tough job.

The judge did the best he could,” Whitaker said of McAfee, an appointee of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. [a RINO - JWB]

He gave a lot of rope to the plaintiff, the prosecution, to let them try to get in all of their arguments to make a record.” END QUOTE


February 19, 2024

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